15 Best Chemex Accessories You Aren’t Using But Should Be

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I came up with a list of the top Chemex accessories for you.

I made sure to include product reviews that would assist you in enhancing your coffee experience.

chemex accessories

From Chemex warmers to visually beautiful mugs and containers, you’ll find the ideal accessories for yourself or as a present.

Let’s get started now, without further ado.


The Chemex is unrivaled whenever it comes to outstanding coffee brewed using an elegant but simple method.

Before being supplied worldwide, their coffee filters, makers, kettles, and accessories were created here. For the past 70 years, the iconic Chemex coffee maker has stayed untouched, so this trend is expected to continue.

Because of its attractive design and great aromatic coffee, the Chemex is among the most famous slow coffee processes.

Review of the best Chemex accessories

If you possess a Chemex coffee machine, various accessories can help you optimize your brewing experience and process.

As a result, here are some of the top Chemex accessories:

1. Chemex filters

Chemex® filters are typically about a third heavier than competing brands, removing even the finest silt particles and unwanted oils and fats. In addition, the filter’s formulation allows for the correct infusion period by adjusting the filtering rate –  not too quick, not too slow.

An excellent injection of the coffee grounds (similar to brewing and steeping tea) provides coffee a richer flavor while allowing for precise fractional extraction, which filters out the undesirable elements that make coffee bitter by permitting only the flavor components of the coffee bean to travel through.

What distinguishes CHEMEX® Bonded Filters from the competition?

  •  The cone shape enables consistent extraction for pure coffee flavor.
  •  Thicker specialized fiber filter design traps bitter compounds, oils, and grinds (and out of your cup)
  •  The coffee removes impurities, acidity, and harmful and bitter ingredients. Therefore, only the coffee beans’ caffeine and desired aromatic oils will be found in your brewed cup.                                                                                       
  •  The CHEMEX® coffeemaker brewing system is a favorite among roasters and baristas worldwide.
  • Oxygen cleaning is a bleach-free procedure that leaves no chemical residue or flavor on the filter.
  •  It goes nicely with many kinds of roasts, including tea! Allowing you to brew the purest and ideal cup every time

2. 1Zpresso JX Manual Coffee Grinder

At the moment, 1Zpresso is gaining much traction in the coffee market. It’s a relatively young firm, but it’s quickly earned a reputation as one of the best non-automatic coffee grinder products for the money.

I’ve tested several of the company’s models, including the more expensive “E” and “K” series.

Most people, however, would benefit from the mid-ranger known as “Jx.” It’s a bargain at its current pricing. It easily outperforms grinders costing 2-4 times as much!

The grinder’s uniformity is amazing. Everything from Turkish coffee and espresso to pour-over and French press may be made with it.

Because of the grinder’s large and forceful 48 mm steel burrs, it’s also a lightning-fast machine. It is significantly quicker than any other models discussed in this article. In 35 seconds, you should be able to ground 25 grams of coffee.

3. Hario V60 drip coffee scale

The Hario V60 Drip Coffee Scale is a sturdy instrument made for dripping coffee by hand. From a tare function to a timer, it offers everything you need to make excellent drip coffee.

Because both indications are available on display, you can measure weight and brew time simultaneously. Unfortunately, the timer does not start automatically; press the Start/Stop button to start it.

Two AAA batteries power this simple entry-level scale with no additional frills. While it is not waterproof, it can withstand a few little drops from time to time.

When measuring 0.1-gram intervals, the display accuracy shines between 2 and 200 grams. The scale measures 0.5 gram intervals between 200 and 500 grams and 1 gram intervals between 500 and 2000 grams. While the gradual increase works nicely for pour-over.

4. Blue horse cozy

Another of the finest Chemex accessories is the Blue Horse cozy warmer. It may appear goofy at first (especially if you’ve never seen any), but it’s pretty handy.

It will retain your coffee heat for longer if you attach it to your carafe. But, of course, you can’t reasonably expect your coffee to be hot after some hours.

However, employing this neoprene product will undoubtedly make a difference. After brewing, your coffee should be warm enough to consume for about 40–50 minutes.

This Blue Horse case keeps your coffee heated and prevents the Chemex from breaking.

So, if you’re clumsy in the mornings when brewing your coffee and accidentally bang the pricey Chemex carafe against kitchen tops, the cozy will protect it.

5. Bamboo Chemex filter holder

This filter holder, sold by HandGround, is ideal for Aeropress and pour-over coffee enthusiasts. You can put your square Chemex filters on top and the round Aeropress filters on the bottom.

It’s not only practical but also looks fantastic. I adore the hand grinder design on the holder’s upper right corner. Unfortunately, it implies that the item contains coffee-related items.

When square Chemex filters are placed in these holders, they are sometimes mistaken for napkins.

6. Parkbrew Chemex lid

This lid will assist you in maintaining your Chemex coffee warm for extended periods. It’s constructed of BPA-free silicone and fits Chemex carafes with six, eight, and ten cups.

It keeps the heat and dust out of your newly brewed coffee. If you finish an entire batch in under an hour, this silicone lid will allow you to enjoy your final cup while it’s still hot.

Your brew will most probably be warm for up to 2 hours after brewing if you have those as mentioned above cozy in place.

If you keep your Chemex carafe in the fridge, the silicone lid will safeguard your coffee from aromas from the fridge.

7. Bamboo lid

Hexnub’s Bamboo Lid is another lid choice for the Chemex; full disclosure, we make and sell this. The bamboo Lid is made of natural wood and is elegant, protective, and valuable. On the other hand, the Park Brew Lid is designed to allow you to pour the coffee while the lid is still in place. This lid adds flair while also preventing heat loss.

8. Blue horse Chemex caddy

This Blue Horse caddy is convenient and helpful. It also comes with a silicone pad, which is a great bonus. Put your Chemex carafe atop it, and the glass will remain in place and be more stable on the counter during the brewing process.

You can dry clothes using the mat also.

 The wooden unit looks fantastic on the kitchen table and goes wonderfully with the Chemex collar.

Everything is well-organized in the Blue Horse caddy, and it’s evident that it was made just for Chemex owners.

9. Chemex cream and sugar set

This sugar and hand-blown cream set is perhaps my personal favorite if it relates to Chemex accessories.

It’s well-made, basic, tidy, and straightforward to use.

You could think it’s too expensive, but remember that you’re also investing in the design.

10. Chemex 10 ounces mug

This is yet another present that will delight almost all coffee connoisseurs.

Although it is a Chemex attachment, this glass mug will appeal to anyone who enjoys minimalist-looking high-quality coffee items.

The glass Chemex mug is among the nicest accessories, and it even improves the taste of your coffee.

11. Chemex wire grid

If you own an electric stove and wish to have your Chemex brew reheated, this is an essential piece of coffee equipment.

It acts as a heat diffuser and avoids glass fractures in your carafe.

It performs the same function regardless of the type of heat-resistant glass used.

So, if you’d like to reheat food in Pyrex, this product will keep it from cracking while it’s on the electric coil.

It is suitable both for small and large burners.

12. Silicone rubber ball steam stopper

The ideal combination of form and function

As the water is boiling, the silicone ball permits the steam to escape directly from the vessel.

Fits: CTKG

13. Loop- rawhide& bead for wood collar

The ideal combination of form and function

Tie replacement (with bead).

Fits: All five, six, eight, ten, and thirteen cup coffeemakers. This product is unsuitable for three-cup coffee makers: CM-1, CM-1GH, and CM-1C.

 14. Barista warrior gooseneck kettle

The Barista Warrior Gooseneck Kettle is at the top of the list. This kettle’s spout and integrated temperature indicator are both essential design elements. The temperature sensor is excellent because it helps you brew your coffee at the ideal temperature (195-205°F). In addition, by pouring the water in one steady flow, the gooseneck spout can assist you in achieving consistent coffee extraction.

15. Chemex coffeemaker cleaning brush white

This wide, long-handled brush helps clean any Chemex coffeemaker or cups a breeze. Because of the wire-wound brush style, this is also an excellent bottle brush. And it’s produced in the United States!


  • The handle is a wire coiled with acrylic bristles
  • BPA-free plastic handle
  • Bristle Diameter: 3″
  • It fits all Chemex coffeemakers, mugs, and accessories
  • Brush length: 7″
  • Made in the USA
  • Handle diameter: 0.77″
  • Overall length: 16″


  1. Put on your warm water tap
  2. Add your preferred Cleaning Agent. We recommend Urnex Cafiza.
  3. Let Coffeemaker Soak For a more thorough clean
  4. Scrub with your new brush
  5. Rinse your coffee maker well
  6. You can check your face in the shiny coffeemaker
  7. Make more delicious coffee 


I made care to include several game-changing Chemex accessories in this list.

I hope I have offered you some exciting options and that you discovered a product that best meets your tastes and needs.

During your pour, either hang on to the cover or remove it.

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