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One of my favorite coffee maker, the French Press is used to produce a perfect cup of coffee from the coffee beans. It uses some hot water, coffee grounds, and you’ll get a delicious coffee with just a gentle push. I’ve made cold brew with a French Press, but what about using it to make tea?

Then let’s see how to use a French press machine to make a cup of tea.

french press and tea making

Use the french press to produce a cup of tea

So here we are, to help you make a French Press cup of tea!

Get the best tea

The first thing to do is find yourself a great raw tea. There are a lot of different types of tea than you think. Heck, there’s even tea that almost taste like coffee.

Please don’t use tea that are already in the bag, that would be pointless. Finding loose leaf teas and maybe mixing up Lavender and Chamomile loose leaf would be a great calming option. There’s no wrong choice here, it’s really your taste buds.

Boil a bit of water

The most critical thing for making a cup of tea is the leaves in the water after tea. To add it into the French Press, you need to have some boiling water and then remove the tea from the tea leaves.

So, you need to boil the water perfectly well after you pick the right tea leaf for yourself. What makes the tea scent and flavor amazing is some pleasant hot water.

What temperature should you boil water for tea?

Water for white and green teas should usually be 170-185 degrees Fahrenheit. Brewing Oolong between 180 and 190. And black and herbal teas should be brewed at 208-212 degrees.

Here are a few water temperature according to each individual blend.  Thereafter, you can adjust according to your personal taste.

Tea / InfusionsWater TemperatureSteep Time
Green Tea150 to 160 degrees F.1 to 3 minutes
White Tea180 degrees F.4 to 8 minutes
Oolong190 degrees F1 to 8 minutes
Black Tea210 degrees F3 to 10 minutes
Herbal (tisanes), Rooibos210 degrees F5 to 10 minutes

Do not let your water boil for an extended period of time, as this draws out the oxygen, which is necessary for the flavor extraction.

Can water be too hot for tea?

Water being too hot remove tannins and kill other attractive tea compounds. Hot water thermal shock can also burn sensitive tea leaves. Bitter, astringent, and unbalanced brew can result.

However, minerals aren’t “degraded” by boiled water, and tea flavanoid compounds aren’t broken down by the low temperatures used to boil water. However, vitamins degrade when exposed to heat, particularly vitamin C.

Add your ingredients of choice

Here you’ll need some tea leaves and some hot water if you want to have black tea with many earthy flavors and an intense teacup. But if you want to get cream tea or milk tea, you can get some milk or cream for yourself before the water heats.

Perhaps, if you like a nice flavor to your tea, you’re free to add some sugar or honey to it to your taste.

Or try adding slices of your favorite fruits for fruity infusion.

So, please get the stuff ready before using the French press.

Add the ingredients to the pot

Once you’ve obtained everything you need, you’ll get the French Press according to the capacity to produce as much tea as you want.

Placed the tea leaves inside the press at the bottom of the cup, the same spot where the coffee is held. Now kindly apply some hot boiling water to the press. Later, you’ll have to stir it properly enough that the tea’s substance and the water can be combined and immersed in the water.

If you want to sweeten the tea, you should add some sugar or honey to the cup. Or maybe today, when the tea is ready, you should do it.

Have some patience

After all the ingredients and the products have been added, and now that you’ve combined them properly, leave them for a few minutes. Let the raw tea leaves exchange their flavors with the water as much as possible. This is how rich, intense tea can be prepared.

Press the plunger

So, after a while, you’ve got to put the plunger, filter, and lid combination on top of the pot. Push the plunger, which would slowly and softly force the filter down. The water inside the container will be pressurized, and the tea leaves will also be pressurized likewise.

Because of this, the ideal combination of water and tea essence is what you get at the top of the filter. This is how the tastes are derived from the French Press tea leaves.

Enjoy your tea

Help yourself with a cup of french press tea and drink some real fresh tea. Add milk or cream if you want to or darken it and relax.

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