How to Make a Triple Espresso

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When I used to go to Starbucks, I thought it was a waste to order an Americano, especially an iced Americano. I always ordered a Doppio or three shots over ice because it would eventually melt, but you get more caffeine.

Are you like me? Are you a coffee lover who’s looking for a new way to get your caffeine fix? Do you have an espresso machine and want to try something more advanced? If so, then this blog post is for you! We’ll teach you how to make a triple espresso – the perfect blend of strong, smooth, and delicious.


Gather Materials

Making a triple espresso requires a few basic materials.

You will need a good quality espresso machine, a portafilter, freshly-ground coffee beans, a cup or mug for your espresso, and some milk and sugar optionally. Make sure to have enough beans to make at least three espresso shots. A burr grinder is recommended for consistent grind size, but any grinder will work. Make sure to have filtered water available for your espresso machine. Once you’ve gathered the necessary materials, you can begin making your triple espresso.

Select Your Beans

Selecting the right beans for your triple espresso can make a world of difference in your drink’s flavor, aroma, and overall quality. You want to find high-quality, freshly roasted, and flavorful beans. Popular espresso roasts include medium-dark or dark roasts with a more intense flavor profile.

However, if you prefer a milder espresso, you can look for a lighter roast. Additionally, you should look for beans that are specifically labeled as espresso-roast beans. These beans are often created with a blend of different types of beans and are designed to produce the perfect espresso shot.

Once you have found the right beans for your espresso, measure out around 18-22g of beans into your portafilter. This will help ensure that you get the right balance of flavor and strength in your drink.

Grind the Beans

When it comes to grinding beans for espresso, accuracy is key. For best results, use a coffee grinder designed specifically for espresso. Grind the beans to a medium-fine consistency, similar to table salt. This will ensure the extraction time is just right, and you’ll pull a beautiful shot.

Be sure to measure out the correct amount of beans for your shot, as this will affect the taste and strength of your espresso. Once the beans are ground, you’re ready to prepare the portafilter.

Prepare the Portafilter

Preparing the portafilter is an important step in making a triple espresso.

  • First, tap the portafilter on the counter a couple of times to ensure the puck goes under the basket’s edge.
  • Then insert and tighten it into place until it feels snug and tight.
  • Now you can place your scale and cup on the drip tray and insert the portafilter into the group head.
  • After adding the necessary amount of coffee powder, use a tamper to tamp the grounds once.
  • Make sure that the tampered grounds are evenly distributed and level before continuing. This will ensure that the espresso shot extracts correctly.

Preheat the Espresso Machine

Preheating the espresso machine is important in making a great triple espresso. To start, turn on the machine and wait for it to heat up. In heat-exchange and multi-boiler espresso machines, it usually takes at least 30 minutes for the boilers, the piping, tubing, and the group head to achieve a temperature that produces consistent and outstanding espresso.

This way, you can ensure that your espresso is extracted at the proper temperature. Once the machine is preheated, you can proceed with inserting and locking in the portafilter. This step is essential for a quality shot of espresso that is full of flavor. Preheating allows for a more even extraction and a better cup of coffee.

Insert and Lock in the Portafilter


Making a triple espresso shot requires a bit of finesse and practice, but it’s doable! Before getting started, make sure you have a portafilter that fits your espresso machine. With the portafilter in hand, insert it into your espresso machine’s group head and lock it in place.

Make sure the rubber (or sometimes silicone) gasket that the portafilter presses up against is clean and dry, as this prevents any coffee grounds from entering the machine and creating an unpleasant taste. Once the portafilter is locked in, you’re ready to pull your shot!

Set Pressure and Time for Extraction

Setting the pressure and time for extraction is key to making a great espresso. The pressure should be set at around 9 bar or 9 atmospheres, and the time should be between 25 and 30 seconds. This will yield a shot of approximately 50-60 ml of espresso. It is important to note that the extraction time may vary depending on the type of coffee beans and grind size used. Once you have the pressure and time set, it is time to start extracting the espresso shot.

espresso cups on espresso maker

Start Extracting the Espresso Shot

Once you firmly have your portafilter, it’s time to start extracting the espresso shot. Regarding espresso extraction, the time and pressure settings will depend on the size of the shot you are trying to pull.

A double espresso should take 25-30 seconds to extract, while a single espresso should take only 20-25 seconds. If you are going for a triple, then you should set your pressure and time accordingly, aiming for a total extraction time of around 35-40 seconds. Make sure you have a stopwatch on hand, as precision is key in making espresso.

Press the button on the machine designated for pulling the shot(s), and either wait or time the shot if the machine does not have a built-in timer. The perfect shot is between 18 and 23 seconds. When shots are added to an espresso beverage, a good shot is between 16 and 26 seconds, but the shots should be perfect for a triple espresso. The mark of a great shot is a golden-colored froth that separates on top of the shot — the crema.

Stop Extraction When Desired Volume is Reached

Once you have the desired amount, press the button to stop the water flow. This amount is 25-30 ml for a single espresso. The volume should be around 60-70 ml if you want a double shot. For a triple shot, you should aim for 90-105 ml. Pay close attention to the volume during extraction and adjust the grind size and pressure if needed.

Remove and Discard Used Grounds

Once you are finished extracting the espresso shot, it is important to remove and discard the used grounds. The best way to do this is to place the portafilter on a folded towel before tamping, which will help absorb any remaining liquid.

You can then use a knock box for easy tamping and discarding the grounds. Make sure to dispose of them appropriately, as coffee grounds can be composted and even used as a gentle scrub for floors and pots.

Pour Espresso into Cup or Mug

cup of coffee on coffeemaker

Once the extraction process is complete, it is time to pour the espresso into the cup or mug of your choice. Depending on your preference, you can pull the shot directly into the cup or pour it from the portafilter. If you choose to pull the shot directly into the cup, make sure you preheat the cup with hot water beforehand.

Add Milk and Sugar

Adding milk and sugar to your triple espresso is a great way to customize the flavor and sweetness to your preference. If you like your espresso black, you can skip this step. However, if you prefer a sweeter coffee, adding a splash of milk or a teaspoon of sugar can make all the difference.

Add flavorings, such as vanilla syrup or cinnamon, to create a unique taste. Once you’ve added the milk and sugar (or other flavorings), stir it until it is fully combined. Taste your espresso and adjust the sweetness to your liking. Now you have a delicious triple espresso that you can enjoy!

Stir Until Combined

Once your espresso shot is extracted and you’ve added milk and sugar, stir until all ingredients are combined. This will ensure that the espresso and milk are evenly distributed. Stirring also helps to create a frothy and creamy texture, one of the main characteristics of a great-tasting espresso.

If you add any additional flavors, such as cocoa powder, amaro, or instant espresso powder, make sure to stir these ingredients until no streaks remain. With the right technique and ingredients, you can create a delicious triple-shot espresso that will leave you wanting more.

Taste and Adjust to Preference

Once you’ve pulled a triple espresso shot, it’s time to test the flavor and adjust it according to your taste. Start by taking a sip and evaluating the flavor. If the shot tastes sour and under-extracted, you can adjust the time or grind size to get a more extracted flavor.

If it’s too strong and bitter, you may need to use a coarser grind and reduce the extraction time. Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments, try again and repeat the process until you get a cup of coffee that suits your preference. With practice and patience, you can soon become an espresso master!


Making a triple espresso is a great way to enjoy the rich, full-bodied flavor and intense aroma of espresso. It takes a bit of practice and patience, but with the right equipment and ingredients, you can make an excellent cup of espresso in no time.

You can produce professional-style espresso shots that impress your friends and family with the right balance of pressure, temperature and grind size. A triple espresso will delight your taste buds whether you enjoy it as is or topped with milk and sugar.


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