Black+Decker CM1331S-1: Elevate Your Home Coffee Brewing Experience

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on May 29th, 2023

As an ardent coffee connoisseur and a lifelong home barista, I’ve sampled myriad coffee profiles, each unfolding a unique symphony of aroma and flavor.

Today, let’s explore the Black+Decker CM1331S-1, a 12-cup programmable coffee maker that’s been my reliable companion on this caffeinated journey.

BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Get Acquainted with the Black+Decker CM1331S-1

The Black+Decker CM1331S-1 is a dynamic player in the Coffee Makers test program at Consumer Reports. It has braved rigorous evaluations, excelling in brew performance, ease of use, and carafe handling. With its target to maintain a brewing temperature between 195° to 205° F for five or six minutes, it aligns perfectly with industry standards. This optimal temperature window is the secret to achieving just the right coffee strength and, consequently, an unforgettable flavor. From my hands-on experience, I can attest to its consistency.

Your Convenient Coffee Companion

In our whirlwind lives, we all need a touch of ease, don’t we? The Black+Decker CM1331S-1 is designed to simplify your coffee brewing routine. From filling the reservoir, placing the filter, tracking the remaining coffee, to cleaning up afterwards – it’s all an absolute breeze. What’s more, the controls on this coffee maker are refreshingly clear and intuitive – perfect for those who aren’t too tech-savvy.

Serving Coffee with Style

A superior coffee maker doesn’t just focus on the brew—it’s also about the serving. This model impresses with its carafe design—think comfortable handle, no-drip pouring, balanced handling when full, and the ease of emptying the last drops.

Stand-Out Features

The Black+Decker CM1331S-1 stands out with its notable features. Its programmability comes handy for setting a brewing schedule, a delightful feature for those who dream of waking up to freshly brewed coffee.

One aspect that the product page enlightened me about is the QuickTouch Programming feature. This user-friendly interface allows for easy programming of the 24-hour auto brew function. Additionally, the Sneak-a-Cup Technology is another unique feature—allowing you to pause the brewing process to pour a cup, then resume without causing any mess. Perfect for those impatient moments when you just can’t wait for your coffee!

While it doesn’t include a thermal carafe or mug to keep your coffee warm for hours, it does feature a non-stick carafe plate that keeps your coffee at an ideal drinking temperature. Also, it lacks a small-batch setting, but it does come with a brew-strength control, allowing you to customize your coffee strength.

Dimensions and Design

As per the Amazon product page, the Black+Decker CM1331S-1 measures 8.25 x 11.25 x 12.25 inches and weighs 4.5 pounds. Its compact size and sleek silver design make it an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition to any kitchen, regardless of the available space.

The Final Sip

The Black+Decker CM1331S-1 proves to be a reliable coffee maker that prioritizes both convenience and quality. With its array of appealing features, user-friendly carafe, and brew-strength control, it truly elevates your at-home coffee brewing experience. Whether you’re a seasoned coffee aficionado or an occasional coffee sipper, this coffee maker is designed to enrich your coffee moments.

As always, I encourage you to delve into the product on your own for the most accurate and current information. Here’s to memorable coffee moments with the Black+Decker CM1331S-1.

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