What Does Pike Coffee Mean?

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Are you a coffee lover looking to add variety to your morning routine? Have you heard of pike coffee but are unsure what it is? Look no further!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what pike coffee is and why it’s becoming so popular.

SEATTLE , USA - July 5, 2014: Original Starbucks store at 1912 Pike Place on July 5, 2014 in Seattle. Serving coffe in 20.891 stores in 62 countries, Starbucks is world's largest coffeehouse company.

What is pike coffee?

Pike Coffee is a unique blend of dark-roasted coffee beans created by Starbucks. Its bold flavor and rich taste make it the primary blend for nearly all Starbucks coffee drinks.

The Pike Place Roast is the darkest roast of the three classifications of roasts: light, medium, and dark. 

History of pike coffee

Seattle, Washington – April 9, 2018: The Public Market Center knew worldwide as Pike Place Market, Seattle landmark

Pike coffee began in 1971 when Starbucks opened its first store on Pike Place in Seattle. At the time, the original coffee offerings included Sumatra, Kenya, Uganda, Colombian, Mexican, New Guinea, Mocha Java, French Roast, and Brazil

In 2008 Starbucks created the Pike Place Roast blend: a mix of dark beans that was said to have a bold flavor and a rich taste. The blend was named after the famous Pike Place in Seattle in honor of the location. Today, Starbucks® Pike Place Roast Whole Bean is lightly roasted with notes of cocoa and toasted nuts. You can find it here for optimal flavor.

The flavor profile of pike coffee

The flavor profile of Pike Place Roast is unique, offering a smooth and well-rounded blend of Latin American coffees with subtly rich flavors of cocoa and toasted nuts. It is classified as a medium-dark roast, providing an intense flavor with a slightly bitter aftertaste. The mouthfeel is creamy and very pleasant, leaving a delightful taste with hints of chocolate and a smoky fire-roasted marshmallow. 

Unlike many dark roasts, Pike Place Roast is mild-bodied, allowing drinkers to enjoy the complex flavors without feeling overwhelmed by the intense flavor. These qualities make Pike Place Roast the perfect choice for someone looking for an enjoyable coffee experience.

Seattle, USA – February 26, 2017: Bronze logo at the original Starbucks store. The first Starbucks coffee store was opened in 1971 at Pike Place Public Market in Seattle.

Brewing tips

Brewing Pike Place Roast coffee can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Studies suggest using freshly roasted and ground beans and filtered water to get the best flavor out of your beans. Using a standard measurement of two tablespoons of ground coffee per eight ounces of water, place the grounds in your French press or an automatic drip machine. 

When using a French press, stir the water and grounds after they’ve been mixed, and then press down on the plunger after four minutes of steeping. Using an automatic drip machine, use the two-tablespoon measurement and wait for your coffee to brew. 

Differences between pike place and blonde roast

A few key characteristics set them apart regarding the differences between Pike Place and Blonde Roast. While Pike Place is a medium roast, Blonde Roast is light. This is reflected in the flavor profiles of each blend. Pike Place has a more intense and bitter flavor than Blonde Roast, which is more fruity and light. The color of Pike Place is also darker due to its roasting process, while Blonde Roast has a lighter color. 

Pike Place is the primary blend for Starbucks coffee drinks, whereas Blonde Roast is found in the Veranda Blend. Depending on how it is brewed, dark-roast coffee can have a more robust flavor than lighter-roasted coffee.

Benefits of drinking pike place roast coffee

There are a couple of benefits attached to drinking pike place roast coffee. The light roast creates a complex flavor that is both smooth and bright. It allows customers to focus on the flavor of the coffee without the overpowering taste of a dark roast. 

Additionally, Pike Place Roast Coffee has more caffeine than a dark roast, with a serving size of 16 fl oz of freshly brewed Pike Place coffee having 310 milligrams. With its rich history and delicious flavor profile, Pike Place Roast Coffee is a perfect choice for those looking to enjoy a great cup of coffee.

The benefits of dark-roasted coffee

Health studies show that dark-roasted coffee has many benefits that make it desirable for many coffee drinkers. The dark roast process enhances flavor, making it richer and less acidic than lighter roasts. It also has much higher levels of antioxidants than lighter roasts, which can help improve your overall health. 

Lastly, the dark roast process helps bring out the unique flavors of coffee beans from different regions worldwide. 

Starbucks and the lighter roasts

Starbucks is known for its wide range of coffee roasts, including lighter ones like Pike Place Roast. The lighter roast allows more of the coffee’s natural flavors to shine in the cup. 

Starbucks also offers its Blonde Roast, a slightly lighter roast than Pike Place, but still has the same mellow flavor and smooth finish. These coffees give drinkers a lighter body and flavor than traditional dark roasts, making them ideal for anyone who prefers a lighter coffee or wants to explore the difference between light and dark roasted coffees.

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