The Poop Coffee Industry

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What poop are we talking about when it comes to coffee?

Every poop:

poop coffee

Cat, monkey, elephant, bat, and bird poop, shit, crap (literally, not figuratively) number 2 coffee

You have probably heard about poop coffee. But what exactly is poop coffee? In poop coffee, some poop is involved in coffee bean preparation.

This post will discuss the science behind poop coffee, one of the best and most pricey products.

The science behind ‘Coffee beans from poop.’

Poop coffee is one of the oldest types of coffee available. What makes poop coffee special? The process is unique and very different from other methods available. Coffee is associated with some health benefits. More benefits are derived when poop coffee is involved. When coffee fermentation occurs in the animals’ digestive system, it is exposed to saliva, digestive fluids, and others.

400;”>Coffee beans are broken down and changed physically when ingested by animals. As a result, acidity and bitterness in coffee are reduced along the tract, which results in grotesquely delicious coffee. Alternative options have been used to yield similar results.

Various scientific methods are being used to recreate poop coffee at a lower cost rather than feeding the beans to animals to attain the same flavor. This reduces the mental scarring damage of drinking coffee that comes from poop.

NOTE: We will be talking about coffee cherries, which are the whole fruit and not the coffee berries. The cherry consists of the outer skin, inner pulpy layer, and then two coffee beans covered in a thin layer.

 Check out this video for more details.

Cruelty: Can you live with yourself?

When poop coffee (particularly from Kopi Luwak) was discovered in the Western world many years ago, it was a special thing. Since then, it has taken the coffee-drinking world by storm. However, the sudden spike has some negative side effects on animals. Some animals were captured and caged for more coffee poop production.

The animals are caged with the expectation of coffee poop production, which makes them virtual enslaved people. Some are fed large amounts of cherries than normal. Take, for instance, the civet cat, the animal power behind Kopi Luwak. Many civet cats are captured, caged, and force-fed on coffee cherries. They would choose the best ripe cherries and eat enough if left in the wild.

Here are the best 5 pop coffees that will be discussed:

  • Civet cat coffee (Kopi Luwak)
  • Monkey poop coffee
  • Elephant poop coffee
  • Bat poop coffee
  • Bird poop coffee

Civet Cat poop coffee (Kopi Luwak)

asian palm civet

Kopi Luwak coffee originated from Indonesia, Palm civet (cat civet) – is a small mammal that belongs to the Viverridae family and is commonly found in Asia, and few exist in southern Europe and Africa. However, its production has been extended to East Timor and the Philippines.

How is the Kopi Luwak created?

Civet cats love coffee cherries. They often invade plantations for a quick snack. When they ingest the cherries, the skin and pulp are removed, but the beans are not digested. Instead, the beans go through a unique fermentation process.

After a day, the beans are excreted in feces in clumps. Finally, the beans are intact, harvested, dried, pounded to remove their skins, sorted, and then roasted.

What does Kopi Luwak taste like?

It is nutty, earthy, smooth, and almost soft and lacks bitterness. Civet cat delivers a very high-quality cup of coffee.

Where can I buy Kopi Luwak?

You must be careful when buying your coffee because there are many scammers in the market. It is estimated that 80% of all Kopi Luwak coffee is, to some degree, fake. Find a good source to get the right stuff.

Monkey Poop coffee


This coffee follows a similar process to the civet cat coffee. The monkey parchment coffee (monkey coffee) is a new phenomenon that involves monkeys chewing and spitting berries.

It is made in Chikmagalur, India, famously known for its lush, hilly landscapes, abundant rainfall, beach mounts, and coffee farming. The climate is perfect for Rhesus monkeys, which live near plantations throughout the region. They are unavoidable in coffee plantations but are useful to farmers. This collision results in a strangely new breed of coffee, which is very delicious.

How is monkey coffee created?

Rhesus monkeys go for the ripest, sweetest, and highest-quality coffee cherries in the plantations. They chew them and spit them. While most of the fruit is chewed, the beans are harvested later. The monkeys put saliva on the beans while chewing and spitting while workers collect the beans. The resulting beans are then collected, washed, rinsed, and dried, leaving a gray color instead of the traditional raw green. They are then roasted and sold at a price.

What does monkey coffee taste like?

You can prepare monkey coffee just like any other coffee—no need for adding cream or sugar.

It is heavy-bodied, pleasant, and rounded acidity. The low bitterness is associated with enzymes in saliva, which act on the beans shifting the taste. The array ranges from citrus, nuts, and chocolate to vanilla.

Where to get monkey coffee

It is rare to find this type of coffee in the market. But, if you get it, buy it and experience greatness.

Black Ivory/ Elephant poop coffee


Black ivory coffee is naturally refined through a ten-year process that involves Thai elephants in Ban Taklan, Surin, Thailand. Unlike the Kopi Luwak case, elephants are not abused in this process.

How the elephant is shit coffee created?

The process begins with Arabica coffee being grown 1500 meters above sea level. The ethical-conscious process is ideal, and drinkers feel at ease. Next, cherries are picked and brought to well-cared elephants and carefully mixed with other food such as bananas and rice to provide a balanced diet.

Coffee runs through the elephant digestive system for up to three days before they are passed in feces and handpicked. In this process, 36 whole pounds of coffee produce one kilogram. Next, the undigested berries are harvested, washed, racked, and dried.

What does elephant coffee taste like?

Flavors include malt, chocolate, floral, cherry, leather, tobacco, and grass. It is the best cup of coffee that does not have even a hint of bitterness.

Check out this video of a person taste-testing the black ivory coffee for the first time.

Where to get elephant poop coffee

It is a rear product in the market, but you can buy it here.

Wild bat shit coffee


Bat poop coffee comes from the Artibeus jamaicensis. A bat species that inhabit forests around Coffea Diversa Coffee Garden in the southern Brunca region, Costa Rica. The bats feed on coffee cherries, which is essential for kick-starting the process that produces another excellent coffee.

How is wild bat poop created?

Bats chew off the exterior of riper coffee cherries while still on the plant. Then, they use their sharp teeth to tear the outer layer and lick the inner pulp containing some sugars. Finally, the half-eaten berries are exposed to bats’ digestive fluids and left on the plant to dry naturally for as long as possible.

Eventually, the best quality beans are harvested and dried to produce one-of-a-kind coffee. See more information here about the wild bat coffee process.

What does wild bat coffee taste like?

Coffee produced in this method is unique in taste, fruity, and floral. It also has a light acidity, which enhances the floral profile. The coffee is smooth and sweet, with a pleasant aftertaste.

Where to get wild bat coffee

While it is quite difficult to get bat poop coffee, it is very affordable. Check it out here.

Bird poop coffee

jacu bird

Bird poop coffee involves birds eating, digesting, and pooping coffee beans. It was originally harvested from Henrique Sloper’s farm in Camocim, Brazil. The process is environmentally friendly, which results in high-quality, holistic-grown, organic coffee.

How bird is shit coffee created?

One morning in 2009, Henrique Sloper’s farm was invaded by Jacu birds. He watched helplessly as they chewed the ripe red coffee cherries, but other nearby farms were not affected. This led him to think about the holistic, biodynamic methods based on Rudolph Steiner he was using. As it turned out, the birds selected the best cherries to eat. In addition, the real quick Jacu birds’ digestion and the vegetarian diet made them taste more redefined once they were excreted.

What does bird shit coffee taste like?

Wild Jacu coffee is exclusive. It is a full body with a wild and pleasant taste. It is nutty, dusty sweetness, reminiscent of honey processed coffee. It has hints of brown bread, milk chocolate, molasses, and anise.

Where to get bird poop coffee

If you wish to try it out, check it out here. It is, however, very pricey than organic coffee but still organic.

The big question: why is this poop coffee so expensive?

All processes involved in the production of animal poop are complicated, which makes it very expensive coffee. In addition, bulk production means more animals would be captured and forced to take excessive cherries, which tampers with the natural process.

Wrapping up

We have discussed the origin, benefits, costs, and production of poop coffee. We have also discussed different types of animals involved in the production. Which variety do you think is the best? Or you want to try it out. Here is another list of excellent coffee beans minus the feces you may want to explore.


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