AeroPress vs French Press: Which Is Right for You?

aeropress vs french press

Two of the most popular manual methods for brewing coffee are the AeroPress and French press. In fact, if you visit the home of most coffee aficionados, you will find either an AeroPress or French press. It is also possible to find a coffee lover with the two brewing machines.

The two devices never disappoint when used in the right manner. They will always prepare you the best cup of coffee. But does this mean you need the two machines to enjoy a cup of coffee every day? Well, as much as the two are excellent, you don’t have to get them at the same time. You can start with one and later try the other one.

Deciding which device to try first can be a daunting task, and especially when you have little information about them. But worry not, below this post has wrapped up some information that will help you decide which device or brewing method fits you best. So, keep reading to learn more.

The AeroPress

The Aeropress, invented by Aerobie, is a piston-style brewer that forces coffee through a thin paper filter directly into a cup. The paper filter stops oil and the sediments from getting in the cup resulting in a perfect cup of coffee. The AeroPress is made up of two plastic cylinders. The larger one which is the brewing chamber and the second cylinder, the plunger that fits into the brewing chamber. The plunger once pressed down; it pushes the water, adding pressure for better coffee extraction. The pressure is generated completely by hand as you compress the coffee between the plunger and the ground coffee bed/micro-filter.

Standard Method vs. Inverted Method

When it comes to Aeropress brewing methods, you can choose between these two options: standard and invented method. The standard method is also called the traditional method.

For the traditional method, you have your cup on a flat surface at the bottom of the press. You rinse the paper filter; then add your favorite, freshly ground coffee and pour hot water into the larger cylinder. After a couple of seconds, you fix the smaller cylinder into the top and slowly press down to push the delicious coffee into your cup.

On the other hand, for the invented method, you start the inverted process by inserting the plunger into the larger cylinder and removing the filter from what is now the top of the device. Then, you put in the coffee grounds and water, stirring as usual before rinsing the filter and placing your cup upside-down on top. Finally, steep it for a few minutes, and in one fluid motion, you flip the entire set-up and press down.

The main difference the inverted method makes is that the flavor is a little darker and richer, making it a bit more similar to what you get with a French press.


Why the AeroPress

  • More control over the brewing: The design of AeroPress is perfect for allowing coffee lovers to adjust variables (pressure, temperature, water volume, time, and ground coffee quantity) during the brewing process. This freedom it guarantees during the brewing process make it stand out compared to its competitor, French press. For example, by allowing the change of pressure during the brewing process, every coffee lover gets a desirable cup of coffee. It is also good to note it is designed to brew just a single serving of coffee at a time.
  • Short brewing time: As mentioned above, time is one of the variables you can alter when using AeroPress. And not just altering, compared to the French press, Aeropress brewing time is short. This means, in just a few minutes, you will be enjoying your cup of coffee. It takes about a little more than one minute to prepare your coffee using Aeropress and about 5-7 minutes when using the French press. This short extraction time makes Aeropress common among many coffee lovers.
  • Portable and durable: The design and size of the AeroPress make it a favorite device among travelers and campers. So, if looking for a brewing device you can carry anywhere you go, this has to be the only option. Besides, the plastic used to design it is durable enough to travel.
  • Easy to clean: Designed in a way that used coffee grinds are pushed through the brewing chamber by a rubber seal, it becomes easier to empty them into the bin. This means you don’t get any leftover grind in your coffee cup which would often happen with the French pot.
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French Press

french press coffee

The French press, also commonly known as a press pot or cafetière is a simple device that consists of a plunger with an attached filter screen (metal mesh), carafe and a lid. You place coffee in the carafe, then pour in hot water and allow it to brew for at least three minutes. Once brewing is complete, the plunger is gently pressed down, and the finished coffee can be enjoyed.

Why the French Press

french press

  • More aroma and bite: The French press is best known to brew stronger and tasteful coffee. This is because it uses metal mesh to treat coffee rather than the micro-filter used in AeroPress. What this means is that you will find odd coffee grain in your coffee cup. Besides, this means you will also find your coffee having more oil and other tasty properties from the coffee beans. The soluble solids and the aromatic oils in your cup of coffee are the reason behind the delicious and rich flavor in a good cup of French press coffee.
  • Brew more than one cup: Another reason why the French press is still favorite among coffee lovers is because of its size. It is bigger than the AeroPress. It can brew more than one cup. This means if preparing coffee for your family or running a retail coffee shop, a French press will not disappoint.


Now let’s have a summary between the two brewing devices:

AeroPress French press
1 Use pressure to improve extraction Does not use pressure to improve extraction
2 Has the shortest brewing time, a little more than one minute Need around five minutes to brew
3 Uses fine a fine grind Use coarse grind
4 Coffee gets hotter Coffee gets colder
5 Creates a cleaner beverage The resulting coffee has more oils and suspended solids
6 Only brew one serving at a time Prepares more cup at a time
7 Easy to clean You need more time to clean French press
8 Portable, common among traveller and campers. Most models are not great for travel


Both devices work well, and many coffee lovers have them at home. But if you are only interested in just having one device, the aforementioned information will help you pick the right one. Hopefully, this article was helpful. For more details, feel free to reach us, we are here to help.