Unique Coffee Drinks from All Over the World

Unique Coffee Drinks from All Over the World

No matter where you are around the globe, there is a high chance you can meet someone enjoying coffee. Whether you are in africa, Europe or North America, you are almost guaranteed you will meet someone gulping down coffee.

Well, as much as there are many people across the globe enjoying coffee each day, how coffee is prepared and enjoyed leads to different types of coffee drinks. How many types of coffee drinks do you know? How many unique coffee drinks have you tried? Whether you only know the drink you enjoy or you have tried a couple of them, below are 16 beverages that will give you a taste of the many ways coffee is prepared and enjoyed across the globe.

The Flat White

The Flat White

A flat white is one of the popular drinks in australia. To prepare it, add streamed milk to one or two shots of espresso with a little foam, and there you have your white coffee. Since flat white has less froth, you can try cappuccino if you love froth.



Bombon coffee

Bombon is a popular drink in Spain. It is half espresso and half condensed milk. The condensed milk sits in the bottom of the cup while the less dense espresso on top. A quick stir before enjoying your coffee is all you need to taste the rich greatness of Bombon.


The Greek Frappe

The Greek Frappe

This is an iced coffee made from coffee or espresso, water (cold-filtered), sugar, and some evaporated milk. It is primarily sold in Greece and other parts of the world. For example, companies in America have been using a variation of for years, but with fewer ingredients or additives.




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Kaffeost is a favorite Swedish drink. The terms kaffeost literally mean coffee cheese. Adding cheese results in a rich and creamy flavor to the coffee.

Here is how you do it:

  • Pour espresso over leipäjuusto cheese, to offset the bitterness of the coffee, and you have your kaffeost.
  • Use a petite fork to hold the cheese in the espresso for a little longer to soften it up, and enjoy a unique coffee dessert that rivals the flavor profile of tiramisu.




What the heck is an affogato? It is an Italian coffee-based dessert. To prepare it, put gelato in the bottom of a glass cup, pour over hot espresso and you have your coffee affogato ready. You can top it with choice of fruit spread or whipped cream.


Cafe De Olla

Cafe De Olla

You don’t have to travel to Mexico to enjoy this traditional Mexican coffee beverage. You can prepare Cafe De Olla at your house. To make the real Cafe De Olla, use a clay pot as it gives the coffee a unique flavor.

You can spice your drink to have a health-boost coffee. Equally, you can add sugar or cream to sweeten your coffee.

Note: depending on the recipe used or coffee shop you visit, you can enjoy different varieties of Mexican beverages.


Ca Phe Trung

Cà phê đá — Vietnam

Cà phê đá. Flickr/Alpha

Ca Phe Trung is a Vietnamese drink that is traditionally prepared with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and robusta coffee. All you need to prepare this drink is to separate egg yolks from egg white and then add the yolks to the strong robusta coffee. And there you have a strong and sweet drink.



Want coffee the Brazilian style? Cafezinho is the real deal. It is basically small shot-like cups of strong coffee similar to espresso. Since cafezinho is bitter, you can mix a few teaspoons of cream or milk to suppress some of the bitterness.



Türk Kahvesi. Wikimedia Commons

Also known as Turkish coffee, Kahvesi is a dark, rich, sweet, and unique coffee. The ‘Sade Kahve’ coffee does not have any sugar and is bitter. The ‘Az Şekerli’ coffee has about a half teaspoon of sugar. The ‘Orta şekerli’ coffee has about a teaspoon of sugar and is less bitter. The ‘Çok şekerli’ coffee has about two teaspoons of sugar and as you may expect is very sweet.

How to prepare

  • Brew the coffee grinds directly in water in a cezve, which is a copper pot with a thin handle.
  • Let the grinds settle at the bottom of the cup before servicing.


  • You don’t use filters to prepare this coffee.
  • Traditionally, Kahvesi is served with a thick layer of dark foam and with sweet treats such as Lokum or chocolate.


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Yuanyang.  The Woks of Life

If you have ever been to hong kong and you did not grab a cup of yuenyueng, you missed a lot. Basically, yuenyueng blends a large amount of milk tea and a small amount of coffee. The resulting drink is slightly sweet. You can as well get fancy with some additives. For example, sugar, cardamom, and honey.

Note, depending on how you prefer; you can serve your drink cold or hot.




Now let’s head to Saudi Arabia and taste one of the popular coffee drinks, qahwa. It is made by boiling ground beans in water for ten minutes and then adding in loosely crushed cloves and cardamom. Once you strain your coffee, you can enjoy it as it is or spice it.



Traveling to German? Make sure to grab pharisaer. It is made using rum and whipped cream. In the event you prepare pharisaer, make sure to have less than a single shot of rum in your coffee to avoid feeling tipsy.


Kopi Joss

Kopi Joss

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The best way to describe this Indonesian coffee is by calling it a hardcore drink. This is because there is no one right way of preparing this drink. You prepare coffee your style and make sure you add sugar. Then pour your coffee in a sturdy cup, give it a little stir and add a sizzling hot piece of charcoal into your coffee.

Allow the charcoal to sit for about two minutes until coffee basically caramelizes before your eyes.

Now remove the charcoal and drink.



Mazagran — Portugal

Mazagran. Sarah Schmalbruch / INSIDER

Mazagran is a Portuguese coffee drink you can prepare by mixing expresso, water, rum, sugar, and lemon juice (mint).  

Pop a lemon wedge on the edge of the glass and a mint leaf in, and you’ve got your new summertime favorite coffee drink.

One shot of rum is sufficient to avoid feeling tipsy.


Cafe Au Lait

The French will tell you the best way to start your day is by grabbing a cup of Cafe Au Lait. Cafe Au Lait is made by mixing coffee with hot milk.




Want coffee the Ethiopian way? Then try buna. Basically, a typical coffee in Ethiopia is buna. It is easy to prepare buna, but you must be patient to enjoy your coffee. This is because brewing can take up to two hours.

Just pop in some sugar or butter and the serve


The above are some of the common coffee drinks across the globe you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. However, it is good to note you may not get all the drinks right if you decide to brew them. This is because sometimes you may have a challenge of getting the right beans.

Now that you know some of the best coffee drinks you can try, go ahead and start brewing them and remember to share your experience.