9 Best Italian Coffee Brands

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What are the best Italian coffee brands for brewing the perfect cup of joe?

Italy is the origin of many great things, including a coffee type we all adore: Italian beans! An Italian roasted bean is a dark roast, almost an espresso. Learn more with us if you’re all for the smoky and strong notes!

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9 best Italian coffee brands

Illy Classico Whole Bean Coffee

On top of our list is the brand loved by many: Illy. Beans from this company are Direct Trade sourced, which is a means to streamline the supply chain. In other words, they do work directly with the farmers. 

This blend is simple but satisfying. It does not contain house-complex flavors while remaining strong enough to give quite a caffeine punch. It has chocolate notes and a smoky taste with its 100% Arabica beans. The downside? It might be too pricey for some!


  • Direct trade
  • Ethical
  • Classic dark flavors
  • 100% Arabica beans


  • Pricey
  • Not that complex

Lavazza ‘Gran Espresso’ Whole Bean

For Italian espressos, this is our pick. The Lavazza Gran Espresso houses plenty of crema with dark and chocolatey flavors. The beans are sourced from Uganda, Brazil, and Honduras.

This espresso houses a unique but greatly loved spicy flavor, just enough for that delicious kick. It has a full body and is dark-roasted with hints of fruity notes. If brewed correctly, you’ll see that the complex notes will be emphasized in ways that make it an even better cup.

What if you’re not an espresso kind of person? Simple! Throw it into your French Press. Make sure to grind it a bit more coarsely for this brewing method. 


  • Lots of cream
  • Delicious spice notes


  • Lacks fruity and bright flavors

Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Coffee Blend

Truly one of Lavazza’s classic variants is the Lavazza Super Crema Whole Bean Blend. Ask any Italians, and they’d know this. It is that iconic! This variant offers a consistent cup every time, but note that it’s not the most exciting and complex bean on the market.

This satisfies many palates with notes of fruit, honey, and nuts. It’s versatile, as you may enjoy it alone or pair it with your favorite add-ons! Plus, this one has the brand’s classic and fluffy crema goodness. 


  • Consistent
  • Lots of crema


  • May be too fruity for some

Lavazza Crema e Gusto

For those who prefer pre-ground Italian Roast, run fast and order this one because we adore it! The brand ensures that these are tightly packed to keep them fresh for longer. Keep in mind that ground means stale pretty quickly, so storing them this way delays the process.

Rich in delicious crema and chocolate notes, it’s easy to enjoy this coffee. It has some rich bitterness that does not throw it off. However, this variant is on the dark side, so expect a bolder flavor and, as stated, some bitterness. 


  • Packaged strategically
  • Convenient
  • Bold flavor


  • May be too bitter for some

Lavazza Dek Ground Coffee Blend

Are you the type to crave coffee late in the day? Then get yourself a Dek Blend from Lavazza. This is our top pick for decaf Italian coffee, so you can access coffee without risking sleep deprivation.

This one is best brewed in an espresso machine, but other methods will work well if you don’t have one. This houses some dark notes but without excessive bitterness. It’s a relatively strong cup despite it not having caffeine.


  • Great price
  • Consistent


  • Lacks fruity notes

Illy Coffee Decaffeinated Ground Coffee

As previously said, Illy is well-known across the globe for its coffee. Still, the Illy Decaf is the ideal and delectable alternative for those who wish to experience all the advantages of coffee while consuming less caffeine.

However, remember that Decaf coffee does not imply it is caffeine-free.

When coffee lovers think about decaf, the first thing that springs to mind is a coffee with less caffeine, but the flavor is somewhat disappointing compared to regular coffee.

The Illy Decaf is an exception to this rule since it retains the flavor while assisting you in lowering your regular caffeine intake. However, when you taste this coffee, anticipate chocolate and caramel tastes that will make you never want to drink regular coffee again.

This flavorful beverage will leave you with the aromas of chocolate and dried fruit as an aftertaste.


  • Great priceWhile being decaf, the taste is preserved.
  • Arabica beans of the highest quality
  • Aftertaste of chocolate and dried fruit is enticing.
  • Made up of 9 of the world’s best Arabica coffee suppliers.
  • Consistent


  • A little pricey

Segafredo Intermezzo Kaffee Espresso

Segafredo (also known as Segafredo Zanetti) is the most popular Italian coffee brand, with over 14 billion Euros. Massimo Zanetti founded the firm, which has grown significantly during the previous 15 years.

Some activities use Segafredo products worldwide, which has helped grow the brand, which is currently accessible in over 100 countries.

Segafredo coffee has fruity aromas with subtleties that range from gentle to soft-sweet. It never has a harsh or unpleasant flavor.

Segafredo’s coffee beans are generally sourced from Peru, Brazil, and Costa Rica. In Brazil, the corporation has a processing factory. Coffee beans are processed, roasted, and packaged in this factory before being exported worldwide.

Caffe Kimbo Espresso Napoletano

Kimbo was established in 1963 in the Italian city best associated with coffee. The brand may be traced back to the “Café do Brasil” organization. In the 1950s, it was also created in Naples to roast coffee for bars and household consumption.

Kimbo maintained second place after Lavazza in the Italian coffee market in 1994 and is now represented across Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, and the Middle East. “Made in Italy” is also a best-seller in this country.

They introduced Italian coffee to the globe while emphasizing Naples’ espresso’s qualities. These are two of the company’s main goals. The items are sold both in Italy and beyond.

Starbucks Dark Roast Ground Coffee

Love Starbucks coffee but don’t want to leave the house every time you need a cup? Purchase this pre-ground Italian roast coffee from Starbucks and prepare it at home.

It is not an authentic Italian coffee but has a comparable flavor and character. This grind produces a full-bodied coffee with a powerful and robust flavor.

It is evident that it is not one of the Italian coffee brands, yet it is blended and roasted in Italy.

As a result, you will have the same flavor as the drinks served at local coffee shops. This cup of drink may be appropriate to reflect on Italian coffee culture.

Last but not least, you’d be ecstatic if you discovered secret delights like marshmallows and dark chocolate. We assure you that it will be some of the greatest ground coffee you’ve ever had.


  • There will be no grinding.
  • Notes of chocolate and toasted marshmallow obtained ethically
  • Aroma is ideal.


  • The taste balance might be improved.
  • Quite costly

History of Italian coffee

Did you know that church members did not like the idea when coffee was first introduced? This reached the point when Christians urged Pope Clement VIII to forbid the “devil’s drink.” Fortunately, the Pope loved how it tasted, so he did otherwise.

Pope Clement VIII

There are several Italian ground coffee types, and Arabica is the most popular. It makes up three-quarters of coffee production worldwide. Even espresso is said to have originated in Italy!

Italian coffee experts seek nothing but perfection. That remains to be true today, where they preserve tradition but also ensure to keep on innovating. Two of the most famous Italian coffee brands are Illy and Lavazza, and of course, we have to let you know about them!

If you prefer to read our full article comparing Lavazza vs. Illy.

Buyer’s guide

shallow focus photo of man in white suit jacket

There is a lot of Italian coffee in the market, and finding the right one for you may not be easy. But with patience and some knowledge, we hope that you meet your perfect blend! Here, we’ve compiled some guides to help you get an inch closer to your Italian coffee.

Italian roast vs. Italian coffee

Italian coffee is coffee blended and roasted in Italy. In contrast, an Italian roast is a coffee roasted to Italy’s level of darkness/oiliness without regard to where it was roasted. 

An Italian roast is a medium-to-dark roast that’s widely loved, especially in Southern Italy. These are roasted until the oil starts to surface. This roast level works well for espressos because more decadent flavors can come through. Additionally, it has been stated that this roast lacks oil that prevents brewer damage. 

Italian roast vs. French Roast

When it comes to strength, both roasts are almost even because they are both roasted dark. However, the French roast is darker in color and has fewer oils on the surface. On the other hand, the Italian roast is a lot shinier because of the oil content.


No, Italian coffee is not grown in Italy. While a handful may grow their Italian coffee beans, the big brands in the market do not. Therefore, no commercial coffee is grown in Italy. 

The goodness that is an Italian coffee

Italian coffee has truly taken the world by storm. So naturally, it is loved by a lot of coffee enthusiasts around the world. But can we blame them? They ensure that their beans are grown in the best growing conditions, and they know how to work around their blends quite exquisitely. 

We have the Italian coffee brands to thank for making Italian coffee available for us, and it seems they only get better and better with time! Thank you, Italy!

Are Italian coffees strictly roasted espresso?

Although Italian roasts are largely roasted as espressos, not all Italian coffees are Italian roasts. As discussed, they are two different things. Today, you can find Italian coffees that are roasted medium to dark. Light roasts are available, but not as much as the darker roasts. 

Brewing the Italian way

The most Italian means to brew coffee is through an espresso machine. This is just how they are, which is why most of their coffee is made to be brewed as espresso. There is no one way to explain the complexity of the Italian coffee culture, but yes, they mostly drink espresso-based beverages. 

If you want to do it the way Italians do, here are some fun facts:

  • Italians enjoy their coffee thrice daily: morning, lunch, and afternoon.
  • However, they drink cappuccinos and lattes almost exclusively for breakfast and brunch only. 
  • On the other hand, espressos and macchiato are savored throughout the day.; 
  • The closest alternative to drip coffee is an Americano.

Final words

So yes, the best Italian coffee brands are the two top Italian brands: Illy and Lavazza, with the former being top tier. Others like Kimbo and Segafredo are great Italian brands but not as popular as Illy and Lavazza. We have also enumerated our best picks, including a decaf option! Italian coffee is a great coffee to fall in love with, so try some!

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