Chemistry of Coffee

Chemistry of Coffee The Science behind the Black Nectar

Table of Contents Coffee Cherry StructureCompounds of CoffeeWhere Does Coffee Act In The Body?Positive Effects of Coffee in the BodyNegative Effects of Coffee on the BodyWhere to Draw the Line There are lots of names that are used to refer to coffee. You will hear names like black nectar, lifeblood, and black gold, etc. Coffee […]

The Best DeLonghi Espresso Machine Reviews

The Best DeLonghi Espresso Machine Reviews

Table of Contents Why Choose DeLonghi Espresso machines?Reviews of the Best DeLonghi Espresso Machines DeLonghi EC155 15 Bar Pump and Cappuccino Maker DeLonghi 15 Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine DeLonghi Dedica 15-Bar Pump Espresso Machine DeLonghi Magnifica Super-Automatic MachineFinal Thoughts DeLonghi is a reputable kitchen appliance manufacturer. The manufacturer is known for making well-priced, […]

Cool Coffee Facts

Cool Coffee Facts

Table of Contents Originally coffee was chewedDrinking decaf fuels the Soda IndustryInstant coffee has been around for approximately 250 YearsThe average American spends over $1000 on coffee every yearFinland is the coffee capital of the worldThe home of the biggest coffee lovers is finlandThe life of Beethoven’s baristaBrazilian athletes hustles to the olympicsSeveral attempts have […]

Is Water Affecting Your Brew?

Is Water Affecting Your Brew? A Guide to Best Water for Coffee

Table of Contents How to Test Your WaterHow to TDS affects Your CoffeeFiltered Vs. Spring Water for CoffeeFiltered Water shows the Flaws in CoffeeAlkaline Water and CoffeeCoffee Brewing Does Not Kill Waterborne BacteriaConclusion Does water affect your coffee brew? Yes, water has a lot of effects on your coffee brew and taste. Clean water does […]

How Much Coffee Is Too Much Coffee

How Much Coffee Is Too Much Coffee?

Table of Contents How Much Coffee Per Day Is Recommended?Can You Overdose?What Happens If You Have Too Much Coffee?Benefits of A Healthy Level of Drinking CoffeeCaffeine in Other Forms I know a silly question, right? But really though, are you having too much coffee? What is too much coffee anyway? What does research say about […]

What Is an Americano

Everything You Need to Know About Americano 

Table of Contents What Is an Americano?History of AmericanoDoes an Americano Have Crema?How to Make an Americano?Isn’t Drip Coffee the Same Thing?Americano vs Other Black CoffeesAmericano vs DripAmericano vs Long BlackAmericano vs Espresso vs LatteFAQsCan You Add Milk to An Americano?How Much Water Is in An Americano?Is Americano Stronger Than Drip Coffee? Coffee shops use […]


What is Frappe?             

Table of Contents OriginHow to Make a FrappeFrappe varietySugarMilkTraditional vs. ModernReplacing the WaterDifferent frappes types, that’s not frappeNew England’s FrappeFrappuccinoWrapping up A versatile drink like a frappe is very hard to know its contents. Many will ask, is it a Frappuccino? Does it have coffee? Is it a milkshake? This article answers all your concerns […]

tea vs coffee

The Ultimate Dilemma: Tea vs. Coffee

Table of Contents Tea vs. Coffee The Science Chemical Processing Health EffectsIf tea has caffeine, why does it help us wind down? Will You Pick A Side? There are exclusive coffee drinkers and exclusive tea drinkers as well. Maybe you love one over the other, or both. So, which is better? This article has helpful info […]

Why Is Coffee Called “Joe”?

Cup of Joe? Why Is Coffee Called Joe?

Table of Contents Average JoeCombining Many NamesSecretary Josephus “Joe” DanielsFounder Joe MartinsonFinal thoughts A cup of coffee is a starter-pack routine for millions of people every morning. That makes coffee the most popular caffeine product. However, people know very little about various coffee names and their origin. Coffee was first cultivated in Yemen. The word […]

Red Bull vs. Coffee

Red Bull vs. Coffee: A Caffeine Content Competition

Table of Contents Red Bull Vs. Coffee OverviewDifferences in Caffeine contentOther StimulantsTaurineSugarWhich is Healthier? Red Bull or Coffee?AntioxidantsCaloriesWorkout BoosterOther High-Caffeine DrinksThe Verdict Coffee is the best beverage for kick starting your day. The caffeine rush is vital for an energy boost throughout the day. Coffee is not the only drink that can give you caffeine […]