A versatile drink like a frappe is very hard to know its contents. Many will ask, is it a Frappuccino? Does it have coffee? Is it a milkshake? This article answers all your concerns about the elusive frappe.


The frappe originated in the 19th century. There are many methods of preparation for the drink. Dimitris Vakondios, an employee at Nestle, created the drink by accident at the International Trade Fair in 1957. The drink was made using a shaker with ice to make a semi-frozen drink. It was first served to children.

Vakondios created the Greek frappe using instant coffee, cold water, instant, and shaker. The frappe became very popular and made to become the national coffee beverage of Greece in 1979. Since then, techniques for preparing the drink are different across the globe.

How to Make a Frappe

There is no specific way of preparing a frappe. Most recipes use relational parts rather than specific amounts. Start your frappe adventure using the guidelines given in this article. To make a traditional frappe, you need the following:

  • Water
  • Shaker
  • Granulated sugar
  • Instant coffee
  • Ice
  • Tall glass
  • Milk (optional)

Put 2 teaspoons of instant coffee, 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar, and ¼ cup of water. Shake for 10 seconds to get a light brown foam on top. Pour the mixture over ice and add milk (optional). Add more water to your desired level and enjoy your beverage.

Frappe variety



You can enjoy 3 versions of a traditional frappe depending on the sweetness level. These are glykos (sweet), metrios (medium), and sketos (plain). Each contains 2 teaspoons of instant coffee. They, however, contain 4, 2 and 0 teaspoons of sugar respectively.


Milk or evaporated milk is added to be the base of the frappe to make a frapogalo. You can completely replace water with milk. Add chocolate to add a new flavor in the drink.

Traditional vs. Modern

The traditional preparation technique has been discussed here. However, modern day shops prefer making a stronger drink. They use espresso instead of instant coffee.

Modern-day shops add 2 shots of espresso and white sugar to the shaker. They fill the shaker to 2/3 full with ice. The mixture is shaken vigorously until unique foam forms at the top.

Replacing the Water

Milk is not the only available replacement for water in this drink. There are other wet ingredients like Coca-Cola common in Bulgaria and ice cream in Serbia, and they work well. In Kahlua, people use coffee liquors for that extra kick.

Different frappes types, that’s not frappe


New England’s Frappe

It is pronounced as “frap”. It is a different drink, which is very close to a milkshake. People in the New England region don’t include ice cream in a milkshake. Instead, they use sweet, creamy desserts to create a frappe; the drink must not have coffee in it. The drink originated in Boston. The “cabinet” from Rhode Island includes coffee.

starbucks frappe


When you mix the Boston frappe with a classic cappuccino, you get a Frappuccino. It is nothing close to Grecian frappe. Starbucks currently owns the drink. The original owner was The Coffee Connection. The latest recipe has ice, sugar, milk, espresso, flavored syrups, and whipped cream.

Wrapping up

You can see the reason frappe is considered a versatile drink. This is a perfect drink for your summer quench. Fulfill your taste of the traditional of the modern Grecian frappe. To diversify your experience, mix your ingredients with Coca-Cola, milk, or espresso.