Barrel Aged Coffee – Whiskey Morning Coffee: A Bold, Flavorful Treat!

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on March 31st, 2023

As a certified coffee taster and avid enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for unique and exquisite coffees.

So, when I came across Whiskey Morning Coffee’s barrel-aged offering, I couldn’t wait to give it a try!


Let’s dive in and see what makes this coffee so special.

Coffee Overview

Coffee DetailsInformation
RoasterWhiskey Morning Coffee
Roaster LocationFort Worth, Texas
Bean OriginGuatemala + Indonesia
Roast LevelMedium
Barrel TypeBourbon
Tasting NotesBourbon, Oak, Apple Sweetness, Chocolatey Body

First, a little background: Barrel-aged coffee is a unique treat in the coffee world. Beans are aged in liquor barrels (in this case, bourbon barrels) to infuse them with the rich flavors of the barrel. It’s a delicate process that requires expert care and attention to detail.

Whiskey Morning Coffee: Fire Roasted, Whiskey Infused, Small Batch Coffee (Whole Bean)

CategoryRating (out of 10)Comments
Aroma9.5Intense bourbon aroma with a hint of sweetness
Flavor Complexity9.0Bold bourbon notes, oak, deep roast, apple sweetness
Body9.0Full-bodied, chocolatey texture
Acidity8.5Balanced acidity, complements the overall flavor
Balance9.0Harmony of flavors, no single note overpowering
Aftertaste9.0Lingering bourbon finish with pleasant sweetness
Versatility8.5Great in cold brew, French Press, and pour-over
Packaging8.5Quality packaging, keeps coffee fresh
Value for Money8.0Priced at $19.99 per bag (10 oz), small batch
Overall Experience9.0A unique and enjoyable barrel-aged coffee

Final Score: 89/100

Whiskey Morning Coffee’s Barrel Aged Coffee offers a bold and flavorful experience for coffee enthusiasts who enjoy exploring new taste profiles. The fire roasting and whiskey infusion create a rich, robust flavor with a perfect balance of complexity and sweetness. It’s a must-try for those who appreciate the art of coffee craftsmanship and are looking for a distinctive treat.

Key Takeaways

  • Intense bourbon aroma with a hint of sweetness
  • Bold and nuanced flavor profile with oak, deep roast, and apple sweetness
  • Best enjoyed as an occasional treat, not an everyday coffee
  • A sensory delight that pairs well with a cool autumn evening by the campfire

Now, on to the coffee! Whiskey Morning Coffee, based in Fort Worth, Texas, has a fascinating history. Founded by a group of friends with three generations of distilling experience, they’ve expertly combined their love of coffee and spirits.

Brewing Tips

  • Try different brewing methods: v60, French Press, and cold brew to explore the coffee’s flavor variations.
  • For a smoother, mellower flavor, opt for a slow immersion cold brew.
  • Experiment with brewing ratios and grind size to find your perfect balance.

Additional Notes

  • Barrel aging adds complexity to the coffee by introducing flavors from the liquor and the wood of the barrel.
  • The aging process varies based on factors such as barrel type, aging duration, and environmental conditions.
  • Each batch of barrel-aged coffee is unique, and offers a distinct bourbon-infused experience.

And who knows? Maybe I’ll see you by the campfire, savoring this roasty, bourbon-infused brew under the stars. Until then, happy brewing, fellow coffee lovers!

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