Coffee Vs. Soda, Which Is Healthier?

Coffee Vs. Soda Which Is Healthier

Some days all you want is a few bottles of coke to get the sugar rush. Other times you crazily crave more coffee. While these two drinks will help with basic hydration and make you feel good, when it comes to your health, you may want to consider how much you are consuming and whether to stop drinking. For example, drinking one can of soda a day increases your odds of having a stroke by 16%. 

Soda also has very little nutritive value, therefore not that beneficial to your health. Additionally, it has a high level of sugar, which is bad for your health.

When it comes to coffee, you don’t need to worry unless you overdo or drink the wrong coffee. Keep in mind that not all coffees are created equally. You also need to be mindful of coffees with too many sugars as they will also hurt your health in the long run. 

Coffee or soda, which is more acidic?

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Both soda and coffee have some amount of acid in them. Unfortunately, rarely will you hear people talk about the amount of acid in soda. Coffee generally has acids such as quinic acid and chlorogenic, which play a key role in the taste of your drink. While these acids make your brew more flavorful, if sensitive to acids, you may want to try low acid coffees in the market.

Coffee for caffeine vs. Can of Coke?

Both coffee and soda (coke) have caffeine, but coffee has more caffeine than soda. A 12-oz cup of coffee has about 140 mg of caffeine in it. Coke diet has more caffeine than the regular counterpart. 

Regular coke’s caffeine content is 34mg for a 12-oz can, while Diet Coke’s caffeine content is 46mg. For more information about the amount of caffeine in your soda, watch this video by Coca Cola.

Which soda has the most caffeine?

If looking for a soda with a high amount of caffeine in it, Pepsi One will not disappoint you. It has 57.1mg of caffeine, nearly double the amount of caffeine in regular coke.

The verdict 

When it comes to your health vs. the drinks you enjoy, you may want to be very keen as not all drinks are beneficial to your health. And as we have seen, coffee is a better alternative as it has more health benefits. Tea is even a better alternative to soda. So before you take home several bottles of coke, consider the impact they will have on your health in the long run.

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