Cup of Joe? Why Is Coffee Called Joe?

Why Is Coffee Called “Joe”?

A cup of coffee is a starter-pack routine for millions of people every morning. That makes coffee the most popular caffeine product. However, people know very little about various coffee names and their origin. Coffee was first cultivated in Yemen.

The word “coffee” is derived from the Italian word “Caffe,” which originated from the Turkish word “Kahveh” from an Arabic origin “Qahwah.” Coffee has other colloquial names that people use to refer to it. Some of these names and “Java,” “brew” and “cupped lighting.” However, one name referring to the drink remains outstanding, and that is “Joe.”

Some theories propose the origin of these coffee nicknames. However, very little is known on the origin of these names.

Average Joe

cup of joe

A perfectly average American male is referred to as “average Joe.” That is presumed to be the origin of the nickname “Joe.” Research suggests that a beverage becomes popular when it is easier to pronounce to appeal to citizens since it is an exotic beverage to many consumers. That can explain why “Joe” is a suitable nickname.

Combining Many Names

The writer, Michael Quinion from Cambridge University, proposes that the term is a concatenation of already popular words referring to coffee e.g., “jamoke” or “java.” He suggests that “Joe” was derived from Java and Mocha, where the best coffee was served way back in 1931. This is an indisputable historical reference.

Secretary Josephus “Joe” Daniels

On June 1, 1914, the secretary of the US Navy Josephus “Joe” Daniels banned the serving of all alcoholic beverages abroad US Navy ships, hence the coffee gained popularity as “a cup of Joe.” Considering that coffee was the only powerful drink they had, coffee consumption skyrocketed under the name “a cup of Joe.”

Founder Joe Martinson

Joe Martinson founded the Martinson Coffee Company. Many devoted customers in New York City attributed coffee to the name of the coffee company founder as “cup of Joe.” However, there barely exists any evidence to support that.

Final thoughts

The coffee nickname “Joe” has very many possible origins. You are the one to choose the one you believe supports the evidence. You can enjoy a cup of coffee any time around the clock. You can even brew the most popular beverage in human history in the style of your choice. At least you know some background information about the nickname “Joe” for your cup of coffee.