Illy vs. Lavazza Coffee Comparison Review

Illy vs. Lavazza Coffee Review

Taking coffee is an everyday enjoyable experience for many coffee lovers, as many people enjoy this ritual every morning and sometimes during the day. It could be a cup of Italian coffee, a macchiato, an espresso, or a cappuccino. However, there is always a debate on which Italian coffee is the best. Many times, it is usually between the Illy and Lavazza.

The Illy and Lavazza are very popular coffee brands throughout Italy, and in many other countries, they are also enjoyed. Before choosing the best brand, you need to understand what each brand is about and how it can benefit you as a coffee lover. We have provided a detailed comparison of the two brands for you, which is guaranteed to help your decision-making process. 

If you love coffee, then you may drink both the Illy and the Lavazza. These companies have been making coffee for many decades now, and they know the ropes of the game. The Illy and Lavazza have a larger consumer base and are more popular than other coffee brands like Kimbo and Danesi. The two brands offer special types of coffee, but they differ in some ways. Before you choose one, you need to know what is different about them.

1. Brand overview. 

Coffee from Illy and Lavazza may look very similar, but many things are different about these drinks. They both originate from Italy, but they are very different when it comes to flavor and aroma.


Illy logo

Lily was founded later than Lavazza in 1933 in Italy by Francesco Illy and named after the founder. The Illy brand is currently run as a family business, with a descendant of the founder now in charge of the business. In many countries globally, people take Illy coffee, and it is known for its quality. It is enjoyed by many because of its unique blend and three different types of roasts. Illy has continued to expand its product base. Recently, it introduced the arabica beans roast, which was gotten from different countries of the world, including Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, Colombia, and India.



Lavazza has been in the business for over 120 years now and is known as one of the world’s oldest Italian coffee brands. It can now be seen in numerous countries today but was found in Turin, Italy, in 1895. The company was named after its founder Luigi Lavazza just like Illy, and it is also a family-run business. Between the two coffee brands, Lavazza is the larger one when annual revenue is taken into consideration. Lavazza also has a higher number of employees than Illy and is committed to ensuring sustainability in coffee production and quality.

2. Beans Used

 Coffee beans used by the two brands come from different countries of the world. However, each company prefers particular types of coffee beans for its production. Illy produces coffee from 100% arabica beans and is regarded as a key producer of premium coffee. Some products from the Illy brand are also blends of robusta beans and Arabica beans produced under certain conditions.

Lavazza produces coffee mainly as a rich blend of arabica and robusta. On the other hand, 100% arabica coffee is made from Lavazza. 

3. Coffee Products Available

The two brands produce different coffee types to satisfy their consumers’ needs and the high demand for numerous kinds of coffee. Illy manufactures five different coffee products, and they are whole coffee beans, k-cup pods, capsules, ground coffee, and capsules. These products also have different varieties, like the whole beans with seven types. 

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Just like Illy, Lavazza also makes different coffee products to cater to the demands and needs of the market. They produce four coffee groups: instant coffee, whole beans coffee, espresso coffee capsules, and ground coffee, and these categories of coffee from Lavazza also have many varieties. The whole beans category has a variety that is a blend of arabica and robusta. The other variety is one hundred percent arabica.

4. Coffee Aroma and Flavor


 Different aromas from the various types of coffee largely depend on the kind of coffee beans used. The Illy brand produces coffee, which has an aroma that is not commonly seen. It is a mild acidic and sharp aroma with a pleasant and rich flavor.

The taste of Lavazza coffee reflects the blend of robusta and arabica coffee beans. The coffee has a soft color, and the aroma is that of chocolates mixed with fruits. The medium roasted coffee beans used to make Lavazza give it the blend of flavors that consumers enjoy. Many coffee types’ flavor depends on different factors like the coffee beans’ freshness because fresh coffee will have a rich flavor. Another factor that affects flavor and aroma is the brewing method. If different machines are used in brewing coffee, different types of flavors and aromas may be produced.


5. Coffee Packaging 

Coffee packaging matters to many coffee drinkers. They choose coffee based on the aesthetics of the packaging or how portable or convenient it is. The packaging is also another factor that contributes to the freshness of the coffee. Illy and Lavazza brands put commendable efforts into packaging their coffee, but Illy pays attention to detail as their packaging involves airtight and high-pressure metal canisters and seals. They also use many safe preservation methods like using methylene chloride.

Lavazza coffee packaging can either be metal or paper, but their canisters are pressurized just like Illy packaging, and their paper packaging is vacuum-packed. These types of packaging used by both brands keep the coffee drinks fresh.

6. Average Beans Prices 

Different factors determine the costs of purchasing coffee from Illy and Lavazza, and these factors can be a type of coffee, quantity, and coffee roast. Therefore, it is impossible to give a definite price, but you save more when you purchase larger amounts of coffee from them. Lavazza is relatively cheaper when compared to Illy when making wholesale and retail purchases. Sometimes, buying in bulk is accompanied by free shipping, so it is a win-win

Which One is Better? 

Illy and Lavazza brands and now household names when coffee is considered, and they have made their mark in their country of origin and different countries of the world. It cannot be easy for anyone to choose one over the other, even with a coffee drinking experience.

Each brand may satisfy some people’s needs and may not work for others, so you need to know your preference, and that would help you make your decision between Illy and Lavazza. But if you are looking for a rich and unique coffee taste and you do not mind spending some extra few bucks, Illy is for you. On the other hand, if you are not looking to spend too much and want coffee with a good blend of flavors and mild acidity, choose Lavazza.

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