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If you haven’t tried a cup of Turkish coffee yet, you might be missing half of your life. Well, I may be overreacting.. Or maybe not. If you make it to my home, best believe that a cup of Turkish coffee will be prepared for you. 

The manner by which Turkish coffee is brewed is most likely one of the oldest means to brew black coffee. If you’re a fan of an intense and hard coffee, you may want to consider trying this out.

Basically, there are two ways on how to brew a Turkish cup: by either boiling or infusing the coffee grounds. However, infusing coffee is superior to the other. The vital element in this preparation is getting the right temperature. Heating up the brew excessively will eradicate the good and delicious parts of your caffeine cup.

To add up, an accurate extraction requires very fine coffee grounds, almost resembling a powder. 

Fine Turkish grind

Let’s go a little deeper as to why a Turkish brew requires very fine coffee grounds. Turkish coffee, just like a French press, primarily utilizes the process of immersion for extraction. The main differences between the two methods are the required temperature, steeping time, and grind size. Between the two, the French press has lesser steeping duration than Turkish. While the Turkish coffee needs the finest grind size, the French press requires thick, coarse ones.

With Turkish coffee, the required temperature should stay below the boiling point. The reason for this is that heating up to the boiling point may cause over-extraction, thus, making the aromatic oils evaporate. With a low temperature, the steeping should then be a lot longer. 

The best traditional Turkish coffee grinder

If I haven’t stressed it enough yet, let me emphasize again: one of the key factors to a great cup of Turkish coffee is the grind size. It should be almost like a powder, finer than espresso.

Be cautious as there are numerous electrical burr grinders that falsely claim that they can grind the Turkish way. Since the grinder will give you the most important aspect of this type of coffee, it’s best to do your research and look for something that’s proven and tested.

Up until today, the best Turkish grinder will still be the manual, traditional variant. This may give you the best cup but using it is not the easiest thing in the world. This grinder comes with a burr grinding mechanism that successfully grinds your beans into powder. It is not only quite challenging to master, but it also takes some physical effort to utilize this device. This is not something a healthy person should have a problem with, but for individuals with body pain and weakness, this may be a little too hard on the body.

Usually made of brass or copper, topped with Middle East ornaments, a traditional Turkish coffee mill is indeed a beautiful sight to see. The most common you’ll find comes in a cylinder shape with the upper portion housing the grinding system and bottom part housing the collecting compartment. Once the grinding is over, simply open the lower compartment to collect your coffee grounds. To jumpstart grinding, hold the Turkish mill with one hand and the other hand is for the other operational processes. 

One version comes with a small wooden box at the bottom that adds in the stability of the mill. This variant is easier to handle with a slightly larger collecting container.

Traditional manual grinder

This traditional manual grinder, made directly from Turkey, is one that comes in a pretty decent size with durable burrs that are long lasting. It is calibrated to give you that fine powder-like grounds. Its aesthetic screams Middle East and is an interesting addition to your countertop.

Manual Hand Grinder Mill SET for Turkish Greek Arabic Coffee Beans

Traditional Manual Hand Grinder Mill SET for Turkish Coffee

Hand made brass coffee grinder
9″ flat and 7.4″ bowl design

As stated, extra effort is required when grinding, but it finishes fast enough before the water boils. Although designed primarily for that desired Turkish grind, the grind size may be adjusted up to a certain degree.

Electric Turkish grinders

If you are not all for the physical effort and the complicated means of a traditional grinder, there are electrical automatic grinders in the market that will let you have your nice cup of Turkish coffee with zero sweat. However, the convenience does not come without a price. Most of these European grinders grind to Turkish size automatically.

Keep in mind as well that there are some manufacturers and companies that claim that their products are capable of delivering a Turkish grind, but not all are speaking the truth. Turkish burr grinders require powerful motors most home grinders are not equipped with. 

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The commercial electrical grinders that can actually grind to the size required need a special set of burrs to accomplish the task. If you are into Turkish coffee and have the money to spend, you may opt for these.

A commercial grinder may cost around $800 to $1000 with the burrs alone costing around $200. Good options are the Bunn G1, G2, G3, and the MHG. They may also purchase a special Turkish burr kit. 

Another promising coffee machine for this brew is the Mahlkonig ek43. The downside is that it is twice pricier than the Bunn, but rest assured that it is also the better-performing one. If properly equipped with the appropriate burrs, this machine can give you the best Turkish grinds. Y

Capresso Infinity Burr grinder

This variant is a cheap home grinder that is of high quality. For its price, this is actually a steal. It is simple, easy to use, and straightforward with 16 available grind settings. We say that it’s perfect for brewing at home.

Capresso Infinity Burr Grinder

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

From ultrafine Turkish to French Press coarse and everything in between

The grinding options are vast: from very coarse to even finer than an espresso, such as that of the Turkish. Choose the brew that you want, and this grinder will give you the coffee grounds you need.

A bit of the downside is that although it is a great grinder, it still cannot perfectly grind to the size we want for our Turkish coffee. A compromise though is to grind at the finest possible setting with the Capresso machine and have it go through the grinder again. 

The discussed machines, although they have their fair share of weaknesses, are durable and reliable. They are some pretty good investment pieces.

Turkish coffee blade grinders

If you go deep into researching for this type of brew, you may find a lot of negative comments about blade grinders. But if you want a Turkish coffee but are not ready to shell out a hefty amount of money, blade grinders may be an acceptable alternative. 

Here’s how to successfully utilize a blade grinder in the preparation of your cup of Turkish coffee. 

  1. Grind your coffee to the finest possible size using a burr grinder such as the Capresso Infinity. If there’s a Turkish grind size option, choose this.
  2. The grounds will most definitely not be the right size yet so put them in the blade grinder and grind again. 

We have established that using blade coffee mills may risk overheating the beans and may even give you an uneven grind. However, you may utilize the pulse technique to prevent these problems. To do this, grind for only short periods of time. This will give your coffee some time to cool down in between pulse cycles, eradicating the risk for overheating. Take note that time may vary from one coffee machine to another.

Another trick to consider is to add the coffee grounds in the device. This is done because ground coffee naturally adheres to the walls and the bottom part of the machine creating an uneven grind since only a small portion of the grounds are being hit. If you mix the grounds into the machine, the coffee is again allowed to cool down and a more even grind is allowed.

Don’t worry! If you don’t own a burr grinder, you may still utilize your blade alone given that you will have to do the process for longer. Remember that the finer the ground gets, the more often you need to pause because it becomes more at risk for overheating.

Zassenhaus manual coffee grinder

Zassenhaus manual coffee grinder

Made from polished Brass and stainless steel – superior quality and precise operation

Most Turkish with burr grinders do not have a setting for Turkish. In cases when they do, it still doesn’t seem to grind the coffee enough. With this, blade grinders come in handy.

For this very reason, I’ve learned to adore manual coffee grinders. With this device, there is no overheating involved while giving you the powder finish you need. 

One of the best in the market is the Zassenhaus Model 175m. We deem it perfect for grinding Turkish, Espresso, and Greek coffees. It has the capacity to produce an ultra-fine powder, a much needed ground for the brew you want to achieve. Occasional recalibrating may be needed, but overall, this is a high-end coffee grinder that will cater to your Turkish coffee needs.


How fine is Turkish grind?

If you are using the best grinders: Baratza Encore #1, Capresso Infinity Extra Fine #1

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