Worlds Strongest Coffee: What Type of Coffee Has the Most Caffeine?

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What drives you to enjoy a cup of coffee every morning? Coffee flavor or the level of caffeine contained? There are many reasons why people grab a cup of coffee every morning or every day. Some people like coffee just for the taste, and some love it because it gives them an extra kick in the butt.

If you love a coffee that will kick your behind and make you fly, then you have no other option but to go for the most caffeinated coffee on the market. Fortunately, there are many brands today that will not disappoint. If you pay attention to coffee trends, you may have noticed caffeinated coffee brands popping up everywhere and competing to remain on top of the game.

Worlds Strongest Coffee_ What Type of Coffee Has the Most Caffeine_

What is the strongest coffee definition?

We need to define what the “strongest” of coffee means. Generally, intensity can relate to two things: roast or caffeine quantity.

But where do caffeine levels vary from one brand to the other? This article takes you through three things that influence the level of caffeine in your cup of coffee. So without further ado, let’s dive deeper and learn more.

Type of bean

Arabica and Robusta find their way to our cups with two types of beans. Arabica is known for its sweet and fruity flavors. On the other hand, Robusta is said to have a strong and bitter-earth taste. But when it comes to caffeine competition, Robusta is the clear winner. In fact, on average, Robusta beans have twice as much caffeine content as Arabica beans. So, if looking for extra caffeine in your cup, then budget for Robusta.

Type of roast

Coffee beans are roasted differently. This results in a light, medium and dark roast. Each type of roast indicates the length of time it has been roasted. For example, dark roast wins in the flavor strength since they have been roasted longer.

But as much as dark roast offers the best flavors regarding caffeine content, dark roast tends to have a low level of caffeine. This is because the longer coffee beans are hosted, the more caffeine is burned off. This means light roast guarantees most caffeine. So, when buying, find out more about the roast type.

The brand

The cup of coffee you make at home and grab at the popular coffee house can have varying caffeine content. The best way to know which coffee is more caffeinated is by how much you pay. You can also tell which brand sell more caffeinated coffee after enjoying a hot or cold brew coffee.

Best Caffeinated Coffee Brands

Now let’s go through and see some of the extremely caffeinated coffee brands you may want to try.

1. Black Label by Devil Mountain Coffee

Caffeine: 1555 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

Number one on the list is Black Label by Devil Mountain Coffee Company. This whole bean coffee always leaves you thirsting for more. It is smooth and never bitter like some of the caffeinated coffees do.  This organic coffee is available from Devil Mountain Coffee’s website.

2. Very Strong Coffee

Bean type: 100% Robusta

Caffeine: 1350 mg per 12 fluid ounces (340 ml) brewed

It is one of the UK’s strongest coffee you can have. It offers a high dose of caffeine; you need to start your day. And like the Black Label, this coffee is available from Very Strong Coffee’s website.

3. High Voltage Coffee

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Caffeine: 1150 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

If you are looking for the strongest coffee in Australia, look no further because High Voltage Coffee puts the right amount of pep in your steps. Besides, if you don’t like bitter coffee, then High Voltage Coffee does not disappoint. This coffee is also available on their site.

4. Black Insomnia

Bean type: 80% Robusta 20% Arabica

Caffeine: 1105 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

This is yet another famous strong coffee in the world. It originated in South Africa, but since then, it has made its way to other parts of the world. For example, you can find it on Amazon. And like the other coffees we discussed, you can order your pack from their website.

5. Maximum Charge

Bean type: Robusta

Caffeine: 1101 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

A product of Cannonball Coffee, this is yet another famous strong coffee in the UK. A cup of coffee prepared from Maximum Charge gives you enough energy to start your day comfortably. If you don’t find it in the market, visit The Cannonball Coffee Company’s website and place your order.

6. Biohazard

Bean type: Robusta

Caffeine: 928 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

The name may be confusing, but the coffee is perfect and what you need to remain energetic for the rest of the day. Biohazard is strong enough to make you feel better after every cup. You can find it on Amazon and most online stores.

7. Death Wish

Bean type: Robusta

Caffeine: 728 mg per 12 fluid ounces brewed

 A few years ago, everyone was talking about Death Wish. Although it is still one of the strongest coffees, other brands have outsmarted and pushed it down the list. But this does make it less strong. However, it still guaranteed the same level of caffeine.

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