6 Best Jura Espresso Coffee Machines Reviewed: Which One to Buy?

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Best known for quality appliances, Jura coffee machines as a true espresso lover, as the odds are that you have desired one of their machines at some point.

Most espresso lovers think about having the best Jura espresso machine since these devices produce some of the best quality and best-tasting espressos.

jura espresso machines

In terms of coffee machines, the sleek-looking and high-end Jura coffee maker is an accurate description of luxury.

These machines are relatively expensive. So, if you’re going to spend this much money, let’s make sure you purchase the best Jura coffee machine possible. So, we’ve chosen some of our favorite selections from the Jura product line to assist you!

Best Jura coffee machine

Jura 15150 J6

  • The capacity of the Water Tank: 70.3 fluid ounces
  • Power of Bean Hopper: 8,8 ounces
  • Form of grinder: Aroma G3
  • 2.1-liter Water tank
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Fine foam milk frothing
  • 15 Bar pressure pump
  • Jura Coffee App compatible
  • Automated rinsing, descaling, and cleaning mode
  • Intelligent Water System
  • Size: 16.5 x 11 x 13.25 inches
  • Weight 24 Pounds

The Jura 15150 has a lot to sell, like all other choices in our best Jura espresso machine reviews.

When it comes to making coffee for this model, the versatility seems to give it an advantage as it comes with some self-explanatory controls and a good TFT monitor.

Because this coffee machine has Smart Connect, you can control it using the free Jura Operating Experience (J.O.E) application. Are you inviting guests? Make coffee on your phone to wow your house visitors.

It’s automated, cleans itself, and has an easy-to-use TFT display that allows you to prepare coffee at the touch of a button. This machine also includes an Aroma G3 grinder, designed to provide double the grinding speed while keeping the aroma and flavor of the beans.

The J6 is a high-production, superautomatic espresso machine from Jura that stands out amid the company’s remarkable array of coffee makers.

With Jura’s special Pulse Extraction Process, this espresso machine can also ensure an optimum extraction period for the richest tastes. In addition, a highly successful and reliable foaming technology for cappuccino and latte lovers can offer rich and fluffy milk foam. And this is a clever coffee machine compliant with the Jura coffee software.

This Jura espresso machine seems to take as many cleaning cycles as many users would want. This feature is something you can deal with, and it is a positive thing since it means that the system is still properly clean for the highest quality of the coffee. It is a more accessible, refurbished Jura coffee machine for those shopping on a tight budget.


  • Simple to use 
  • It grinds quicker and saves all the flavors
  • Has optimum period for an extraction
  • Efficient technology for foaming


  • It needs more cycles for washing.

Jura 13626 ENA 1

  • Water Tank Capacity: 36.8 ounces of fluid
  • Power of Bean Hopper: 4,4 ounces
  • Form of grinder: Multi-level conical
  • Size: 9.06 x 17.52 x 12.72 inches
  • Weight 19.4 Pounds

Jura’s model 13626 will be an excellent option for homeowners searching for a highly versatile yet economical single-cup espresso machine. This top-rated Jura espresso machine uses a multi-level grinder to produce some excellent espressos, operating with the microbrewing tool.

It’s an easy-to-use, ultra-compact system. It includes a control panel built sensibly and simple to operate, with three cup size options and two settings.

Like many other Jura devices, this coffee maker was also built to be more eco-conscious. It has an automatic energy-saving feature, a programmable turn-off timer, and a zero-energy switch for optimum energy usage.

But, eventually, its lower price tag, feature-rich architecture, and the fact that it takes up little counter room are what can render this one of the strongest budget Jura espresso machines. Given that many top-of-the-line Jura espresso machines would have at least twice that, the 4.4-ounce bean hopper size is surprisingly limited. It can also be appropriate for a small single-cup espresso machine.

If you’re searching for an eco-friendly appliance that makes brewing fun, the Jura ENA 1 one is unrivaled.


  • Compact design
  • Relatively more available
  • Effective and balanced grinder
  • User-friendly screen for contact regulation
  • Space-saving and lightweight architecture
  • Highly efficient in terms of energy


  • Smaller size bean hopper
  • Only one cup can be made at a time.

Jura 15097 E8

  • Water Tank Capacity: 64.2 ounces of fluid
  • Power of Bean Hopper: 9,9 ounces
  • Form of grinder: 6-Level Aroma G3
  • TFT color display
  • Intelligent pre-brew aroma system
  • Size: 17.3 x 11 x 13.8 inches
  • Weight 22 Pounds

The Jura 15097 coffee maker uses the highly effective Aroma G3 grinder with six setting settings to ensure that the coffee beans will still be ground optimally. And to ensure outstanding extraction, it also has a Pulse Extraction Process and a high-pressure pump. These features are the two key elements that make it our strongest overall model since you regularly get a decent coffee.

On top, a TFT-LCD panel displays all of the possible drink selections and settings. Instead of a touch screen, the Jura E8 includes six physical buttons corresponding to on-screen options. It can provide 12 specialty coffees, such as flat white, cappuccino, espresso, latte, macchiato, and ristretto.

20 programmable settings, 12 specialty drinks, and eight power levels also make it simple to change your coffee strength. And the buttons can also be more natural with the TFT color panel, which means it’s a breeze to pick your favorite cocktail.

This Jura espresso machine is also designed for those who enjoy milk-based coffee because it incorporates revolutionary fine foam technology to produce quality foam reliably. Although this espresso machine has great foaming technology, the milk doesn’t seem to get hot enough for hot chocolate drinks so it would be ideal for coffee-based brews.

Since it has thermal insulation, you can conveniently hold milk hot by investing in a stainless steel milk container like Jura 65381. In the E8 series, Jura also has another much more efficient unit, the Jura 15109, which has more or less the same characteristics as this one, but with a much more rugged architecture to make it suitable for industrial usage.


  • Many choices of programmable coffee power
  • Optimized time for extraction
  • Delivers optimally ground coffee every time
  • A more successful method of pre-infusion
  • Super simple buttons to use
  • Elegant and modern design with an easy-to-use display
  • Allows for little drink modification.
  • Simple to clean


  • The milk is not getting heavy

Jura 15270 E8

  • Water Tank Capacity: 63.6 ounces of fluid
  • Power of Bean Hopper: 9,9 ounces
  • Form of grinder: 6-Level Aroma G3
  • Size: 20 x 12.2 x 16.1 inches
  • Weight 22.3 Pounds

The Jura 15270’s best feature is its revolutionary fine foam technology that has been built to create some of the lightest and frothiest milk foam you might ever have.

The new professional fine foam frotherG2 is built of high-quality materials and has a beautiful appearance and feel. It is specially developed for creating coffee specialty with milk and milk foam, and it consistently produces the best fine-textured foam for latte macchiato and other beverages.

The 6-level Aroma G3 grinder also helps make this one of the best Jura espresso machines. It guarantees that it produces super-fast freshly ground coffee while retaining all the pleasant aroma and flavors. In addition, this espresso machine often uses the Pulse Extraction Method of Jura to ensure optimum coffee extraction so that even specialty brews such as the quick ristretto with a more concentrated flavor can be produced.

The new E8, outfitted with the most recent JURA technology, conjures up an astounding array of coffee specialties at the touch of a button. In addition, the contemporary TFT display makes operation exceedingly straightforward. There is also an intelligent water machine that ensures you prepare coffee with the best water possible, which is also quite helpful.

You would need to clean the milk dispensing device any time you use it while using this Jura gadget, which can be a little boring considering it takes up to 5 minutes. But this is a small price for some of the most creamy cappuccinos and lattes to enjoy.


  • Foam technology that is creative and successful
  • Detection of variable filters
  • Effective and fast grinder
  • Optimized coffee bean extraction
  • Plain processes
  • AromaG3 Multi-Level Grinder
  • Professional Fine Foam Frother G2
  • One-Touch Function


  • Milk dispensers do a little too much rinsing

Jura 15148 A1

  • The capacity of the Water Tank: 37 Fluid Ounces
  • Power of Bean Hopper: 4,4 ounces
  • Grinder type: Aroma
  • Size: 20.5 x 12.7 x 18.6 inches
  • Weight 23 Pounds

The Jura 15148 is a special purchase if you enjoy a super-automatic espresso machine’s effortless usage and reliability. It is a highly effective model that uses thermoblock heating technology to guarantee that you get the maximum extraction with a 15-bar pump.

This machine also has several quick and intuitive controls that make it easy for even total novices to use. And because Jura knows that different coffee lovers have different tastes, three programmable coffee specialties and strength levels are given by this unit. 

The Aroma grinder produces on-demand, freshly ground coffee beans full of flavor and good aromas. This feature will guarantee you have the freshest and tastiest coffee combined with the water filter. Overall, this is a better machine because it has an automated auto shut-off. When it comes to repairs, you should also be assured that you can have a simpler time since it has a handy self-cleaning function that will alert you when cleaning up the unit.

And in addition to this black piano option, the Jura 15148 has a white piano option. It ensures you have something that fits your preferences and decor. With this espresso machine, the bean hopper’s cover is the most noticeable shortcoming since it does not appear to operate very well. It looks good, though, and once you get used to this machine, this should not be a significant deal.


  • Controls that are easy and intuitive
  • A practical method of heating with a strong pump
  • Form and power programmable brew
  • Safer to be included
  • Self-cleaning easily


  • The Bean hopper cover requires enhancement.

Jura 15145 WE8

  • Capacity Water Tank: 101 fluid ounces
  • The capacity of the Bean Hopper: 17,6 ounces
  • Form of grinder: Aroma G3
  • Size: 17.50 x 11.60 x 16.50 inches
  • Weight 22 Pounds

The J ura 15145 is the perfect choice for you to search for a decent Jura espresso machine for use in your workplace. Its tiny size ensures that it can take up less room in your office. And despite being smaller, it still has a larger water tank size of 101 ounces and a hopper capacity of 17.6 ounces, which means that until it refills, it will produce multiple cups of coffee or espresso shots.

This espresso maker is also flexible since it is programmable and customizable to create a broad range of drinks and choose your favorite intensity for the brew.

Also, as it comes with several intuitive one-touch buttons that ensure quick and easy usage, the process is simple. The Aroma G3 grinder provides the optimal grind to ensure you still get the freshest coffee. Much as in many other Jura espresso machines, what certain consumers would not appreciate is the endless self-rinsing, which seems to waste a lot of power. Although it is intended to keep this unit as hygienic as possible and preserve the perfect coffee flavor, this is good.


  • Function optimally for workplaces
  • Rapid and basic one-touch process
  • Produces a wide selection of drinks
  • Relatively greater reservoir
  • Highly reliable grinder


  • Constant self-rinsing

About Jura: the espresso machine luxury brand

Jura, also known as Jura Elektroapparate AP, is a Swiss company that has been manufacturing home appliances since the beginning of 1931 and is renowned for producing some extremely creative high-end goods built to provide the end consumer with some basic home or office solutions.

They are among the first brands to develop automated coffee and espresso machines that have been produced since 1981. The standard high-end styles and features are available on their coffee and espresso machines as it has been.

They now have espresso machines built to suit the desires of home and business consumers alike. And they are unbeatable in the automated espresso machine market as their devices perform well and even have more features and the latest sophisticated technology.

While the business still has the greatest hold in Switzerland, its country of birth; it is now active in several other European countries. In addition, it has a significant market share in the US for automated espresso machines. You should check out their automated espresso machine on Amazon for a good picture of what they have to sell.

Jura terms you should know before buying or using the machine

The following are some main innovations you may anticipate from the better Jura coffee machines and what sets them apart from the many cheaper espresso makers on the market.

  1. Aroma+ Grinder: Aroma+ Grinder is available in multiple models, such as G2 and G3, and is built to provide the best bean experience for brewing. This extremely powerful grinder can gently grind all coffee beans into fine grounds ideal for espresso making. The grinder uses burrs of stainless steel that provide quick, quiet, and gentle grinding so that rich and flavorful espressos still end up in the drink.
  2. CLARIS Filter Device: The CLARIS filter system’s anti-scaling technology filters out the hard minerals in the water and guarantees that the heating factor does not build up. This filter device often aims to reduce harm to the heating unit due to mineral build-up and reduce the need to use chemicals to clean up the coffee maker, thereby effectively increasing the machine’s service life.
  3. CLEARYL: These are cartridge filters designed to eliminate impurities from your machine’s water.
  4. IPBAS: an acronym for the Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma Device. IPBAS is a highly effective pre-infusion device that you can get from most of Jura’s top coffee makers. It is one of the major reasons why these coffee makers produce such incredible brews. This pre-infusion technology comes into action during the beans’ grinding stage, and applying a little water to them helps pull out the maximum flavor in the grounds.
  5. IWS: The Intelligent Water System is a detection system that the espresso machine’s filter needs to be replaced.
  6. ESM: Energy Save Mode is a tech feature that allows you to customize your machine’s energy output to save the output during parts of the day when your machine is not in use. ESM-equipped machines can be programmed to save up to 40% of energy output.
  7. PEP: What follows IPBAS is PEP or Pulse Extraction Method. Its primary function is to maximize the extraction of coffee from the grinds, but it also ensures even and effective shot pulling. PEP achieves all this by controlling the hot water and pumping it through the grounds according to the particular specifications of the individual drink you are producing.
  8. Fine Foam Technology: This technology makes it easier for your espresso-based milk drinks to get professional-quality microfoam. It produces the ideal microfoam by frothing the milk in different chambers twice and then steadily and more uniformly spreading it to the milk-based drinks.

Here’s what we think you should keep in mind when buying a Jura espresso machine:

  • Price: Prices range from $800 for a single cup machine to above $5,000
  • Maintenance: Jura machines all have self-cleaning technologies and regularly purchase self-cleaning fluids and tablets that the machine uses to maintain itself
  • Size: Some of these espresso machines are pretty significant. Jura’s size range ranges from ultra-compact to small tanks, so just measure you’re counter BEFORE purchasing.

Best Jura coffee machine buying guide: Questions to ask

What is your budget?

The Jura coffee machine family has a wide price range, and you should plan ahead of time because they are not inexpensive. The price can vary greatly depending on the things you choose.

If you want to save money, look for refurbished Jura machines. You can acquire them in good operating order without spending too much money! It’s something I recommend.

What machine size is appropriate for your home?

Although it may be tempting to purchase large machines with all the features you desire, they may not always fit in your kitchen.

A large coffee maker such as the Giga or Giga X series may be appropriate if you have a large home with frequent coffee users. However, remember that these machines, both in size and price, compete with professional and commercial espresso machines!

If you have limited space and only a few coffee drinkers at home, you may want to go for a smaller model with fewer functions. However, there should be enough benefits to make these machines feasible for home-use solutions.

Controls that are easy to use

Digital displays are superior to indication lights in terms of clarity and use. And the fact, it is correct.

Most Jura machines, thankfully, include easy-to-navigate screen displays.

Using a rotary dial/switch instead of a plethora of buttons simplifies the operation.

Do you want a pre-ground coffee option?

While I do not recommend using pre-ground coffee in any espresso machine, Jura is all about ease. Some of you may choose to have pre-ground coffee in your Jura machine.

Fortunately, Jura has included pre-ground coffee chutes in some models, but not all. This is something to consider while looking for a new Jura machine.

What grinder type do you need?

All Jura coffee makers include built-in bean grinders, but the type varies by model. The following grinder types are available in the Jura lines.

  • Conical grinders with many levels
  • Grinders with conical burrs
  • Grinders with two ceramic discs

Some models include Jura’s proprietary Aroma+ grinder, which can reduce noise and grinding time by up to 50%.

Do you want a built-in milk frother?

If you enjoy specialty coffee beverages, you should look into a machine that has a milk frother. It’s fantastic to be able to sip excellent steamed milk! In a Jura coffee machine, milk froth is also at its best.

However, if you only want black espresso, don’t worry about adding a milk steamer or frother.

Do you need a water filter?

Jura machines are equipped with Intelligent Water Systems. It’s part of their branding. It also contains PEP, which improves the flavor of coffee during the extraction process. This water system alerts you when water filtration is required for coffee.

It automatically identifies whether or not the water requires filtering. If it does, it will notify you to purchase a decent water filter unless it already has one. This is significant because it prevents limescale buildup in the machine.

This extends the life of your coffee machine. It also makes it easier to clean and maintain for a long time. A water filter also enhances the flavor of the coffee. The hot water travels through the grounds and promotes a uniform extraction.

It also improves pre-infusion for a fuller coffee texture and aroma. That is why a Jura coffee machine requires a water filter.

Consider the ease of upkeep

Jura espresso machines are designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Although Jura machines have built-in rinsing and cleaning systems, maintenance requirements differ for each device.

If your budget does not allow for many of the high-tech features featured in Jura machines, you may have to undertake much more cleaning and maintenance. For example, some Jura machines include milk washing and water filtration features, whereas others do not.

Cleaning dairy from milk frothers is critical for your health as well as the health of your automatic espresso machine. Furthermore, water buildup can occur faster than you realize, and you don’t want calcium deposits to impair the taste of your espresso!

If you use your espresso machine every day, cleaning will become more required than you think, and you will need to do it more frequently—something to think about if you have a hectic lifestyle.


As you’ve gathered from our analysis, Jura coffee machines are some of the best-quality automatic coffee machines on the market.

Ultimately, it’s about budget, personal taste, and desires. Of course, any Jura machine in your home will make great coffee, and it’s always a nice day to start your morning with a great cup of coffee. But, instead of simply making Joe’s nice cup, Jura engineering and design ensure precision, performance, and perfection in every brew.

If you’re here for the basics, the A1 should suit your needs perfectly. But if you’re in a live-in barista market, the Jura 13623 Giga 5 Automatic Coffee Machine might be the best Jura espresso machine. I didn’t do a review for the Giga 5 since this is a bit over-the-top for most of our readers, costing north of $5,000.

However, if you got the cash, go for it!

If you’re looking for something, the J6 is a decent option for the best budgeted Jura espresso machine.


Are Jura coffee machines worth the money?

Overall, Jura is of higher quality with far more features. Unfortunately, that comes with a higher price tag. Gaggia is also a great brand worth a look at if you’re looking for something more affordable. Some machines are comparable in features and price.

How long should a Jura coffee machine last?

The average expected lifetime is 10 years. However, proper maintenance would make it last longer.

Why is Jura so expensive?

Using a better-quality material almost always guarantees the coffee maker’s longevity but comes with a higher bill. Jura only uses high-quality plastics and stainless steel.

How often do you clean the Jura coffee machine?

Most Jura machines warn you after 180 brewing cycles or 80 on/off cycles.

Does Jura make regular coffee?

No, it’s an espresso machine. However, you can make an Americano.

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