Peugeot Nostalgie Hand Coffee Grinder Review

Peugeot Nostalgie Hand Coffee Grinder Review

Built in France from 1840, Peugeot Nostalgie Hand Coffee Mill is a classic manual mill with a sophisticated walnut color appearance that easily and efficiently transforms your coffee beans into preferred ground coffee consistency, giving you the full flavor for brewing.

It is a high-quality piece. The grinder system is manufactured in France like everything else. The stainless steel burr resists repeated use.

This grinder should have a longer useful life than anything else on this list. If that’s worth it’s up to you.

The workmanship is really good,vand it’s very nice to see that some high-quality stuff is still available.

Peugeot nostalgie coffee grinder review? Is this antique mill good?

Technical description

Peugeot Nostalgie Hand Coffee Mill is an effective manual grinder with an adjustable mechanism that produces perfectly evenly ground coffee no matter how fine it is, from espresso to coarse percolator. It’s made entirely of metal and beechwood, with no plastic components that can ruin the exterior.

The grinder’s measurements are 5.1x 5.1x 8.25 inches, weighing 2 pounds, with a ground coffee volume of nearly 2 oz.

The mill comes with a system lifetime warranty and its bowl is made of chrome-plated heavy gauge steel. Without refilling, coffee beans can ground between 2,5 and 3 oz. To ground a full hopper of coffee beans, you’ll have to clear storage a few times.



  • With its magnificent classical appearance and great grinding possibilities, this coffee mill is not only a useful grinding choice and important kitchen device, but also a lovely item that can be a beautiful feature of table decor. Its architecture is fantastic, and it certainly seems to have been designed with great attention to detail.
  • It has a large and solid base that offers stability when turning the grinding handle, while keeping it as quiet as possible. It’s barely heard.
    Besides being a decent coffee grinder, pepper grinding can also be used.
  • A specially designed grinding mechanism that holds coffee quality releasing a fragrance and essential oils is an environmentally friendly way to get freshly ground coffee, pepper, or other spices ready to cook and season.
  • It’s easy to fill and it’s pretty convenient–it has a longer grind handle that makes the grinding process much simpler.
  • Easily cleanable. All you need is a little brush and patience.
  • It has a precise coffee grounds size setting.



  • Compared to electric grinders, you can find it fairly sluggish, but because it’s manual, you shouldn’t expect too much from it when it comes to this criterion. Accordingly, you shouldn’t be shocked that this traditional, classic grinder that cost a little more than a regular, electrical grinder–when buying Peugeot Nostalgie Hand Coffee Mill, you should approach it not only as buying a coffee grinder, but as buying a lifestyle.
  • The drawer’s capacity for ground coffee is smaller than you would have expected: the hopper will hold about a quarter of an 11-oz pack of coffee beans, and the drawer where ground coffee ends up should be emptied a few times during one grinding process.
  • The adjustment of the grind sizes may take a bit longer than the adjustment of the electric grinders.
  • It can create some mess during usage when the ground coffee reaches the lower drawer’s limits, so it ends over its edges. This manual grinder’s mess, however, doesn’t really beat the quantity of mess produced by electric grinders.
  • This grinder isn’t disassembled for quick washing. That’s a slight but significant negative. You should dust off the stainless steel grinder after through usage to keep this thing going.
  • If you don’t want your coffee mill to move when grinding your coffee, you might want to keep it with your free hand, place it on a stable, not so slippery surface, or try to upgrade it with some rubber legs.
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Peugeot grinder vs. Other grinders

Peugeot Nostalgie Hand Coffee Grinder

The thing you’ll love about Peugeot grinders is their amazing array of spice-specific grinding mechanisms. For coffee, pepper, salt, wet oil, herbs and spices, nutmeg and chili peppers, Peugeot grinders have 7 special spice mechanisms. Each of these spices has its own special grinding process, accompanied by perfect design and made of the best available material according to its purpose. Finally, what makes this grinder even more impressive is its French roots (while many others are made in China), as well as the lifetime warranty that allows you to carelessly use your grinder.

Although it is very evident that you would need an electric grinder for larger quantities of coffee (for practical reasons), Peugeot Nostalgie Hand Coffee Mill is a great solution for small batches of one to four cups of coffee at a time, supplying you with regularly ground coffee although taking you back through time with its elegant classic appearance.


It’s only normal that the French make a hand grinder that makes French press the best coffee powder. The problem is, the French press generally needs a lot of coffee to brew. The best-selling French press, for example, made 34 oz coffee per brew.

It’s a little hard work grinding 10-cup coffee. But then again, nobody buys a manual coffee grinder instead of an electronic coffee grinder because they want to make less effort to make coffee.

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