How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Baking Soda

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You likely have at least two cups of coffee drink per day. Often wonder when to clean and how to clean the coffee pot? Your coffee maker works many wonders, and because its exterior materials are black, it’s not always visible to the eyes.


Why should you clean your coffee maker?

The coffee-making machine works very hard to prepare a delicious and rich cup of coffee, full of flavor, every morning when the sun rises or splits through the day.

How to Clean a Coffee Maker with Baking Soda

Coffee, made of 98.7% water and 1.3% soluble plant, gets its color from the soluble plant that stains the coffee maker in a noticeable and adhering way.

If you’ve ever spent a little time dreaming about all the wonderful and satisfying cups of coffee drinks you’ve enjoyed while working by your computer, you‘ll know that the coffee maker is one of the most frequently used devices in your house.

Its daily use, many times a day, makes the coffer maker prone to bacteria that contaminate the machine, which is often caused by adding coffee grinding tablespoons which is a perishable good.

Suppose you’ve taken no quality time to treat your coffee maker like you’ve been treated. In that case, it will hurt the coffee‘s taste and quality, making it worse and harmful to your health because of the germs that pass on with every use of the dirty coffee maker. However, because of the coffee grind accumulation, it may clog and overflow at any time.

If the machine is dirty, it will also affect the smooth running of your coffee-making machine, giving your coffee drink an off-flavor and reducing the refreshing and satisfying quality.

The only workable solution for the machine is thoroughly cleaning your coffee maker. Vinegar, although there are plenty of alternatives like lemon juice, baking soda, bleaches, and so on, can clean your machine. Bleach can help to get rid of most of the machine’s germs, but its corrosive effect may hurt the machine, damaging its part and making it useless.

It is convenient and even cost-effective to use methods of natural ingredients to wash your coffee maker.

Using baking soda to clean the coffee maker

coffee maker

Baking soda is used in nearly every kitchen as a staple pantry or as a refrigerator deodorizer. The natural abrasive but safe nature of baking soda makes it a proper ingredient in the coffee maker‘s cleaning process. Baking soda was also used at home for cleaning because it’s cheap.

Baking soda is very popular, and the equipment is practical for cleaning coffee. Running baking soda solution through a coffee maker can also remove unpleasant odors and scrub away stains created in the coffee pot over time, washing the coffee pot and machine’s internal chambers.

The following steps should be taken when washing the coffee maker:

  • Remove the coffee maker filter and extract it
  • Fill the coffee carafe with a cup of slightly warm water
  • Apply a quarter of baking soda to the liquid in the coffee carafe, and shake the mixture in the coffee pot a little so that the baking soda dissolves in the heat. Coffee-making machine clogging may occur if the mixture is not dissolved and is in clumps; wash the inside of your coffee pot thoroughly using a scrubbing brush to remove the brown coffee stains.
  • Remove the baking soda and water solution into the reserve tank of the coffee maker and return the empty coffee pot into its original coffee-making position.
  • Switch to the coffee-making machine and leave until it completes a full cycle; during this phase, the already filthy baking soda and water solution should flow into the coffee carafe, washing alongside it.
  • Dispose of the dirty water in the coffee pot and thoroughly wash it again
  • Fill the reserve tank of the coffee maker with a full pot of clean water and let the machine run through a complete cycle to dispose of the heat.

The cycle should be repeated until it is clear and transparent as to how it was poured into the liquid entering the coffee pot.

To kill the flavor of your coffee maker‘s baking soda lasting, lemon juice can be nice to take this away.

In the coffee maker, add the lemon juice and run a loop of it once; this will take away the scent of baking soda, swapping it with the fresh lemon juice.

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