How to Clean Mold Hiding in Your Travel Mug Lid

How to Clean Mold Hiding in Your Travel Mug Lid

When was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your travel tumbler lid? Most people don’t wash their travel mug lids despite sipping their favorite drinks from them. What they don’t understand is that leaving the lids uncleaned exposes them to some dangerous mold. Yes, very dangerous molds that can hurt their health.

According to a viral Facebook post, a woman was stunned after removing the seal of her Yeti mug. It was fully coated in black mold. Your travel mug lid could also be full of such mold if you don’t clean it thoroughly.

But what causes mold to grow in the lids? 

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Naturally, mold thrives in damp and dark places. That explains why you are likely to find mold between the lid and removable seal that rarely sees the sunlight. If you ever take the seal off when cleaning your mug, moisture gets trapped inside, creating an excellent environment for mold spores to thrive. 

Is it safe to use a travel mug that has mold in it?

It is not safe to use such a travel tumbler. Some mold causes respiratory problems and allergic reactions. So, if you find mold in your lid and you have been feeling ill, contact your doctors immediately.

How to clean your travel tumbler 

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If you don’t want to ingest more than your brew, here is how to keep your travel mug clean and mold-free.

  • Take the whole thing apart

Before you start washing your mug, make sure to break it down into as many parts as possible. That way, you will be certain that your mug is clean and safe for use.

  • Use warm water and dish soap

Why warm water and soap and not cold water? Warm water makes the dish detergent more effective in removing bacterial, oil, and mold.

  • Get into hard-to-reach places

A quick wipe around the inside of your tumbler is not sufficient. To clean your mug well, you need to thoroughly clean every part, including those nooks that are hard to clean. Q-tips and pipe cleaners will come in handy when cleaning some of the suborn parts.

  • Dry all parts well before reassembling it

Don’t be in a hurry reassemble your tumbler. Give it time to dry and if in a hurry thoroughly towel-dry it. Otherwise, if you don’t dry all parts well, you will end up with a mold mess in no time.

Is it ok to use a dishwasher?

While using a dishwasher is a good option, be cautious as it not guaranteed to clean your cup well. If you must use a dishwasher, then make sure to follow all the guidelines clearly before tossing your mug. 


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