Some Products and Ingredients that You Can Use Instead

Have you decided to get healthier and eat better? You may be trying to cut down the caffeine in your diet, and if you love a cup of coffee in the morning, that may be easier said that done. Though there is always the decaf option, some folks prefer a less-processed alternative to their morning cuppa.

Most coffee substitutes use some sort of roasted grain in place of coffee, and most are “instant”. Meaning they are not brewed, but simply stirred in with hot water. Few of these substitutes actually taste like coffee, and that is not really the point. These are drinks that you can enjoy instead of coffee, but not imitate the actual taste.

They will likely have a “grainy” taste. Grain as in roasted grain, not a grainy texture. So don’t be surprised if you try any of these products and find they don’t fool your taste buds into thinking they’re coffee.

Another great feature of a caffeine-free substitute, is that you can share it with your children. My own daughter is always curious about what I am drinking, and I hate to give her the “not for kids” line when she wants to taste it.


This isn’t a specific product, but rather a popular kind of natural substitute for coffee. You can buy it in most bulk food stores. Roasted chicory has long been used to brew a hot drink, and is still used today. The chicory plant has a long, heavy root (like a dandelion) that can be roasted and ground up. Roasted chicory looks identical to coffee, and is brewed in the same manner.

The taste is pretty strong and can be a bit harsh. There are other ingredients like this that you can try for “coffee brewing”, that aren’t branded products. Roasted dandelion root, or malt barley can be found in bulk food places. You may want to experiment a bit to get a blend you like.


A long-favourite brand of coffee substitute, made with powdered roasted grains. You just add a spoonful to hot water and stir. No brewing. It dissolves well, and makes a very natural hot drink that tastes grain or hot cereal.


Teeccino is a new brand of “herbal coffee” that comes in a wide range of flavors, such as vanilla nut and chocolate mint. They also have organic varieties. They claim that it does taste just like coffee. It’s made with roasted nuts, grains and even fruit. You brew teeccino just like regular roasted coffee.