What is White Coffee?

What is White Coffee

You have probably heard about the trendy white coffee. It has nothing to do with the addition of whiteners like milk or cream to your coffee. White coffee is an extremely light roast that originated from Yemen. Coffee beans are not brown like traditional coffee.

White coffee beans are roasted at around 325 F as opposed to 450 to 480 F for dark roasts. After roasting, beans formed are very hard. They need special grinders to get the fine grounds. Upon brewing, the resulting cup is pale beige color.

white coffee

What Does White Coffee Taste Like?

White coffee is described as nutty with pronounced acidity in taste. The minimal roasting time results in very low bitterness. Natural sugars in the beans are not caramelized; thus no bitter after taste. The low acidic flavor comes from organic acids present in raw beans.

Coffee beans from different regions exhibit varying characteristics, thus affecting the quality of the brew.

In Yemen, white coffee was traditionally served with a flavored spice known as Hawaij. The spice is still used in many coffee shops today. Hawaij is made of cumin, turmeric, black pepper, and cardamom. Different pairings of these spices make white coffee very delicious.

Ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg are also useful spices that are used with white coffee.

Does It Have More Caffeine?

There is a MYTH in many coffee shops regarding white coffee beans that have 50-70% higher caffeine content than black coffee. The truth is that they are about 5 % caffeine level lower. The short roasting time decreases caffeine levels. You can get more caffeine by getting a particular light roast bean.

Is It White Coffee Better than Black Coffee?

White coffee has a higher quantity of chlorogenic acid, an antioxidant molecule that protects you against cardiovascular diseases and reduces inflammation. While it is true, black coffee has more health benefits.

How Do You Drink It?

Ironically, many people drink this coffee black (without adding milk or cream). However, you can add almond milk. It is an excellent choice for flavored to reduce acid reflux. You can as well prepare your drink the way you like it.

Where Can You Get White Coffee Grounds?

Today, you can buy pre-ground without going to a coffee shop. Here are some of the best places to pick up some white coffee

White Tornado


is for the extreme coffee lovers who need something more than 5 hours of energy. Roasted to 325 degrees, White Tornado has almost double the caffeine of a fully-roasted coffee. Nutty and sweet with a light and mellow finish.  This roast only comes in one special grind because it’s so coarse that it will destroy any home coffee grinder. We use a high-torch professional machine to grind the white coffee beans before we deliver to you.

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Abbey Roast

The roast comes from New Mexico roasters. The roasts are packed in Oz and lb. Bags. The beans are roasted with Brazilian Arabica beans at low temperatures and pulled before the first crack.

These beans come as a Whole, medium, and fine pre-grounds for easy brewing.



Alaska Artisan Coffee

The polar blend of white coffee comes from Alaska artisan Coffee. A company located in the Last Frontier, North Anchorage. The company has produced the best roasts in the last two decades.

The beans are packed in small samplers of Oz to lb. bags and are very affordable. All packages come as pre-grounds.



Caffe Appassionato

Caffe Bianco, White Coffee

Caffe Bianco white coffee beans are produced in Seattle, Washington. The blend is pre-ground and is packed in 2 lb. bags. Shipment is available in the US and other selected countries.



Wired Willey’s

Wired Willey’s

Wired Willey’s white coffee comes from Lowery’s premium Roast Gourmet Coffees. Packages are in Oz, 3Com, and lb. options. Pre-ground has excellent reviews from consumers.



How Do You Brew White Coffee?

White coffee is not available in many coffee shops in spite of its growing popularity. It is possible to buy the grounds and make the beverage at home.

Steps in making white coffee

  1. Buy the pre-ground coffee
  2. Brew the grounds on an espresso machine, Moka Pot or AeroPress
  3. Add Hawaij spice mix
  4. Add almond milk

Final Thoughts

White coffee is not a type of drink, but a coffee bean from the Middle East.

White coffee is not available in some coffee shops.

When you can purchase the pre-ground and Hawaij spices, it is easy to brew white coffee at home.

White coffee is very delicious and has lower acid levels.


Have you tried making white coffee yet? Try it today.