Is Eating Coffee Beans Safe?

Is It Healthy to Eat Coffee Beans?

All You Need to Know

Coffee lovers have undoubtedly crunched several beans after opening a new bag. The question is; is it safe to eat coffee beans? This article highlights everything you need to know. Let’s discuss.

 The Basics on Coffee beans

Coffee beans are extracted from coffee cherries. The cherry covers are stripped off to expose the beans which are dried up. These raw beans are roasted on a scale of light to dark. These roasted beans are ground and brewed to make our favorite beverage of all time.

Can You Eat Roasted Coffee Beans?

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Yes, you can eat coffee beans, but with moderation. These beans are, however, better when you dilute them in water or milk. Eating roasted beans will give you both good and bad effects of the beans.

Is Eating Coffee Beans Healthy?

Eating coffee beans has many positive health benefits that outweigh the negatives. One significant advantage is that coffee is a high antioxidant. Eating raw beans can protect one from inflammation, cardiovascular disease, and plenty of other conditions. Undiluted whole coffee beans have extra antioxidants in them.

A nutrition alert you must know is that 1oz of coffee beans contain 13g carbs, 85 calories, and 11g fiber.

Are There Any Bad Side Effects of Eating Coffee Beans?

You can’t miss a few negativities despite there being many benefits of eating raw beans. If your drinking coffee gives you heartburns, kindly avoid eating its beans because they will bring worse effects than the drink. Eating excess beans leads to a laxative effect and too high cholesterol. Expectant and lactating mothers must avoid caffeine and acidic beverages as it is not healthy for the baby.

What is the Caffeine Content in Roasted Beans?


Before eating the beans, you might consider knowing the additional caffeine you are ingesting. Caffeine is associated with health benefits like protection against diabetes, Parkinson’s, some types of cancer, and enhanced memory protection.

However, people have different tolerance levels to caffeine. The recommended safe levels are 400mg a day, including kids. That is about 4 cups of brewed coffee daily (6mg per coffee bean). Consider evaluating other caffeinated drinks you are taking apart from coffee.

What are the Signs of Taking Too Much Caffeine?

There are times when you take too much coffee. That could lead to jitters, headache, mood swings, muscle tremors, insomnia, and heart palpitations. This is common when you consume over 500mg daily.

Prolonged overconsumption of caffeine could lead to high blood pressure, liver damage, and addiction. Withdrawal from coffee addiction can take some time. Eating coffee beans have the same health concerns or even worse.

What Beans Should I eat? Dark or Light Roast Beans?

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From a professional point of view, medium to dark roast beans is tastier to eat. It is best if they are oilier. However, it all depends on personal preference. The National Coffee Association recommends eating lighter roasts because they have slightly higher caffeine content. Best follow their tips because they are the pros of coffee!

Can I Eat Ground Coffee?

Yes, ground coffee is safe to consume but again in moderation. Ground coffee is an excellent body scrub, a good fertilizer, and supports many other household uses.

This article has helped dispel some of your worst fears and concerns about coffee. You know the extremes of the beans that you need to make and consume for a tasty cup of coffee.