Guide to Choosing the Best Coffee Storage Containers [Here’s 5]

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Choosing the best coffee storage container is very crucial. You pick the right one and continue enjoying your cup of coffee every day.

Unfortunately, you make a wrong decision, and you will have only yourself to blame—improper storage results in your coffee bean oxidizing once in contact with oxygen. Once oxidized, your coffee beans start to go bad, and your cup of coffee immediately continues to become bitter each day.

Guide to Choosing the Best Coffee Storage Containers

Proper storage is the only way to continue enjoying your cup of coffee daily. Proper storage ensures your coffee beans are free from heat, light, moisture, and air, which contribute to coffee beans going bad. Fortunately, coffee canisters make it easier to store coffee beans in good condition for a long.

Coffee Bean Storage Calculator

Best Coffee Storage Containers

Now that you know why you need a coffee canister and what to look for when shopping let’s quickly go through some of the best storage containers for your beans.

Planetary Design Airscape Coffee and Food Storage Canister

Number one on the list is the Airscape canister that boosts its special air-release valve that forces oxygen outside instead of trapping it in. Even Paul Schlader, co-founder and head roaster at Birch Coffee, recommends using this canister because of its stainless nature.

The canister also has a clear lid that makes it easier to see how much coffee is left without forcing you to open it. You will also admire Airscape canisters because they are available in different sizes and reusable. For example, you can use them later to store other household items like flour and spices.

Friis 16-Ounce Stainless Steel Coffee Vault

Available in red, black, and stainless steel, this is yet another canister that does not disappoint. This storage container also boosts a valve that vents carbon dioxide gases. Besides, you are guaranteed one-year freshness valves when you make a purchase.

The Coffee Gator Stainless Steel Container

Like the Friis canister, The Coffee Gator also has a valve that lets CO2 out. This means it is positioned to keep your beans fresh for a long. Additionally, the canister comes with accessories and a lot of literature, plus its high quality makes it a must-have coffee storage container.

The Tightvac Coffeevac

This is yet another canister that takes coffee freshness seriously. It has the potential to hold beans freshness for over two weeks. Its design is perfect for keeping coffee beans fresh throughout. A valve to vent CO2 makes the Tightvac Coffeevac a must-have coffee storage container.

OXO Good Grips Coffee POP Container

Most coffee canisters are composed of nontransparent materials such as tin, stainless steel, ceramics, and so on to block light, as UV rays quickly degrade the freshness and flavor of coffee beans. However, thanks to OXO's UV-blocking technology, this plastic-based coffee canister will stand out from the crowd while keeping your coffee (or teas and spices) fresh.

Another appealing feature is the canister's stainless steel lid, which forms an airtight seal when the POP button is pressed; when lifted, the button also serves as a handle. The canister is large enough to hold a one-pound bag of coffee, ground, or whole bean.

Storage capacity is one of the most highly rated and discussed features in internet evaluations, with users rating it nearly five stars. The plastic is BPA-free, and the corners of the canister are rounded for easy pouring if you don't have a measuring scoop. Only the silicone gasket is dishwasher safe, so be sure you hand wash the item.

A Coffee Canister. But Why?

But why coffee canisters? Why not store them in your freezer, old school papers, or a glass jar? The answer is straightforward. A good canister help keep the freshness of your coffee beans for a long. This means you are guaranteed to enjoy your cup of coffee for as long as your beans are held in a reliable canister.

The best canister ensures your beans are not exposed to any environmental conditions. Whether light, heat, or moisture, if you go for the right canisters, you have a guarantee your beans will be ok throughout.

Coffee beans are constantly battling four major evils.


One of the most important things to look for is airtightness. Some even have special valves that force air out or vacuum seal them because who knows when the last time a vacuum was running across the kitchen floor, but I'll be darned if my magical caffeine beans go bad!


UV rays destroy your beans in the same manner that they do human skin. So even though they appear fantastic, avoid clear canisters unless you have a specific plan to keep them away from windows.


This one is less about the type of container you intend to buy and more about where you intend to put that container. Keep your beans away from the microwave and stove.


Again, this is more about where the container goes. Beans must be stored in a dry place. It may appear to be common knowledge, yet it is better spoken than left unsaid!

What to Look for When Buying A Coffee Canister

With many coffee canisters on the market, it is highly likely you may find yourself unable to decide which is the right option for you. However, if you are worried about finding the best canisters, you are not alone, and here are two things to keep in mind.

  • Airtightness: Does the canister prevent air from pouring in? It is critical to ensure the canister does not let air pour in when buying. Feel free even to read the manual for more information. You can also ask a friend for help.
  • Keep beans dry. Keeping your beans out of the reach of any moisture is very crucial also. The moment a canister lets moisture in your beans begins to go bad immediately. If you pay keen attention to the design of the canister, it is possible to tell whether it is designed to keep beans dry or not.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Valve. A nice to have that quickly becomes a must-have if you roast your coffee;
  • Opaque Material. is a pleasure to have that quickly becomes a must-have if you like to keep your coffee in place in direct sunshine.
  • Date Tracking. An optional, useful feature for tracking your coffee's "age" can help you recognize when your coffee isn't tasting as good as it used to so you don't leave it sitting for as long the next time.
  • Measuring Scoop. Optional, but helpful in determining the proper strength (although most of you already know how much coffee you need for brewing using standard kitchen spoons);
  • Price. It is an important consideration; there is no need to overpay for things that you do not require.
  • User Reviews. Something to think about, a wonderful approach to discover more about the actual product before you run into the same problems;

How to store your coffee beans

Please wait a moment. Why do you need a specific container for coffee beans when they come in handy tiny bags?

Okay, we'll concede that some packaging is quite smart. Bags with triple-ply foil, for example, are meant to keep air out. When the seal is broken, though, air pours in. Furthermore, scooping coffee from a canister is much easier than a bag, with many nooks and crevices for those beans to hide in.

Because that glass jar you already have may be enticing you to use it for coffee storage, it appears that everyone on the internet is utilizing Mason jars to store everything. Unfortunately, however, the glass will not protect against sunlight on the kitchen counter or heat from a nearby oven, and as we all know, light and heat are two of coffee's worst enemies.

Yes, an actual coffee container is a way to go.

Look for airtight or even vacuum-sealed containers. Some canisters inhibit oxidation by keeping oxygen out while allowing carbon dioxide to escape. Find an opaque jar if you keep your coffee in a sunny location. Whatever aspects are important to you, we believe you will find something that complements your kitchen décor. Check it out for yourself!

Should you store coffee beans ground or whole?

Storing whole beans will benefit you the most if you have a coffee grinder.

As for the grinder, preferably a burr type grinder, but if not, there are fine ones available at a reasonable price. No matter what brewing method you like, a mix of keeping whole beans and grinding before brewing will yield the finest results.


Knowing what to look for when buying coffee storage containers is very crucial. Consider buying air-tight canisters; otherwise, you must be ready to deal with a bitter cup of coffee daily. Are you prepared for such a bad experience? Of course not. For more information about coffee canisters, click here now.

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