Keurig K200 vs K250: The Differences, Comparison and Review

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The K200 and K250 lie among Keurig’s wide variety of brewers. Like many equally named Keurig models, these two products have aroused confusion among buyers who happen to come across them.

We’d have been in the same confusion boat hadn’t the specialists in our team tested and given us feedback. That’s why we decided to write everything down and point out the differences and similarities between them.

Keurig K200 vs K250

Read further and find out what they are.

When Keurig launched the K250 after the K200, it was sensible to assume that the K250 would be upgraded. However, it wasn’t. There’s no significant change that can be seen. The plain truth is that they look so alike that even the manufacturers can be tricked into picking the incorrect one!

Then the big question is, why exactly are they named differently?

Keurig K200 Plus Series
Keurig K200 Plus Series
Keurig K250 Coffee Maker
Keurig K250 Coffee Maker

The answer lies with the accessories incorporated in K250.

K250 has an extra charcoal filter, 4 sample K-cup pods, and a descaling solution. You’ll like the samples, especially when you don’t have enough pods in the store! 


Made in different colors, from violet to pearl white and jade green, both K200 and K250 will have a unit that will suit your kitchen decoration.

However, the K200 has some extra colors, such as a unique hue of turquoise. You should have them checked out while they’re still available.

Both units can be seen to have a simple build with a black and white touch display on the outside.

As against the previous designs, they’re more compact and slender, thereby saving some much-needed cabinet space. After all, it’s a genuine indication to prove that the manufacturers have heard consumer complaints. However, they’re about 14 inches tall – quite higher than the previous designs.

Now you understand what Keurig did to make up with the space saved horizontally! So remember to verify beforehand that they won’t clash with your kitchen cabinets.

Bells and Whistles

If a brewer enables you to personalize your brew, then it’s an added benefit.

That’s why the high altitude setting, strength control option, and the options to dispense hot cocoa seen in these models are profoundly valued.

These are probably the only affordable brewers with high-altitude settings if you reside in a high-altitude environment. It can be selected to lower the general temperature of the brewing system.

If you choose to brew hot cocoa on a cold night, you might as well end up thanking your stars! The settings are so simple that it’ll pour you a cup of pure goodness in under a minute by touching the screen.

Hot cocoa would probably be one of your favorites, judging from what trickles out of these machines!

You spent extra bucks for those additional buttons anyway, so utilize them and customize your brew in every way possible!


We just spoke about hot cocoa, but the more good stuff isn’t here yet.

K200 and K250 support K-cups from at least 60 recognized brands; if they are not in the market, you can hold on to your ground coffee as well.

More exciting is that they even fit with K-vue, K-mug, and K-carafe pods. You don’t have to second guess about serving your guests anymore; they offer up to nine brew sizes in total!

However, the package neither includes a carafe nor a reusable filter. So you need to spend little extra bucks and buy them separately.


The Keurig 2.0 Plus line’s brewers are designed with luxury, for they’re super easy to use.

Some even say they operate the machines every morning with their eyes still closed from sleep!

Water doesn’t take more than half a minute to heat up, and these two machines ensure your cup is filled with coffee in less than a minute.

Better still:

The drip tray can be removed and help you hold your favorite mug if it is less than 7 inches in height.

The water reservoir, however, can only accommodate 40 ounces in both models. Though detachable and easy to fill, they’ll require regular refills in residence with many coffee lovers.


The reservoirs are manufactured with a water-level window. This would help you watch out for the water level and get ready for a refill in advance.


We discussed earlier in the article that both models are alike from the outside.


The inside is the same too. Both these units utilize a similar pump system for the extraction of flavors from pods and coffee grounds. There’s no distinction in both units’ tastes – once again showing that they are the same.

What’s the Bottom Line? 

Considering all the factors listed, it’s quite simple to conclude. If you already own the extra accessories, such as the descaling solution and charcoal filters sold with K250, there’s no need to pay extra bucks paying a higher price for the K250. You can go for the K200.


If you don’t have them already, we’d advise you to purchase the K250 because the total price is more rational than buying them singly.

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