Yogurt in Coffee: Can You Mix Coffee and Yogurt?

Yogurt in Coffee: Can You Mix Coffee and Yogurt?

A few years back, my niece brought home from Cambodia a rather strange way of preparing coffee.

if you’re a coffee “addicts” like me you won’t stop looking for tricks to make coffee more awesome. The trick she found involves pouring out some yogurt on brewed coffee.

Can I eat yogurt with coffee?


I immediately thought that the idea was repulsive; I disliked how the cold sour milk and live bacteria in yogurt would wreak havoc on my steaming hot plain black coffee. I didn’t like the idea and quietly set it aside for years.

Yesterday, someone asked me if I had tried the Vietnam yogurt-in-coffee. It occurred to me that that the concoction- which, according to him is becoming popular in south-east Asia- must be the weird yogurt-coffee idea my niece had brought home from Cambodia.

I did some researching and I found cool facts about yogurt in coffee:

  1. Yogurt or yoghurt or yoghourt are the same things. The terms refer to a somewhat sour, edible liquid made of milk that got fermented with the addition of good bacteria. Sugar and fruit extracts were added to make its flavor acceptable to different types of palate.
  2. Yogurt is an energy-giving food that contains: carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins A, beta-carotene, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, folate, chlorine, B-6, B-12, C, and the mineral calcium.
  3. Yogurt has been-reportedly without complications- mixed into salmon, falafel sauce, pisco, gin, vodka, milkshake, smoothie, and coffee.
  4. Drinking yogurt with coffee is just like drinking coffee with milk accompanied by live good bacteria.
  5. To prepare the Vietnamese Yogurt Coffee, you need:

Coffee and yogurt recipe


If you want too try yogurt coffee, here’s a quick recipe you can try

A. Ingredients:

1. 20 ml. Cooled coffee (preferably refrigerated drip coffee)
2. Plain yogurt
3. two teaspoons of condensed milk
4. a teaspoon of coconut milk
5. 1 slice of lemon
6. chipped ice

B. Tools and Utensils:

1. Blender 2. Pitcher 3. Tall glass

C. Procedure:

1. Prepare 1 glass of ice chips using the blender. Transfer the chipped ice to the pitcher. 2. Blend for 3 minutes the yogurt, the 2 teaspoons of condensed milk, the 1 teaspoon of coconut milk and a few drops of lemon juice. Pour the mixture into the ice chips in the pitcher. 3. Prepare a glass of 20 ml-coffee mixture (preferably cold drip coffee).
4. Gradually pour the cold coffee to the yogurt and ice chip mixture in the pitcher. 6. You can also prepare a yogurt-coffee drink by mixing a desired amount of yogurt with a desired amount of coffee. You may add milk and vanilla. You may view in YouTube how to prepare this “hot or cold drink”. =

Remember that bacteria stop growing at 8 degrees Celsius or 46.4°F and below and at 63 degrees Celsius or 145.4°F and above; bacteria gets killed at 100 degrees Celsius and above (boiling point).

Therefore, the Vietnamese yogurt coffee concoction or any yogurt-coffee concoction won’t kill the good bacteria in yogurt if the coffee temperature doesn’t reach the boiling point of water. Keeping the good bacteria in yogurt alive is desired because the live bacteria in yogurt are said to aid in digestion and these kill bad bacteria in the gut.

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So, it appears that you can safely prepare your own yogurt-coffee-fruit smoothie and eat it, too. You may also safely modify your favorite cookie or cake recipe by adding the duo and you’ll be enhancing the health potentials of your favorite snacks; just make sure that you’ll allow the good bacteria in yogurt to remain alive when you add them to your food so that these may reach your gut.

Can you substitute yogurt for creamer?


Adding yogurt to your coffee is like simply adding live good bacteria to your ordinary coffee with milk. This is favorable to coffee drinkers who love coffee with milk and are not afraid of eating live bacteria, but it is not for the advocates of the plain black coffee.

If you are lactose intolerant and you want to enhance the healthy attribute of your brewed coffee by adding yogurt to coffee, ask your doctor to prescribe you with the medicine that helps in digesting milk.

Can I eat yogurt with coffee?

But wait. There’s a school-of-thought that won’t approve eating yogurt and drinking coffee at the same time. This group believes that “optimal digestion is achieved by pairing foods with similar digesting times and pH level and that dairy foods including cow’s milk should be eaten separately”. The group’s claims appear to have sense; however, the group didn’t present scientific evidence to bolster the claims. It’s up to you what to believe.

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