How to Make a Kahlua Coffee Martini Recipe

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on March 14th, 2023

Coffee Martini is a perfect blend of coffee and alcohol, which makes it an ideal after-dinner drink or a party starter. With the rich and robust taste of coffee and the kick of vodka, this drink has become a popular choice for coffee lovers who also enjoy a little bit of a buzz.

History or Origin:

The origin of the Coffee Martini is unclear, but it is believed that it was first created in the late 1990s in the United States. It gained popularity in the 2000s, and since then, it has become a hallmark of contemporary cocktail culture.

Kahlua Coffee Martini

Factoids about the Beverage:

  • A Coffee Martini is also known as an Espresso Martini or a Vodka Espresso.
  • It is usually served in a martini glass, but some variations of the drink are served on ice.
  • The drink is made using freshly brewed espresso, vodka, and coffee liqueur.


  • 2 oz vodka
  • 2 oz freshly brewed espresso
  • 1 oz coffee liqueur
  • 1 oz simple syrup
  • Ice
  • Coffee beans for garnish


  1. Brew the espresso and let it cool for a few minutes.
  2. Fill a shaker with ice.
  3. Add the vodka, coffee liqueur, simple syrup, and freshly brewed espresso.
  4. Shake vigorously for about 10 seconds.
  5. Strain the mixture into a martini glass.
  6. Garnish with a few coffee beans.


  • Salted Caramel Coffee Martini: Add 1 oz of salted caramel syrup and a pinch of sea salt before shaking.
  • Chocolate Coffee Martini: Add 1 oz of chocolate syrup or crème de cacao before shaking.
  • Irish Coffee Martini: Replace the vodka with Irish whiskey and add whipped cream on top.

Helpful Tips:

  • Use freshly brewed espresso for the best taste.
  • Use a shaker and not a blender to avoid overmixing the ingredients.
  • Chill the martini glass in the freezer for a few minutes before serving.
  • Use high-quality vodka for a smoother taste.
  • Use simple syrup instead of granulated sugar to avoid a grainy texture.
  • Use a strainer to prevent any coffee grounds from getting into the drink.
  • Garnish with coffee beans, chocolate shavings, or whipped cream for extra flavor.
  • If you don’t have coffee liqueur, you can substitute it with Kahlua or Tia Maria.
  • Adjust the amount of simple syrup according to your taste preference.
  • Serve the drink immediately after shaking to ensure that it is still cold and frothy.


A Coffee Martini is a perfect way to get your caffeine fix and a little buzz at the same time. It is easy to make, and with a few variations, you can turn it into a unique and flavorful drink. So, the next time you are in the mood for a cocktail, give the Coffee Martini a try, and you won’t be disappointed.

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