Nespresso Machines: Can They Brew Regular Coffee?

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on March 29th, 2023

Hello, coffee lovers! Let’s be honest – on some days, we all want that quick shot of espresso to kickstart our mornings. But on other days, a leisurely sipped full mug of coffee is just what we need. So, here’s the million-dollar question: can Nespresso make a regular cup of coffee?

The short answer: Absolutely! But there’s a catch. You’ll need the right Nespresso model. Don’t worry – I’m here to help you find out which Nespresso machine will meet your coffee cravings. Let’s dive in!


The Nespresso Family: Original Line and VertuoLine

First things first – Nespresso offers two distinct lines of machines: the Original Line and the VertuoLine. These cousins work differently and make different types of drinks. The Original Line is all about high pressure (like a traditional espresso maker), while the VertuoLine spins the coffee with centrifugal force for a smooth extraction.

Original LineVertuoLine
Brewing MethodHigh PressureCentrifugal Force
Drink SizesRistretto, Espresso, LungoRistretto, Espresso, Gran Lungo, Mug, Alto XL
Ideal ForEspresso LoversRegular Coffee & Larger Sizes

Original Line: The Espresso Expert

Nespresso’s Original Line includes some fan-favorites like the Pixie, CitiZ, and Essenza. And if you’re all about that frothy goodness, check out the larger Creatista and Lattissima models that come with milk frothers. These machines use the original Nespresso capsules to brew three drink sizes:

  • Ristretto (25 ml): Intense and concentrated!
  • Espresso (40 ml): The classic shot with a rich crema.
  • Lungo (110 ml): A “long” espresso for when you want more.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – none of those are regular coffee! True, but here’s a neat trick: make an Americano! Just brew a lungo, eject the capsule, then run the machine again without a capsule to add 110 ml of hot water. The result? A 220-ml Americano that’s just like a regular cup of coffee. Delicious!

VertuoLine: The Coffee Chameleon

But hey, if you’re used to grabbing a venti from Starbucks, that 220-ml Americano might not cut it. Don’t fret – Nespresso’s got you covered! They created the VertuoLine for those of us who love a larger coffee. Check out the sizes it can make:

  • Ristretto and Espresso: Same as the Original Line, but wait for it…
  • Gran Lungo (150 ml): A bigger “long” espresso.
  • Mug (230 ml): Your regular coffee fix.
  • Alto XL (415 ml): A generous coffee for those extra-long mornings.

So, if you want a full-size regular coffee from a Nespresso machine, the VertuoLine is your new best friend!

Choosing the Right Nespresso Machine for You

Not sure which Nespresso machine is perfect for you? Here are some tips:

  • If you’re an espresso lover and want a variety of espresso-based drinks, go for the Original Line.
  • If you’re a fan of regular coffee and larger cup sizes, the VertuoLine is your go-to choice.
  • Consider additional features like built-in milk frothers for lattes and cappuccinos (Creatista and Lattissima models have this).
  • Think about your counter space – some Nespresso models are more compact than others (Pixie and Essenza are space-savers).
  • Sustainability-conscious? Both lines have recyclable aluminum capsules, but you can also look for refillable capsules to use your own coffee grounds.

The Verdict: Nespresso’s Got You Covered

To wrap it up, Nespresso Original Line machines won’t make regular coffee, but you can whip up a tasty Americano. If you’re dreaming of a normal coffee, go for the VertuoLine. And hey, if espresso’s not your thing, a classic coffee maker is always a great choice.

Whatever you choose, enjoy your Nespresso experience – and happy sipping!

FAQs – Your Coffee Questions Answered

What’s the difference between Nespresso and Keurig?

  • Nespresso offers both espresso and coffee.
  • Keurig focuses on drip coffee.
  • Nespresso’s aluminum capsules are recyclable.
  • Keurig’s plastic K-Cups are less eco-friendly.

Read more to compare Nespresso and Keurig

Can I use my own coffee in Nespresso machines? You bet! There are refillable capsules available for both Vertuo and Original machines. Just a heads-up: the barcode on the refillable Vertuo capsule won’t have optimized brew instructions for your coffee. Experiment with coffee grounds and brewing time to find your perfect cup!

Which Nespresso machines come with a milk frother? If you love your coffee with frothy milk, check out the Nespresso Creatista and Lattissima models in the Original Line. They come with built-in milk frothers to make creamy lattes and cappuccinos.

Whether you’re a bold espresso enthusiast or a regular coffee aficionado, Nespresso has something for every coffee lover. Just remember – no matter how you brew it, it’s all about enjoying the moment. Cheers to great coffee!


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