Unlock Your Best Brew: Why the Hario Skerton Pro is a Game-Changer

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on August 21st, 2023

You know that feeling when you take a sip of freshly brewed coffee, and everything just falls into place? If you’re reading this, you probably do. If you’re looking to elevate that experience, it might be time to explore the world of manual coffee grinding. Enter the Hario Skerton Pro – a grinder that’s been causing quite a buzz. Let’s find out why it might be the missing piece in your coffee-making puzzle.

A Fresh Twist on Design and Build Quality

A mere look at the Hario Skerton Pro and you realize it’s more than just a kitchen appliance; it’s a piece of art. Each part, from the silicone-protected grounds bin to the combined hopper and burr unit, the plastic lid, and even the metal crank handle, screams attention to detail. It’s this finesse that makes the grinder not just a pretty face but a durable and trustworthy companion for your kitchen.

Hario Skerton Pro

Ease of Use: A Journey, Not a Chore

Coffee grinding is often seen as a laborious task, but Hario aims to change that perception with the Skerton Pro. The innovative lid design and the updated crank handle add simplicity to the process. Adjusting the grind setting is now akin to fine-tuning a musical instrument, with tactile feedback that resonates with your brewing rhythm. And though designed to be easily operated with one hand, its presence is a statement in itself.

Performance: Where Precision Meets Passion

The Skerton Pro might not break speed records, but it’s not trying to. Its grinding performance is a deliberate dance, one that takes about 1 minute and 22 seconds for 26.5 grams of coffee on a medium-fine setting. It’s designed for those who savor the process as much as the product, offering the grind consistency needed for a rich espresso or French press. The minor fines present are but a touch of personality, not an imperfection.

On the Go? Take Your Brew with You

For those who want to take their passion on the road, the Skerton Pro is a travel-savvy companion. The grounds bin is Mason jar-compatible, meaning a smaller plastic jar can step in for travel purposes. At a featherweight 265 grams with the plastic jar, it’s the perfect travel buddy.

The Pros and Cons: An Honest Conversation

As with anything in life, the Skerton Pro has its highs and lows. Its precise grind, adjustable settings, compact design, and ease of maintenance are all music to any coffee lover’s ears. However, the manual effort required might not suit everyone, and its limited grind capacity calls for a little patience for larger batches.

Alternatives: The World is Full of Choices

Life’s too short to settle, and if the Skerton Pro doesn’t resonate with you, there are other players in the game like the 1zPresso and Timemore. These models might push your boundaries with features like real ball bearings and steel burrs.


In the grand scheme of coffee brewing, the Hario Skerton Pro carves its niche. It’s not just a grinder; it’s a statement, a lifestyle, a daily ritual. Whether it fits into your life depends on what you seek from your brew. It’s not about the quickest or the fanciest but about the journey – one filled with precision, passion, and personal touch.

But as with all things coffee, taste is subjective. Explore, experiment, and most importantly, enjoy the process. Your perfect cup is out there, waiting for you. Is the Skerton Pro the key? Only you can decide.

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