How to Make Tiramisu Martini Recipes

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Are you craving a decadent, dessert-inspired cocktail that combines the elegance of a martini with the rich flavors of tiramisu?

Look no further! In this article, we’ll teach you how to make the perfect Tiramisu Martini, along with some interesting tidbits about its origin, variations, and helpful tips to elevate your cocktail-making skills. Let’s dive right in!

Tiramisu Martini

History & Origin:

The Tiramisu Martini is a modern twist on the classic Italian dessert, Tiramisu, which dates back to the 1960s in the Veneto region of Italy. This delightful cocktail combines the creamy, coffee-infused flavors of tiramisu with the sophistication of a martini, making it a popular choice for dessert lovers and cocktail enthusiasts alike. Though the exact origin of the Tiramisu Martini is uncertain, it’s clear that its inspiration came from a love for both the traditional dessert and expertly crafted cocktails.

Classic Tiramisu Martini Recipe:


  • 1.5 oz vanilla vodka
  • 1.5 oz coffee liqueur (such as Kahlúa)
  • 1.5 oz Irish cream liqueur (such as Baileys)
  • 1.5 oz heavy cream
  • Cocoa powder and/or chocolate shavings for garnish
  • Crushed ladyfingers or graham crackers for rimming


  1. Begin by preparing your martini glass. Wet the rim of the glass with a little water or coffee liqueur, then dip it into crushed ladyfingers or graham crackers to create a deliciously sweet rim.
  2. In a cocktail shaker, add ice, vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, Irish cream liqueur, and heavy cream.
  3. Shake the mixture vigorously for 15-20 seconds, ensuring that all the ingredients are well combined and the mixture is chilled.
  4. Strain the cocktail into the prepared martini glass, taking care not to disturb the rim.
  5. Garnish your Tiramisu Martini with a dusting of cocoa powder or chocolate shavings for an elegant finishing touch.
  6. Serve immediately and enjoy!


  • Espresso Tiramisu Martini: Replace the coffee liqueur with 1.5 oz of freshly brewed espresso for a bolder, more authentic coffee flavor.
  • Chocolate Tiramisu Martini: Add 1 oz of chocolate liqueur to the recipe for an indulgent chocolate twist.
  • Amaretto Tiramisu Martini: Substitute the vanilla vodka with amaretto for a nutty, almond-infused version of this delicious cocktail.
  • Vegan Tiramisu Martini: Use a dairy-free Irish cream liqueur and a plant-based heavy cream alternative to create a vegan-friendly version.

Helpful Tips

  • Use high-quality ingredients for the best flavor and presentation.
  • Ensure your cocktail shaker is clean and free of any lingering flavors from previous cocktails.
  • For a lighter option, replace heavy cream with half-and-half or whole milk.
  • Chill your martini glass in the freezer for a few minutes before serving for an extra-cold cocktail.
  • Experiment with flavored vodkas, such as caramel or chocolate, for unique flavor profiles.
  • Use a fine mesh strainer when pouring the cocktail to catch any unwanted ice chips.
  • Always use fresh, quality garnishes to enhance the presentation and taste of your Tiramisu Martini.
  • For a stronger coffee flavor, add a teaspoon of instant espresso powder to the shaker before shaking.
  • Adjust the sweetness of your Tiramisu Martini by adding more or less coffee liqueur.
  • Practice your shaking technique to ensure a well mixed and frothy cocktail, as the shaking process helps to aerate and combine the ingredients.


There you have it! Now you’re well-equipped to create the perfect Tiramisu Martini, impressing your friends and family with your mixology skills. With a little practice, you’ll soon be crafting this delicious dessert cocktail like a pro. Don’t forget to experiment with the various recipe variations and helpful tips we’ve provided to create your own unique spin on this scrumptious concoction. Here’s to many delightful evenings spent sipping on a rich, creamy Tiramisu Martini! Cheers!

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