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How to Make an Iced Mocha

How to Make an Iced Mocha

Everything You Need to Create an Iced Mocha Latte Beverage at Home

Nothing is like going to a favorite coffeehouse and ordering an iced mocha latte made freshly before your eyes, but just what goes into an iced mocha, anyway? And more importantly, how are those ingredients put together to make the classic coffeehouse drink?

An iced mocha is an iced latte with chocolate sauce added to a combination of espresso and cold milk. Other flavors may be added to the iced mocha, raspberry or peppermint being popular additions.

Here are the steps to making a 12 ounce iced mocha.

Iced Mocha

Basics of an Iced Mocha

Begin an iced mocha with about two ounces of mocha sauce (dark chocolate syrup). After pulling the shots, add them to the chocolate syrup to melt it.

Finally, pour milk into the drink, stir well, and add ice. Standard iced mocha lattes at most coffeehouses use 2% milk, but any kind of milk will work for an iced mocha. The use of skim milk makes a skinny iced mocha, and the use of half-and-half makes a breve iced mocha.

The Chocolate Sauce

Pour or pump about two ounces of chocolate sauce or syrup into the desired cup. Torani brand chocolate sauce makes a great mocha, and many coffeehouses use this brand. Torani and other popular brands are available at most specialty food stores in a smaller size.

Variations of the iced mocha include the white mocha which uses white chocolate sauce instead of chocolate, the raspberry mocha, and the peppermint mocha. Many coffeehouses and coffee lovers have created their own variations.

Pulling the Shots of Espresso

Grind the espresso beans just before pulling the shots for the best flavor. Load the fresh grinds into the portafilter handle, and tamp level before inserting into the espresso machine. Be sure to pull shots between 16-26, preferably between 18-23.

Immediately after pulling satisfactory shot(s), pour two into the cup with the mocha sauce to save them. For less coffee taste, use only one shot, and if an extra shot is desired, use three. Gently swirl the cup to melt the hot espresso into the sauce. The espresso has a 10 second window before it begins losing flavor and increasing in bitterness if it is not added to a flavor or milk.

Finishing Touches and Tips

After pouring the espresso into the cup, pour about 10 ounces of cold milk into the cup. Stir the iced mocha well. Fill the remaining space with ice cubes, and serve the iced mocha.

Remember that pulling shots of espresso can be difficult, especially when under pressure to do so quickly. Be sure to pull test shots before beginning any drink to know the tamping level that should be used.