New Generation of Instant Coffee for Impatient People or Fellow Traveler

New Generation of Instant Coffee

I thought that instant coffee was for impatient people until I started to travel around the world and stay in hotels that served crappy coffee. So I decided to purchase a French Press coffee maker but sometimes It’s hard to carry. Another situation was when I booked an Airbnb and noticed that they did not have any coffee maker. So what am I to do? It’s hard to start my day without coffee, and suddenly, and instantly decided to carry a few instant coffee with me whenever I travel.

sight glass coffee
I bought myself a Sightglass  Six packets of their fancy new instant coffee. It had the punch of espresso and a robust cocoa flavor. I admit it, I love coffee, this website is all about coffee! I was very skeptical of instant coffee, until I ran into few situation where I thought I needed one, just in case. However, there’s a new generation of instant coffee, options from high-end roasters around the country and the quality? Pretty damn good. Whether you travel or woke up too late to go to work, you need a solution to every situation when it comes to getting a cup of joe in you.

How does instant coffee work?

Most instant coffees are made through a partnership. Roasters sends their beans to a producer like Swift Cup in Lancaster, PA. and they basically grind the coffee and brew it into a concentrate, which is then freeze-dried. Once you add water you can bring the coffee back to life. Remember Austin Powers?



Swift Cup produces its own instant coffees as well as making them for more than 50 different roasters, including Sightglass and Joe.

What is the downside of instant coffee?

The dehydrated coffee has lower acidity and a higher concentration of sugary flavors. The Counter Culture team explains they found a molasses note that sometimes veered towards oxidation in some instant coffee they sampled. Alternate instant coffee? Counter Culture went a different route, they essentially turned a tea bag and added coffee. the company Steeped also produces the bags with 75 different roasters including Victrola and Alabaster Coffee.

  Basically you pour hot water over the bag into your cup, lift it up and down for a few seconds (just like tea), and then let the bag steep for five minutes. It’s basically teaffee (tea coffee) or the brightness of a pour-over and the richness of a French Press. Steep has different types of flavors like Sunrise Blend: WINERY · COCOA · LEMON-LIME Odyssey Blend: S’MORES · DARK CHOCOLATE · CARAMELIZED and more So yes, instead of dehydrated coffee, you can literally take a tea bag, and some 100% biodegradable products.

Portable pour-over?

Last but not the least is Kuju is also another alternative instant coffee that is set up as a pour-over on the go:

Kuju Coffee Premium Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee Kuju Coffee Premium Single-Serve Pour Over Coffee

What other ways will coffee enthusiast come up with next?

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