RATRSO Milk Frother Reviewed

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With RATRSO’s no-frills frother, you can make hot or cold foam for your latte or cappuccino. This well-designed device comes with multiple frothing attachments and an ergonomic pour spout for mess-free pouring.

The top container of the RATRSO milk frother detaches from the heating and frothing equipment, enabling the well-designed pour spout to layer in your frothed milk simply.

RATRSO Milk Frother Reviewed

Though I like the temperature slider on the best-rated Breville milk frother, the RATRSO ‘s one-touch settings are simple:

  • Hot Froth: Press and hold the button until it becomes red.
  • Cold Froth: Press and hold the button for 2 seconds until the light turns blue.
RATRSO Milk Frother,Electric Foam Maker Stainless Steel Milk Steamer...
  • 😋Smooth & Silky Milk Foam: Milk frother quickly produces creamy and frothy milk...
  • 😋Quick Frothing and Heating: Coffee frother can create smooth cold milk foam in...
  • 😋Large Capacity: Milk warmer can hold up to 240ml / 8.1oz of milk for heating or...

The RATRSO Milk Frother looks like a conventional electric kettle, which is used to heat water for tea. The operation, as well as the cleaning processes, are quite simple.

The outside of this appliance is composed of stainless steel, so the gadget is completely silver, except for certain features hidden on the bottom, and the bottom is removable to pour milk conveniently. Once the jug is full, replace it on the bottom so the electrical connector can supply electricity to froth your milk.

Furthermore, there are just three buttons for operation, one of which turns the gadget on. The other two buttons are in charge of picking a program that works with hot and cold milk.


  • The maximum volume is rather large.
  • A 2.5-year warranty is included.
  • The milk is heated and frothed.
  • Straight out of the box, ready to use
  • It simply takes a few seconds to clean up under the faucet.
  • Every time, excellent results are obtained.
  • Handle and pour spout for convenient serving
  • It is constructed of stainless steel.
  • It features a unique coating that prevents milk from burning. It is compatible with various kinds of milk, including dairy and non-dairy, low and high-fat milk.
  • It contains a program for making cold froth.
  • It generates a dense and thick foam.
  • It is simple to use.
  • Operation in complete silence


  • There is no temperature control.
  • There are no distinct latte or cappuccino settings.

Why do people use a milk frother?

Upgrade your usual beverages

Using a milk frother may provide a new spin on classic favorites. Adding a coating of frothy milk foam to the drink improves the texture and produces a unique flavor sensation. Using a milk frother to add foam coating to your beverages makes them appear and taste as if a professional barista created them in the comfort of your home.

Cafe at home

When it comes to being your professional barista, milk frothers are a terrific way to get your daily café dose without leaving your house. You may create the same high-quality beverages that you would purchase elsewhere, but you save time and money at home.

You also have total control over which ingredients/flavors and how much goes into your beverages. You may bring your tiny café everywhere you go if you have a manual or electric handheld milk frother.

Coffee Artwork

A milk frother will not help you create true coffee art, but it will provide a platform for your coffee art. By whipping up a thick layer of foam for your coffee, you have a wonderful foundation to include all types of coffee patterns. And the less time you spend making this foundation, the more time you have to design.

What can you do with a milk frother?

Coffee and tea beverages

You can use your milk frother to make nearly any coffee drink you can think of. Whether hot or cold, a milk frother may give a bubbly touch to any latte, cappuccino, cold brew, or cold foam.

Combination drinks, such as tea-lattes, are also made easier using milk frothers. You may even create your coffee creamer using your frother. Making your coffee creamer allows you to customize the flavors to your liking.

Recipes for Matcha

Matcha is an extremely popular ingredient that can be used in almost anything. A milk frother may be used to froth milk, tea, coffee, or matcha. Make matcha beverages the same way you would coffee or tea, and add texture using a milk frother.

Whipping cream

Using a milk frother, make your own whipped cream the way you wish. Making homemade whipped cream allows you to experiment with different tastes. Whatever you want: pumpkin, cinnamon, peppermint, etc. Using a milk frother, you can get the same creamy texture as store-bought whipped cream.


Is it possible to froth half and half with the RATRSO milk frother?

Yes, it won’t work well with fat-free half and half, and no fat-free milk froths well since the fats allow the foam to develop and stay in place.

But, it can froth half and half on a regular basis.

So, how about nut milk?

The same criteria apply to nut milk, such as almond milk for frothing; it doesn’t do as well since the fats are different, but it can froth up nut milk and any other sort of vegan milk you put in it.

Why should you buy a RATRSO milk frother?

This milk frother is ideal if you require a compact one that can froth hot or cold milk. It has excellent reviews, is current, and works well. It heats milk for white coffees and milk froth for coffees like cappuccinos or macchiato, and the price-quality ratio is excellent.

RATRSO Milk Frother,Electric Foam Maker Stainless Steel Milk Steamer...
  • 😋Smooth & Silky Milk Foam: Milk frother quickly produces creamy and frothy milk...
  • 😋Quick Frothing and Heating: Coffee frother can create smooth cold milk foam in...
  • 😋Large Capacity: Milk warmer can hold up to 240ml / 8.1oz of milk for heating or...

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