How to Read a Fortune in Turkish Coffee Grounds

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It’s easy and fun to tell fortunes by reading the patterns left in the grounds from a cup of Turkish coffee. Follow these simple steps to read Turkish coffee grounds.

Throughout the Middle East, the thick, sweet coffee commonly known as Turkish coffee leaves a sludgy residue of its finely pulverized grounds on the bottom of the small cup in which it is served. Traditionally, these grounds may be “read” in a sort of informal fortune-telling session.

Such a tradition greatly enhances the experience of drinking Turkish coffee, extending a simple cup into an opportunity for delightful conversation. And it’s easy and fun to do.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Reading Turkish Coffee Grounds

cezve bot and lid on glass surface with roasted coffee beans

Follow these easy steps to brew Turkish coffee and then read fortunes in Turkish coffee grounds.

1. Brew Turkish coffee. 

For each cup, start with 1 tablespoon of very finely ground Mocha coffee, 3 ounces of cold water, and 1 teaspoon of sugar (more or less, depending on desired sweetness).

Put them in an ibrik, a traditional Turkish coffee pot made of brass with a long handle and a narrower top than the bottom. Cook over medium-low heat until the liquid boils and froths up. Remove from the heat and stir until the froth settles. Heat, froth, remove from heat, and stir again.

2. Pour the Turkish coffee. 

Repeat once more, pouring the coffee into demitasses (small coffee cups) while it is still frothing, shaking the pot while pouring to ensure some froth pours into each cup.

3. Drink Turkish coffee. 

Encourage guests to sip and savor the coffee slowly, draining their cups until they reach the very thick ground at the bottom.

4. Invert the Turkish coffee cups. 

Demonstrating for guests, quickly invert a cup into its saucer with a turn of the wrist, taking special care while doing so not to fling the grounds at anyone.

Encourage guests to turn their cups over in the same way. Leave the inverted cups for about 5 minutes to allow the grounds to drip down the insides and dry slightly.

5. Read the fortunes in the Turkish coffee grounds. 

One by one, ask each guest to turn his or her cup back right side up. As a group, study the patterns made by the grounds inside each person’s cup, interpreting them with imagination to predict a fortune.

Some examples: wavelike ripples predict a journey overseas or a beach vacation; jagged peaks and valleys may mean tumultuous emotions; a shapely profile may foretell new romance; and so on. Be creative!

Make reading Turkish coffee grounds a regular practice, and telling fortunes will get easier and more creative all the time. Enjoy this Middle Eastern tradition!

Check these general rules that cover the basics of Turkish coffee reading:

  • You shouldn’t interpret your own cup. (If you will do it just to practice symbol learning, it’s OK).
  • You don’t give the same cup to a different reader to double-check the given reading. Keep in mind that most professionals perform “whole impression” and not just cup reading symbols.
  • Turkish cup fortune telling always starts from the cup’s handle. You move from right to left if the person is right-handed or left to right left-handed.

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