If you are a die-hard coffee lover, and simply cannot think of starting your day, or functioning with full sanity without a cup of coffee, then chances are that you are also conscious about the type of coffee that you consume each time.

People loving one kind of coffee, and always having that very same kind are completely justified. For drinking coffee daily becomes a habit, and a mandatory part of one’s routine.

pour over coffee

According to a recent report, coffee is loved by people of all ages from all over the world, and naturally, it is also harvested, and exported from all parts of the world. Owing to this, there have been many creative variations and innovations in the methods of preparing coffee. As a result of this, we now have a wide range of coffee recipes available, with each variant different, and unique from the other. People prefer their favorite kind of coffee as per its taste, aroma, and strength, which broadly falls in three main categories of light, medium, and dark blends.

Some of these trends and innovations have succeeded in giving birth to many different kinds of coffees, namely the Espresso, Filter Coffee, Mochaccino, Americano, Irish Coffee, etc.

Since coffee lovers are well aware of the different yet latest types of coffee, we decided to discuss the types of coffee, from the old days here, which came into advent before all these innovations had begun.

The coffees under discussion here are the “Pour Over Coffee”, and the “Drip Coffee”, both of which have been around for a long time. It would be safe to say that most people today are not aware of these coffee variants because they have been widely replaced by the other variants of coffee prevalent in society today. Also, it would not be wrong to say that these types of coffees are not preferred today like they used to be in the past, because their preparation requires time, energy, and skills for perfection, which people don’t want to invest in. People save their time, and prepare a hot, steaming mug of instant coffee within seconds, instead of waiting for a long time for the coffee to finally get brewed.

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But there still are people in the world today, who prefer the old, traditional ways of brewing up a mug of coffee for themselves, for it gives them the satisfaction that all the goodness of coffee beans has been incorporated in the final product.

So before we start debating whether a pour-over coffee is better than a drip coffee, let us first take a look at where it all started from, that is, let’s trace back to the time when both of these coffees came into existence, starting with the ‘pour-over coffee’.

The Pour Over Coffee:

Pour Over Coffee

The “pour over” is prepared by pouring hot water on the grounded coffee beans, placed on a cone of a filter paper fixed in a funnel. The filter paper allows the water to do its job, that is, allows it to extract all the bold and rich flavors of the coffee beans powder, and ends up brewing up a flavorful, and aromatic mug of coffee.

However, the strength and flavor of a great mug of coffee require a lot of patience, great skill, and the right set of key ingredients to produce a steaming mug of coffee.

The History of Pour Over Coffee:

The pour-over coffee dates back to the 19th Century and came into being when a German lady, named Melitta Bentz invented the filter paper. Before this, filters made of linen or cloth were popularly used for brewing up coffees.

The filter paper that she initially used for the purpose of brewing coffee, was a blotting paper, taken from a sketchbook. But she liked this innovative way of brewing coffee so much, that she introduced it to the world, and thus a “pour-over coffee” came into being, with the filter paper being the key requirement for preparation.

Why do people love the “Pour Over Coffee” so much?

The pour-over coffee was an instant hit in the world because it allowed the brewer to actually take control of the whole coffee-making process. Unlike using a coffee making machine, which first prompts pre-set instructions to be given, and then brews the coffee, this manual way of handling the brewing process is much better and a controlled one.

And since it depends on the brewers to take care of the water “pouring over”, they can take their sweet time to let the small quantities of water seep through the coffee granules, extracting all their flavor, rich aroma, and bold undertones present in the coffee granules.

An easy step to step guideline on how to prepare a pour-over coffee is given here.

The Drip Coffee:

The drip coffee is another variant of coffee in which coffee is prepared using an automated coffee brewing machine. The user simply places the appropriate ingredients in their specified compartments and lets the machine do its job of brewing the coffee up. A heating element present in the coffee brewing machine forcefully propels the water upwards, which then causes the water mixed with the filtered coffee granules, to be poured out from the basket into an awaiting mug outside.

The History of Drip Coffee:

The method of preparing the drip coffee emerged soon after the invention of the pour-over coffee method, and this innovation too dates back to the 19th century and has its roots in Germany. It came into being when the first electric drip coffee maker, the “Wigomat” was invented by a German Gottlob Widmann in 1954. Before this, people were widely following the ancient methods of using cloths, filter papers, or percolators for brewing up their coffee.

Needless to say, the practice of using coffee makers to prepare drip coffee is one of the most widely used methods in America today. And, the name “drip coffee” has been shortened to good, old “coffee” only.

Why do people love “Drip Coffee” so much?

The method of preparation of drip coffee is an easy to do job and saves time for many people. It helps them in doing that job, which normally took hours for people to do by hand. The brewing process has become easier than ever, and now, there is no need to keep on pouring water at regular intervals. The machine takes care of that.

So, if both of them are equally enriching and fulfilling coffees, where does the actual difference lie? Now, we shall take a closer look at all the attributes and aspects of each of these different brews of coffee to compare both of them and to reach the concluding point which decides which coffee type beats the other.

Pour Over Coffee Vs. Drip Coffee: The Ultimate Battle of the Brews!

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So far, from what we were able to conclude from above, we can safely say that initially, the difference between both kinds of coffee lies in their brewing methods, i.e. pour-over coffee makes use of a filter paper, and is brewed manually, whereas the drip coffee makes use of an automated coffee maker machine, and ends up brewing coffee for you.

Now, we shall compare the different qualities, which make either of these coffees the best ones of their own kind.

1) Affordability:

Let’s get this straight: pour-over coffee is an unsolicited winner when it comes to the affordability factor. It mainly requires a good quality filter paper, something that is easily available at a minimal cost of $10-$30, as compared to the hefty amount of money what you would be spending on first finding, and then investing in, for the purchase of a good quality automated coffee maker. It would cost you an amount of around $100-$200, so if you are looking for budget-friendly options, then it might be a too much on the pricier side for you.

2) Controlled Pouring & Desired Consistency:

Owing to their time saving, and efficient nature, drip coffee makers became popular in the industry. But they sometimes failed to filter the whole of the coffee grounds, which were added in them. Some parts were brewed to perfection, while some were not. This is usually a big disappointment for all the coffee lovers who love their coffees strongly blended to perfection. The real coffee lovers are the ones who love it when each and every granule has done its job of satisfying them, by providing the drinker with all of its flavor and taste.

Through this incomplete brewing, you get a coffee with unbalanced, and an unequaled flavors and taste.

Whereas, a mug of pour-over coffee would seldom disappoint you in this respect, because while preparing a pour-over coffee, it is you yourself, who is taking control of the entire brewing process, and the whole process of brewing up the coffee is dependent on your hands only. You can make changes whenever you see they are required, and can subsequently, add or subtract the key ingredients, whenever and wherever required.

3)  Flavor/Taste of the Coffee:

You must have heard a famous saying, “Slow and steady wins the race.” These words apply in brewing coffee too. The longer time you invest in brewing coffee, the tastier, and richly flavored it is going to be. This is because the longer time you give to coffee grounds to be brewed, the more flavor and aroma they will impart to the final product. And this long-lasting brewing to perfection art is performed by none other than the pour-over coffee method. The drip coffee is made within a short span of time and often lacks in extracting the oils which are present in the coffee grounds.

4) Time Saving & Efficient:

When it comes to saving time and energy, drip coffee wins the battle. It not only makes things easier for the users but also saves a lot of time compared to the pour-over method. So, for people who are always in a rush in the mornings, this could be the best investment for saving their day (and time!)

5) Temperature Control & Stabilization:

Since a drip coffee is prepared using an automated coffee making machine, the temperature of the water, or the coffee at the end, might not be the one that you were anticipating. This is yet another disappointment for the coffee lovers, for it dampens their mood, and destroys the vibe that they had in their mind, regarding the much-anticipated mug of coffee. But with a pour-over coffee, the water may be boiling hot, or lukewarm, as per your liking, because you are the one who is gradually adding the water in the mixture. This makes things easier, and keeps the temperature of the water, and afterward, the coffee, completely balanced, and measured to perfection.


In light of the aforementioned factors, pour-over coffee takes the lead, when it comes to selecting one best coffee out of these two. But when it comes to efficiency, tech-savviness, and time-saving options, drip coffee automatically dominates the list.

With that being said, it is now up to the coffee drinkers to decide themselves which type of coffee they like the most according to their taste. For some factors that we stated above as the “downsides” of these coffees, might actually be a plus point for some people! So it mainly depends on the people’s preference and the type of taste, flavor, temperature, and aroma that they love the most!

We believe that either way, coffee is coffee, and coffee, in any of its form is a delectable, wonderful, and energizing drink that has always been winning everyone’s hearts since forever!