What is Vietnamese Egg Coffee (Recipe Included)

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Are you tired of plain old coffee and looking for something new to try? Look no further than Vietnamese egg coffee!

This unique beverage, with a rich and creamy texture, is a popular drink in Vietnam and has recently gained popularity in other parts of the world.

Cup of Vietnamese egg coffee (ca phe trung) on wooden table of street cafe. Traditional drink in Vietnam.

This article will explore the origins of Vietnamese egg coffee, how it’s made, and why it’s worth a try.

Keep reading to learn more about this delicious and unusual coffee drink!

What is Vietnamese egg coffee?

Vietnamese egg coffee, also known as cà phê trứng, is a delicious and unique beverage that has become a popular national specialty in Vietnam. This decadent coffee drink is made by whipping egg yolks with sugar and condensed milk until they become light and frothy.

The mixture is then poured over strong Vietnamese coffee using a phin filter. The result is a smooth and silky texture with a rich and velvety flavor profile that is both indulgent and satisfying.

Despite the simple ingredients, making a perfect Vietnamese egg coffee requires skill and precision, which is why it has become a coveted treat among coffee lovers worldwide.

The popularity of Vietnamese egg coffee in Vietnam and worldwide

Vietnamese egg coffee has gained immense popularity in Vietnam and around the world. Its creamy texture and unique flavor profile have made it a must-try beverage for coffee lovers. It is a staple in many cafes in Vietnam, and the trend is slowly spreading to other parts of the world.

Tourists and locals alike cannot resist the aroma and taste of this delicious coffee that truly lives up to its reputation. Many people who have tasted it have become addicted to its unique blend of sweetened condensed milk, strong Vietnamese coffee, and frothy egg yolk mixture.

In recent years, Vietnamese egg coffee has gained worldwide recognition, being served in specialty coffee shops and restaurants in countries like Australia, Canada, the United States, and many more.

The drink has adapted to local tastes worldwide, including vegan variations for those without dairy consumption. Vietnamese egg coffee is undoubtedly here to stay and will continue to delight coffee enthusiasts worldwide.

The texture and flavor profile of Vietnamese egg coffee

Vietnamese egg coffee boasts a unique texture and flavor profile that differentiates it from traditional coffee. The thick texture comes from using egg yolks and condensed milk in the recipe, giving it a dessert-like consistency.

The flavors of natural coffee bitterness and the creamy and sweet egg layer perfectly balance each sip. Its nutty flavor is complemented by the rich, dark coffee, while the soft, frothy egg layer adds a not-overpowering sweetness.

The drink is served in a bowl of hot water to keep it warm, and it is common for the drinker to use a spoon to mix the layers before drinking. Overall, the texture and flavor of Vietnamese egg coffee make for a memorable coffee experience worth trying.

Why is Vietnamese egg coffee served in a bowl of hot water?

Vietnamese egg coffee is traditionally served in a small cup in a hot water bowl. This may seem unusual, but it serves a purpose. The hot water helps maintain the coffee’s temperature, keeping it warm for longer.

This is especially important in the cooler climates of Hanoi, where the drink is very popular. Additionally, serving the coffee in a bowl of hot water allows the drinker to hold onto the hot cup without burning their fingers, making it more comfortable to enjoy.

Overall, this unique presentation of Vietnamese egg coffee adds to the experience of enjoying this delicious and comforting beverage.

The importance of using strong Vietnamese coffer

The type of coffee used is crucial in the final result when making Vietnamese egg coffee. Strong Vietnamese coffee is key to achieving this beloved drink’s intense and robust flavor. Vietnamese coffee is typically made from Robusta beans, known for their strong taste and high caffeine content.

A darker roast will enhance the coffee’s flavor profile, making it the perfect complement to the bubbly and sweet egg yolk mixture. The unique pairing of strong coffee and whipped eggs creates a creamy and indulgent texture that will surely please coffee lovers worldwide. Without strong Vietnamese coffee, the unique characteristics of this drink would not be possible.

The role of sweetened condensed milk in Vietnamese egg coffee

Sweetened condensed milk is a crucial ingredient in Vietnamese egg coffee. It adds a creamy texture and smoothness to the coffee, making it more palatable for those who may find the bitter notes of Vietnamese coffee too intense.

The sweetness of the condensed milk also balances out the richness of the whipped egg yolk custard. The coffee would lack its signature taste and mouthfeel without sweetened condensed milk. Vietnamese coffee culture is heavily influenced by condensed milk, as it was historically used due to limited access to fresh milk.

That being said, some modern adaptations of Vietnamese egg coffee use fresh milk or other non-dairy milk alternatives instead of condensed milk. However, for a truly authentic and indulgent experience, sweetened condensed milk remains an integral part of Vietnamese egg coffee.

The significance of whipping egg yolks for Vietnamese egg coffee

The significance of whipping egg yolks in Vietnamese egg coffee cannot be overstated. Whipping the egg yolks with sugar and condensed milk gives the beverage a creamy and frothy texture and helps to balance the bitterness of the strong coffee flavor.

The smooth and velvety consistency of the egg yolk mixture creates a decadent layer on top of the coffee, making it a visually appealing drink. Whipping the egg yolks is also significant in that it takes time and patience. It adds to the overall experience of enjoying Vietnamese egg coffee, where one can appreciate the art of crafting a delicious beverage.

Whipping egg yolks is important for the texture and flavor of the drink and for cultural significance. Egg coffee is a beloved traditional drink in Vietnam, and the whipping of egg yolks has become an integral part of its identity.

How to make Vietnamese egg coffee


  • 2 large egg yolks
  • 3 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk
  • 2 teaspoons of sugar (optional)
  • Strong Vietnamese coffee (using a phin filter)
  • Hot water


  1. Crack an egg and separate the yolk from the whites. Discard the whites or save them for another use.
  2. Add two large egg yolks, three tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, and two teaspoons of sugar (if desired) in a mixing bowl.
  3. Use a whisk or an electric mixer to beat the mixture for about ten minutes or until soft peaks form and the mixture becomes creamy and frothy.
  4. Prepare strong Vietnamese coffee using a phin filter by adding the coffee grounds and hot water. Allow the coffee to drip through the filter and into a mug.
  5. Once the coffee is brewed, moisten two Vietnamese coffee filters with hot water and place them over two mugs.
  6. Divide the brewed coffee evenly between the two filters.
  7. Gently spoon the whipped egg yolk mixture over the top of the coffee in each mug.
  8. Place the mugs in a bowl of hot water to keep the coffee warm while it is enjoyed.
  9. Serve and enjoy Vietnamese egg coffee’s unique, sweet, and rich flavor!

Note: You can adjust the amount of condensed milk and sugar to suit your taste preferences. Some recipes call for adding a pinch of salt to the egg mixture for a slightly different flavor profile. You can also experiment with different types of coffee to find your perfect combination.

Variations and adaptations of Vietnamese egg coffee in different regions

Vietnamese egg coffee may have originated in Hanoi, but it has spread to different regions, each with its unique twist on the recipe. The Hue region, for example, adds salt to their egg coffee, which gives it a salty-sweet flavor.

In Saigon, they use more egg yolks and cream to create a thicker, custard-like texture. Some cafes worldwide have even adapted the recipe to create their specialty versions. For example, a cafe in Brooklyn called Cafe Boulud tops its egg coffee with maple syrup and cinnamon.

Whether you stick to the traditional recipe or try out one of these adaptations, there’s no denying that Vietnamese egg coffee is a unique and delicious drink that has captured many’s hearts (and taste buds).

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