Mistobox Coffee Subscription: Is It Worth a Shot?

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Before committing to any coffee subscription, it is always wise to find out in advance whether it is right for you. Today, we are reviewing Mistobox coffee.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know so that you can know if it is right for you. Keep reading to learn more!


MistoBox Coffee in a nutshell

  • One of the most popular coffee subscription services on the market today and is here to stay.
  • Started as a school project by Samantha Meis and Connor Riley and officially launched in 2012 
  • A MistoBox allows you access to a large variety of international coffees from 50+ most talented roasters across the country.  
  • You pick the coffee you want, and MistoBox ships to you quickly.

Did we mention that they were on Shark Tank, too? Yes, and Mark Cuban made a deal with the company.

How it works

How it works

Based on your customized preferences in taste, MistoBox is able to match you with the most suitable coffee from around the world. 

All coffee is roasted for your order, and your coffee bag will be at your doorstep just a few days after the roasting date. Here is what actually happens:

Coffee selection

From the 500+ coffee MistoBox offers, you narrow down to those roasts that might work best for you. You can communicate with a coffee curator to create your “Brew Queue” and help you make the right decision.

A Brew Queue is simply a simple and helpful tool that lists all the coffees you are interested in trying. It also lists the order in which you would like them shipped.

Once shipping starts, it will gradually work its way down the queue. If you decide you want to switch up the order, you can do that seamlessly. 

In case you forget to include one of your preferred coffee in your queue, MistoBox will automatically choose a 12 oz bag based on your carefully selected taste preferences and send it to you.

The quick and simple MistoBox quiz also makes it easier to narrow down your preferred flavors, delivery schedule, and price.

After selection, you will receive your coffee on the schedule you set up when you placed your order.

Coffee is roasted

MistoBox offers a wide variety of roasts to pick from. Currently, it boasts over 50 artisan coffee roasters that allow you to choose from numerous flavors. Your curator can also guide you in choosing the best roasts as well as suggest roasters to experiment with.

Coffee is shipped

Coffee is shipped depending on the delivery schedule you set when you place your order. Although you can adjust your schedule at any time, getting it right the first time is much better. You can temporarily pause your delivery anytime.

With the current edition of the downloadable skill for Alexa, you can change or check your delivery by voice command.

Membership levels

MistoBox gives you three tiers of subscription to choose from: Basic, Deluxe, and Exclusive. Basic is the most standard of all and is designed to provide clients with inexpensive, good-tasting coffee on a regular basis. 

The Deluxe is for coffee enthusiasts who want to up their coffee game by tasting some of the most freshly roasted, exquisite coffees on the market. 

The Exclusive level includes access to very limited roasts from some of the most well-known names in the business.

Popular MistoBox roasters


Located in Athens, Georgia, this roaster is dedicated to revealing the hidden flavors within coffee beans themselves. 1000 FACES COFFEE does a decent job of educating consumers on how to be observant when choosing between coffee beans and roasting techniques.


No doubt, VERVE COFFEE ROASTERS is one of the most known roasters on the market today. Verve has roots in multiple locations: Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and even Japan. 

Verve uses multiple state-of-the-art technologies and monitoring software to get you roasts of the highest quality possible. 


Based out of Oakland, California, AKA Coffee only roasts the healthiest, freshest beans. The roaster endeavors to preserve the flavors that make the different beans unique and robust in flavor.

MistoBox gifts and Goodies

MistoBox has more to offer besides its subscription service. By committing to a MistoBox coffee subscription, you are effortlessly treating a loved one or friend with a MistoBox subscription. How?

You just need to follow the same process we discussed earlier and make the selection based on the taste they offer. They can also select their own brew queue. After selection, coffee is roasted for them and delivered right to their doorstep.

Now since you are the gift giver, you have the freedom to decide how much coffee they receive, how long they receive, and when their subscription expires. 

If coffee isn’t your thing, MistoBox offers gifts and merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, sweaters, coffee thermoses, etc.

Things we like about MistoBox

Things we like about MistoBox
  • Ensure customers receive some of the highest quality coffee all the time. We know this because all shipments we have received have been first-rate in everything.
  • Shipping. MistoBox ships very fast. Shipments arrive on the day it is said would be in our profile. We always get our shipments within 4 to 5 days of the roast date printed on the bags. 

Sometimes there is almost a week between our order and the coffee’s arrival because of the roaster’s roasting schedules and shipping time. Therefore knowing when your package will arrive is crucial.

  • An endless variety of coffees to enjoy. MistoBox offers 500+ and works with over 50 artisanal roasters around the country who offer an incredible variety of coffee. This makes MistoBox one of the best coffee subscriptions.
  • Gives you the option of selecting coffee in whole beans or ground form, as well as blends, espresso beans, and single origin. 
  • MistoBox’s coffee curators use their expertise to guide you any time you need a hand. For example, when looking to experiment with different tasting notes and flavors. You can contact them with inquiries and discuss your coffee desires, hopes, brewing methods, and dreams in as much detail as you want. Our interactions with coffee curators are always educational, informative, and cordial.
  • Customer service. Mistobox supports its clients in many ways, including via a searchable knowledge base and the ability to contact their support directly through a contact form. 
  • Versatility. MistoBox’s brew queue is very flexible. You can edit and update it anytime, please. For example, you can adjust the order in which you receive them, origin, shipment size, roaster, when to receive them, and more
  • Affordable. For just $ 11 before shipping, you can comfortably place an order. Considering the coffee MistoBox provides and offers reliable shipping services, it is by far a pretty good deal. There is a continuing discount if you select one of the longer plans. You can save 10% by signing up for 6 packages or 15% by signing up for 12.
  • Packaging. Each coffee is shipped directly from the roaster to the buyer in a branded Mistobox box. Each coffee box features a really nice interior sticker that gives a lot of the details about the coffee and a short summary of the roaster

Things to improve

Well, despite MistoBox being impressive to us, there are a few things we highly believe need to be improved.

Shipping fee 

The shipping fee is not automatically added. Worse, for each bag of coffee you purchase (no matter the number you buy at once), there is a $5 shipping fee for each.

Although the coffee itself is affordable for most individuals, shipping costs can really hurt your budget.

No samples

MistoBox is confident it produces the best coffee, and its curators will help you make the best decision. This fuels them to overlook the significance of giving samples before purchase.

From our experience, it is much easier to purchase the right coffee after experimenting with samples. 

How to choose the right coffee subscription

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Here are some things to consider


How often you will receive your shipment depend on a number of factors, including the number of cups you drink per day and your financial prowess. Depending on how often you brew coffee, make sure to choose a frequency that works for you well.

Your preferences

It is a plus to know your coffee preferences before committing to any subscriptions. If you are not sure what your preferences are, you can count on the company’s curators (if available) to make the right decision.  

Shipping cost

Do you have to pay a shipping fee? Or is it free to ship? Keep an eye out for all shipping costs with any subscription you choose to avoid any confusion after placing your order.

For example, MistoBox slaps you with a $5 shipping cost for every bag you order.

Best alternatives

If MistoBox is not for you and you are looking to expand your coffee horizons, consider giving the following a shot:

The Angels’ Cup subscription

Don’t you like the idea of scanning through hundreds of choices? Then consider signing up for an Angels’ Cup subscription. Each box contains blind tastings of various artisan coffees, and you can use their app to record the details and personal notes of each tasting and join the conversation with a larger coffee community.

Angels’ Cup’s way of sending out samples and then using an app to share notes makes it an entirely unique offering.

The Atlas Coffee Club subscription

Looking to give your tastebuds a huge surprise? The Atlas Coffee Club will send you the coffee you are looking for and educate you on the coffee in the process. 

Each shipment comes with a postcard from the country of origin, brewing information, and tasting notes about both the coffee and the region it came from.


A MistoBox subscription ensures you receive the best coffee from the best roasters at an affordable cost. Once you make it clear about the kind of experience you are looking for, MistoBox does everything possible to satisfy your carving. Not to mention that its flexibility is something you will love.

Give it a shot!

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