Where Does Folgers Coffee Come From?

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Do you love the flavor of Folgers Coffee? Are you curious about where it comes from and how it’s made?

If this is the case, then this blog post is for you!


We’ll look at the history of Folgers Coffee and the process of roasting their beans, and we’ll even explore some fun facts about one of America’s most beloved coffee brands.

Folgers coffee origins

James Folger, the company’s founder, left home after a major fire with his two brothers to seek their fortunes elsewhere. They eventually settled in San Francisco, and it was here that James met William Bovee, an entrepreneur who owned a coffee mill.

James built a coffee mill for Bovee, which helped to create the beginnings of the Folgers Coffee Company. With its humble beginnings in California, Frank P. Atha expanded sales outside the state and got grocers in eastern states to stock Folgers Coffee.

Today, Folgers is valued at two billion dollars and has become one of the most well-known coffee brands in the world.

Where does Folgers coffee come from?

Folgers Coffee has been a staple of American households for generations, with roots dating back to the mid-1800s. The company was known for using the same recipe for its Classic Roast, which is said to have originated in Brazil.

Since then, Folgers has expanded its reach, sourcing beans from Colombia, Peru, and Brazil. Folger products are now produced in various roasts, including medium and dark ones.

The company’s most popular product is its Classic Roast coffee, which offers a smooth flavor with a full-bodied aroma that many coffee lovers have come to love.

Where are Folger’s coffee beans grown?

Folgers sources coffee beans from around the world, including Central and South America, Asia, Africa, and North America. In Central and South America, countries such as Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, and El Salvador all provide coffee beans for Folgers. 

Where is Folgers coffee produced?

Their website shows Folgers Coffee is produced in New Orleans, Louisiana. The brand combines Arabica and Robusta beans to create its signature blend.

Robusta beans are sourced from South America, while Arabica beans are typically from other regions.  Latin America, specifically Brazil, is one of the leading producers of Arabica and Robusta coffee beans for Folgers. 

This mix of beans results in a unique, robust, smooth flavor. Folgers has been roasting coffee in the same location for over a century. Their commitment to quality has made them one of the most popular coffee brands in the United States. They have also earned a reputation for sustainability and ethical sourcing.


Folgers Coffee is a well-known and beloved brand of coffee that has been brewed in America for generations. Since then, Folgers has become the leading packaged coffee supplier in the United States.

Folger’s coffees are known for their rich flavor and aroma, making them a favorite among coffee drinkers worldwide. With its commitment to sustainability and quality ingredients, Folgers Coffee continues to be an industry leader in producing delicious coffee beverages.

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