How to Brew Vietnamese Coffee Without a Filter

crazy by Editorial Staff | Posted on August 6th, 2023

From my many years as a coffee aficionado, I’ve learned that enjoying a cup of authentic Vietnamese coffee doesn’t necessarily require a traditional phin filter. As someone who appreciates the fine balance between a strong, dark roast and a sweet, creamy finish, I’ve taken it upon myself to experiment with various methods, finding reliable alternatives that work wonders.

My Journey with Vietnamese Coffee: The Espresso, Cold Brew, and French Press Methods

Experimentation has taught me that the key to Vietnamese coffee is its strong and concentrated nature. By mimicking this, you can replicate the experience using three other techniques: the espresso shot, cold brew concentrate, and the classic French press. These methods are tried and tested, with results measured against the traditional phin filter brew, so rest assured, they work.

Vietnamese coffee

The Espresso Shot: A Concentrated Alternative

One powerful substitute for phin coffee is a double espresso shot. The high concentration of an espresso mimics the robust mouthfeel and flavor profile that characterize Vietnamese coffee. My personal recommendation? Utilize either a Moka pot or a stovetop espresso maker to achieve the desired outcome.

Cold Brew Concentrate: A Rich and Cool Option

Your cold brew concentrate can also come to the rescue. The thick, rich extraction closely resembles a phin brew, making it a fantastic option for iced Vietnamese coffee.

The French Press Method: A Familiar Approach

This method requires no additional dilution and offers an experience almost identical to that of the phin filter. I’ve detailed my process below, to help you get started on your Vietnamese coffee journey:

  1. Start with grinding your coffee beans to a coarse or medium level. I’ve found that this gives the best balance of flavor and body.
  2. Add 1-2 tablespoons of your freshly ground coffee into your French press.
  3. Let the coffee steep for about 4-5 minutes. This allows the water to extract all the delicious flavors from the coffee.
  4. While you wait, pour some sweetened condensed milk into your mug. This gives the coffee its distinctive sweetness.
  5. After the brewing process is over, pour the coffee into your mug over the condensed milk.
  6. Feel free to add ice if you prefer a cooler beverage.
  7. Finally, savor your homemade Vietnamese coffee and enjoy!

This guide offers comprehensive instructions on how to grind coffee beans and where to purchase quality beans Vietnamese coffee. Additionally, you can find my top French presses recommendations for a seamless brewing experience.

While all the methods have their pros and cons, I can attest from first-hand experience that each one delivers a satisfying cup of Vietnamese coffee. The choice ultimately depends on your personal preferences and the tools you have at hand. I’ve distilled this list based on a combination of years of coffee-making experience and the joy of sharing this knowledge with others.

Focus on the quality of your coffee, the nuances of each brewing method, and the joy of brewing to ensure an enriching coffee experience. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a delightful cup of Vietnamese coffee that leaves you wanting more. With the right approach and some practice, you’re well on your way to brewing perfection. Enjoy the journey!

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