The Best Coffee Brewing Temperatures

Coffee Brewing Temperatures

Do temperatures matter when brewing coffee? Yes, temperatures affect the quality of taste in your coffee. Different coffee beans have varying brewing departures at which the best flavor is produced. Undereating or overheating during brewing all affect the taste of your cup of coffee. The baristas brewing temperature is 205 Fahrenheit.

What is the Perfect Brewing Temperature?

205 degrees Fahrenheit or 96 degrees Celsius is the ideal water temperature for coffee brewing. For the tastiest coffee, ensure your water is at this temperature. You can use a thermometer to check the water temperatures.

What Happens When You Brew at the Wrong Temperatures?

Overheating: using too hot water may cause the coffee grounds to be over-extracted. When the flavors and aromas are released too fast, coffee will be unpleasant, bitter, and low-quality taste.

Overbilling water will also lower your coffee taste huge amounts of oxygen from the water are lost. Coffee will be flavorless and bitter.

Under heating: when brewing water is cold or has lower temperatures. All aromas and flavor will not be extracted from the ground. The resulting coffee will be sour and flat.

For hot coffee, brewing takes between 2-4 minutes for the perfect extraction.

Essential Gadgets for Monitoring Brewing Temperatures

The laser thermometer: it is a handy gadget as compared to the traditional thermometer. It measures water temperatures from a distance.


Electric gooseneck kettle: it is a perfect gadget for coffee lovers. It has an electronic base which monitors and measures water temperatures for accurate readings.

What About Cold Coffee?

Two methods are used in cold-brewing coffee: steeping at room temperatures and steeping at standard refrigerator temperature.

When steeping at room temperature, you can use cold water or room temperature water and ensure it does not get hot. Water is maintained at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. For robust flavor, brewing should happen between 8-12 hours for perfect extraction of flavors. 10 hours is the best time

Cold brewing takes 12-20 hours, but it is recommendable to take 16 hours. It is a slower process for extracting flavors from the grounds. It also produces lighter coffee which is less acidic.

Final Thoughts

Temperatures play a significant role in determining the quality and taste of your coffee. Ensure you keep the right temperatures for proper extraction and flavor.

Keep accurate and consistent temperature when brewing. If you encounter some problems, try changing water temperature each time until you achieve the best taste.