Top 5 Siphon Coffee Makers – A.K.A the Vacuum Pot

Top 5 Siphon Coffee Makers

Siphon coffee making was invented in the 19th century. People who are committed to brewing clean, bold coffee kept coffee siphoning going on, despite the method being complicated for many people. This article highlights the top 5 vacuum pots that will make a centerpiece for your kitchen.

Hario Technica- 5-Cup Siphon Coffee Maker

Hario Technica 5-Cup Siphon Coffee Maker



This is a standalone vacuum pot that is preferred by baristas because of its practical and efficient design. The vacuum pot uses an alcohol burner, and it has decent looks on the counter. It has good quality draining between the chambers. The alcohol burner is replaceable, preferably with a butane burner. The pot is very slow for regular use. Using a butane burner speeds up things a little.

Hario Technica uses cloth filters, which many people find inconvenient but are reusable and easy to clean. This system is of high value, and you can find it in a 3-cup size to brew for just one. Click to check the latest price.


  • Not expensive compared to other siphon brewers
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Does not take much counter space
  • It has a highquality heat-resistant borosilicate glass.


  • Cloth filters are inconvenient to clean


Yama Glass 8-Cup Stovetop Vacuum Pot

Yama Glass 8-Cup Stovetop Siphon Coffee Maker



This is a large capacity pot, 40 oz making it a great entry-level coffee siphon system. It does not portray the fanciest looks, but it is versatile and inexpensive. It is easy to operate this coffee siphon. However, inconveniences like improper draining are caused by the seal. The glass is of heat-resistant, but somewhat fragile compared to other brewers.

This pot can work with stoves and gas, including a wire diffuser for electric coil burners. The success of using an induction stove is not guaranteed. It comes in various sizes; hence, the impact on your kitchen space varies. It uses cloth filters like Hario, which makes it inconvenient. Check out the price of the Yama Glass Brewers.


  • easy to use
  • has a simple, compact design
  • cheapest compared to brewers in this article


  • the seal is inconsistent
  • cloth filters need regular cleaning storage
  • not very durable like other brewers


Bodum PEBO Siphon Coffee Brewer

Bodum PEBO Siphon Coffee Brewer



This Scandinavian brewer company product has a very simple compact design, making it a non-frills siphon brewer. The brewer is eye-catching and fantastic. This is a stovetop unit; hence, you need a heat source. Use a diffuser is you don’t want to place the glass directly on the coil.

The coffee brewer is fairly durable, but when you brew a whole pot, you might feel a bit flimsy. However, this brewer uses plastic filters, which is a product many don’t like to use in their brewing. Find the Corey Rod filters as an alternative to plastic filters. Click to check the latest price.

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  • It has a simple, durable design
  • Good seal enhancing consistent brews
  • High quality from the manufacturer


  • uses plastic filters
  • when full the handle feels flimsy
  • no heat diffuser included


KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer

KitchenAid KCM0812OB Siphon Coffee Brewer



This is a digital artisanal coffee machine of the 21st century, unlike standalone units that use gas and alcohol. The convenience brought by the electric part makes the drip machine work like a charm.

Use the digital setup to set the brew time, approximately 60 seconds. The user can adjust to get a shorter or longer brew. All these processes are initiated with the press of a button. You can take 5-7 minutes to complete a typical drink. The looks of the coffee vacuum are eye-catching; the pot is fantastic to watch when brewing.

This is the perfect masterpiece of modern brewing using the vintage technique. Check the price of the KitchenAid, the ideal coffee maker for two.


  • quick brew time
  • convenient because the electric part is automated
  • its compact design leaves a lot of space on the counter
  • Easily brew 2-8 cups of siphon style coffee.
  • requires the press of a button to start
  • Easiest to clean compared to the other siphon brewer


  • high power consumption (110V)


Yama Glass Ceramic

Yama Glass Tabletop Ceramic 20 oz Syphon Coffee Maker



This siphon coffee maker tops on our list. It has a stylish ceramic base and looks good on a 3-column stand. You get it with a butane burner for faster heating. You can use stovetop brewing off the stand with this unit.

Inconsistencies in this brewer are brought by the seals which create drainage problems between chambers. It has a thin and fragile glass part. Suited only for light coffee drinkers as it brews 20 oz a time. Check the latest prices here.


  • Can be used for stovetop brewer
  • Has a burner for quick heating
  • Has a stylish ceramic base


  • May stain coffee with butane smell
  • Small capacity (20 oz)
  • Light and fragile glass
  • Drainage problems by the seal


Why should you choose a vacuum coffee maker?

Because you like a little flair on your morning cup of Joe, or you want the best coffee one can ever make. Or Gale, the mad chemist on Breaking Bad happens to be your favorite character.

Why choose vacuum coffee makers

Are you looking for an exotic means of preparing coffee? Are you a science fanatic and you would like to make your coffee like an experiment? The vacuum coffee maker is a full immersion brewing under constant heating. Water is pulled through the coffee by gravity instead of forcing it through.

So then, why use a vacuum pot?

Vacuum Effect

The sealed lower chamber heats water, creating pressure that pushes water up the tube to the upper chamber. When all the water is in the upper chamber, add coffee similarly to a French Press. Run the brewer for a few minutes then shut it off. Since the lower chamber is a vacuum, it pulls coffee down through the filter to the lower chamber as it extracts great flavors from the coffee. The coffee is not forced; instead it flows by gravity.

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Total Immersion

Your coffee grounds will be in contact with the water throughout the process, just like in a French Press. The results will be a light brew with the best flavor you can ever get from your grounds. The constant heating makes you produce the best coffee, one you can’t get when using other methods.

Consistent heat

This coffee maker uses constant temperature until it is turned off, and all the coffee is pulled to the lower chamber. You don’t have to overheat your water or worry about under extraction as your water cools too quickly. The constant heating keeps you in control of your brew.


Buy a vacuum coffee maker because of its looks. It’s not the same reason you buy a coffee maker. Get this pot and get people talking whenever they visit your place.

Helpful Tips When Choosing a Siphon Coffee Maker

When choosing the most suitable siphon coffee maker, you are going to select from dozens of options. When making the selection, you better consider the following:

Heating Method

You have to choose between the stovetop and standalone models. They either use gas or electricity. Standalone versions have a built-in or separate gas or alcohol burner. They are a bit more stylish and not chained to the stovetop. Stovetop versions are cheaper because they do not have heating elements.


Siphon brewers are for personal use, not industrial production. They manage only 3-8 cup range a time; hence, you will not get for large amounts for morning coffee.


These brewers are not portable for a camping trip. Most parts are made of glass; hence not friendly around children. The brewers may have varying quality depending on the thickness of the glass. Some remain in good shape after long-term use.

Ease of use

Almost all vacuum filters work the same. Some are somewhat complex than others. Some need more attention, like cleaning filters, unlike others.


Many people consider vacuum coffee brewers because of looks. Otherwise, you would go for a regular coffee maker. Select the one that fits your personality and decorates your kitchen countertop.


Vacuum coffee makers bring art and science on your kitchen tabletop. It is the coolest way of making a pure form of flavored coffee. Once you meet the brewer that meets your needs, prevent it from breaking, and enjoy a long-term service of impressing your geeky friends with your method of brewing.