Gran Lungo: A Novel Experience in Coffee Enjoyment

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Have you ever found yourself craving a twist on your regular coffee? Maybe you’re in search of a unique flavor profile or an original brewing process? If this sounds like you, let’s talk about Gran Lungo – a fascinating drink that’s taking the world of coffee by storm. In the next sections, we’ll unravel what Gran Lungo really is, its intriguing contrast with regular coffee, and why it may just be your next favorite beverage!

Gran Lungo: The Basics

A Gran Lungo refers to a 5-oz (150 ml) serving of coffee brewed using Nespresso Vertuo pods. With five distinctive coffees at varying intensity levels, there’s a Gran Lungo for every palate, including a decaffeinated option. So, if you’ve been seeking a deviation from your regular coffee, Gran Lungo may be the perfect choice for you!

Let’s delve into the world of Gran Lungo coffee pods.

The Wonderful World of Gran Lungo Coffee Pods

Nespresso offers five different caffeinated Gran Lungos and one decaffeinated version. The intensity levels range from 4 to 8, providing a variety of experiences for coffee lovers. The following table outlines these options:

Gran lungo versionIntensity level
Fortado8 out of 13
Costa Rica7 out of 13
Arondio6 out of 13
Ethiopia4 out of 13
Inizio4 out of 13
Fortado Decaffeinato8 out of 13

Whether you prefer a bold kick or a more mellow experience, there’s a Gran Lungo just for you. But how does it fit into the broader Nespresso universe? Let’s compare the sizes.

Comparing Nespresso Coffee Sizes

Nespresso offers two main types of machines: the Vertuo and the Original line. Each of these can prepare various cup sizes, but there are significant differences in serving size. Here is a tabulated comparison of the Nespresso coffee sizes:

Type of coffeeCup sizeType of Nespresso machine
Ristretto0.85 oz (25 ml)Nespresso Original
Espresso1.35 oz (40 ml)Nespresso Vertuo and Original
Double espresso2.7 oz (80 ml)Nespresso Vertuo
Lungo3.7 oz (110 ml)Nespresso Original
Gran lungo5.7 oz (150 ml)Nespresso Vertuo
Signature7.77 oz (230 ml)Nespresso Vertuo
Carafe18 oz (535 ml)Nespresso Vertuo

From this comparison, we can see that a Gran Lungo fits snugly between a regular Lungo and a Signature coffee, making it an ideal choice for most coffee lovers.

Gran Lungo vs. Lungo

A Gran Lungo is a 5-oz serving of coffee brewed using a Nespresso Vertuo machine, while a Lungo is a slightly smaller 3.7-oz serving made using Nespresso’s Original line of machines. If you’re equipped with a Vertuo machine, you can enjoy the larger serving of a Gran Lungo. Otherwise, you can still delight in a Lungo coffee using an Original line machine.

The Caffeine Kick of a Gran Lungo

When exploring Gran Lungos, you might be curious about the caffeine content in these larger coffees. Here’s how they stack up:

Gran lungo versionCaffeine content
Fortado195mg of caffeine
Costa Rica140mg of caffeine
Arondio150mg of caffeine
Ethiopia119mg of caffeine
Inizio120mg of caffeine
Fortado Decaffeinato7mg of caffeine

Compared to a regular cup of coffee, which contains between 80-100mg of caffeine, Gran Lungos offer a more potent caffeine kick. Even the decaf Fortado contains a small amount of caffeine, as decaffeinated coffee isn’t 100% free of caffeine.

Gran Lungo vs. Americano

While a Gran Lungo refers to the second-largest drink size offered by Nespresso, an Americano is a different beast altogether. An Americano is traditionally brewed by topping one or two shots of espresso with hot water until the desired strength is achieved. Its robust flavor profile contrasts with the smoother taste of a Gran Lungo, which is yielded from a single capsule.

Gran Lungo vs. Regular Coffee

The fundamental difference between a Gran Lungo and brewed coffee is the convenience. To prepare a Gran Lungo, you simply insert a coffee pod into the machine. On the other hand, brewing regular coffee requires freshly ground coffee beans, a coffee filter, a coffee maker, and a kettle, not to mention a good chunk of your time.

While Nespresso offers a consistent flavor profile every time, you have the freedom to experiment with different coffee beans and brewers when making regular coffee. This variety can make your coffee-drinking experience more exciting over time.

Crafting a Gran Lungo with a Nespresso Machine

Brewing a Gran Lungo with a Nespresso Vertuo machine is incredibly straightforward. After inserting your chosen Gran Lungo pod into the machine, you just need to close the lid and press the main button. The coffee starts to flow after a few seconds, ready for you to add any flavorings or steamed milk.

If you’re ready to spice things up, try making an iced coffee using your Nespresso machine.

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