7 Things You Can Do with Leftover Coffee

7 Things You Can Do with Leftover Coffee

Have you ever brewed extra coffee? Maybe you thought you would take more, but after one cup you are okay. Why not reuse the grounds and coffee? Using the grounds and coffee for your next brewing can be delicious, and it cuts on wastage as well.

What to do With Leftover Coffee

Measuring coffee is a necessary practice to reduce wastage. Whenever you brew extra coffee, you can get the best out of it instead of washing it down the drain. Here are useful ways of reusing your extra coffee;

1. Cook, Bake, and Blend

A lot of recipes call for coffee. If you have come across such recipes, the extra coffee can be useful in trying out new meals and delectable desserts. An example of a recipe is the tiramisu-coffee-soaked ladyfingers layered with cocoa powder and mustard.

  • Cooking with Leftover Coffee

Leftover coffee can be used in your steak marinade. For a perfect breakfast, you can use coffee instead of water to make the fruit compote. Oatmeal can also be cooked in coffee for a great taste.

Coffee can also increase acidity in your meal. You can use the leftover coffee in making barbeque sauce, or chili recipe.

  • Using Coffee as a Substitute for Baking

Substituting water with leftover coffee for baking cake or brownie mix is nutritious. Trying a coffee-flavored icing and frosting results to very delicious cupcakes and cookies.

Pro Tip: For the best baking results, keep your coffee in the fridge for some hours before use.

  • Making Coffee Ice Cubes and smoothies

Does your iced coffee meltdown before drinking it? You can fix that by putting leftover coffee on the ice cube tray and let them freeze overnight. Use them in your iced coffee.

You can go a step further by making a coffee smoothie. Just blend coffee ice cubes, a cup of milk or yogurt, bananas, and cool them. You will get a caffeinated treat. Cinnamon, vanilla or cocoa powder can be used for flavors.

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2. Get Crafty

Coffee stains are annoying. What if you get crafty and make some awesome painting using coffee? The latte art is very cool. You need a watercolor paper and some brushes to get started.

How to use coffee grounds

Coffee grounds can be recycled to make bricks and pellets for clean fuel. You can use them in making your win cooking gas.

3. Fertilizer and Compost

Coffee is rich in nutrients and minerals needed by other plants. Sprinkle the leftover coffee on your lawn for greener grass. Sprinkling grounds and compost on your flower beds helps in releasing nitrogen for healthier bushes and flowers.

Adding grounds to your compost bin boost the growth of good bacteria. The nitrogen-rich condition encourages the growth of microbes that feed your plants.

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4. Water Your Plants

Adding cold and diluted coffee to your plants will boost their growth. Some plants do well in acidic conditions. These acid-loving plants include orchids and azaleas.

The best practice in watering with coffee is to use black brewed coffee.

5. Get Rid of Odors

Storing coffee beans in fridges absorbs odors. After brewing, you can use the leftover coffee and grounds to soak up the odors.

6. Make a DIY Scrubbing Sponge

Coffee grounds make the perfect DIY scrubbing sponge since they are not so coarse. Put the grounds on a rag and twist with a rubber band to have a scrubbing sponge.

7. Safe Medicine Disposal

Disposing of old medicine in a trash bin is not very reliable, especially if you have kids and pets. Adding the coffee grounds in a plastic bag and adding the old medicine makes them unrecognizable for disposal. Kids and pets will not recognize them.

Don’t Throw your Coffee Just Yet…

Before pouring your coffee down the drain, check out how you can use it in your food, plants, cleaning, and painting.