Top 3: Best Affordable Espresso Machines Under $100

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Hello, coffee lovers! This article will help you choose the best espresso machine if you’re looking for an affordable one.

It will also avoid giving Starbucks hard-earned dollars. There is no need for a major investment to have a high-quality cup of joe.

espresso machine under 100

Here are our top three excellent espresso-brewing devices.

Best Budget Espresso Machines

Mr. Coffee ECMP50

The most famous home espresso machines are semi-automatics. The following appliances are user-friendly, making it easy, quick, and pleasant to brew espressos!

This is by far the best affordable, cheap espresso machine.

Design of ECMP50

Dual-shot brewing design allows you to concurrently craft two shots using single filters. When shots are ready, an indicator light tells you. In addition, the water reservoir and drip tray can be removed and easily cleaned.


  • Tank Capacity: 40 Ounces
  • Power: 1200 Watt
  • Included: Tamper/Spoon tool and recipe
  • Care and Cleaning:​ Dishwasher-safe parts

Pros of ECMp50

Mr. Coffee‘s parks heat water quickly and evenly with the thermal block. A powerful frothing wand easily accommodates a milk pitcher.

This is one of the market’s quieter units. The frequency of sound is equal to a 3-foot talking distance. This is helpful if, while making your brew, you don’t want to wake up the household.

This budget-friendly espresso machine on a countertop is lightweight and appealing. It is also durable, with housing made of stainless steel.

The volume of water in the tank, mounted at the rear of the unit, is readily visible. Another convenience is an included tool with a manipulator at one end and a measuring spoon at the other.  This takes less than a minute to run.

Cons of ECMP50

It does not accept coffee pods.

Pro Tips

It takes one minute to prime the pump. So if you want a lighter espresso, proceed now to fill your cup.

If you want a stronger shot of espresso, release a small amount of water into the portafilter, stop the flow, steep the grounds, and offer richer flavor.

When you prefer to take solid shots, unleash a small amount of water into the portafilter, stop the flow, and for a few minutes, steep the surface. It offers a richer flavor.

Check this video:

De’Longhi EC155


De’Longhi EC155  is the best espresso machine that accepts pods under $100

A region preheats your drink on top of the device. Dual thermostats enable you to monitor the period of water and steam independently.

This inexpensive espresso maker operates for ground coffee and Easy Serving Espresso (ESE) pods, which is pretty cool.

An indicator light tells you the state of the brew. The water tank and drip tray can be extracted and washed easily.


  • Tank Capacity: 40 Ounces
  • Power: 1200 Watt
  • Included: Tamper/Spoon tool and recipe
  • Care and Cleaning:​ Dishwasher-safe parts

The benefits

A unique feature is a front window showing you the water level. You will make two beverages simultaneously with the dual filter holder.

The powerful jet frother produces a thick, rich, long-lasting foam! In addition, the unit is lightweight and minimalist in style.

An intuitive dial makes it easy to choose between the functions of brew and steam. In addition, this machine is easy to disassemble and clean.

The cons

The small frothing wand’s position makes accommodating a steaming pitcher below difficult.

The equipment, mainly plastic, is not as durable as stainless steel. Do not over-twist the filter in the filter’s head as it can jam, making the appliance unusable.

The De’Longhi rattles and hums while you’re in the kitchen. This is normal in less expensive machines, though, and does not affect the quality of drinking.

Pro Tips​

The unit is self-priming, and when you’re there, it’s primed. However, if you preheat the De’Longhi for 15 minutes, your espresso will taste even better.

If the water touches the lower edge of the wand while steaming milk, you will get a richer foam.

To see the De’Longhi in action, check this video:

VonShef 15 Bar Pump Espresso


It takes about three minutes to heat this affordable espresso machine.

The tank of water is clear, reusable, and easy to clean. The drip tray can also be removed.

The VonShef uses single and double-top filters to accommodate two espresso cups.


  • Tank Capacity: 40 Ounces
  • Power: 1200 Watt
  • Included: Tamper/Spoon tool and recipe
  • Care and Cleaning:​ Dishwasher-safe parts

The benefits

The VonSHEF has an incorporated cup-warming plate to hold your coffee at the ideal temperature. It’s sleek, polished, stainless steel furniture.

Built-in technologies guard against overheating and over-pressure, reducing the risk of burning oil.

The boiler in aluminum is robust. A tab avoids the fumigation of food, and the steamer is ideal for large cups.


There are no pods. In the coffee grounds, water remains and may cause spillage. To avoid this, carefully remove the portafilter.

Minimize the processing period to get the most delicious experience. If not, the brew will be weak and watery; add more coffee grounds.

Pro Tips

Descale it every two months to remove mineral build-up to ensure the machine continues to operate efficiently.

To see VonShef on the job, check this video:

What You Will Save

Let’s count the money you will save. An espresso shot’s average retail value is $1.25.

At home, the price of brewing it is $0.14 a day. That corresponds to a $1.11 per day reduction and $405.15 per year.

If your limit is 3 shots a day, you will save $3.33 and $1,215.45 a year. Think about the amount you will afford!

The Best For Less

For a home espresso machine, you might spend between $600 and $6,900. Does that seem unbelievable? That’s real! The GS3 Espresso Machine from La Marzocco retails for $6,900.

You don’t need a 16-inch beast to take up your countertop and create a crater in your pocket. You can buy a cheap espresso machine instead.

So what will you buy with the money you’re going to save?​

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