How Much Water Should I Drink After Coffee?

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Everyone knows that caffeinated coffee is the morning magic wand we need to fire up our day. The aroma and flavor of coffee give us hope when we can’t seem to wake up alert and prepared to face our hectic day.

We get the energy we need to get through the day from it. Coffee has many health advantages, like lowering your chance of developing cancer and type 2 diabetes and aiding in calorie burning. Still, it also has a terrible reputation for dehydrating people since it is a diuretic.

coffee and water

How much water should I drink after coffee?

Fortunately, it turns out that coffee isn’t as bad for you as you would believe. Because of coffee, our levels of hydration can vary over time. You will urinate more frequently and lose more water if you consume a lot of coffee in a short time. This indicates that to offset the diuretic impact of two cups of black tea or a cup of coffee, you also need to take one cup of water.

Your water requirements vary based on your body type and weight, but for active individuals, 2-4 liters per day is generally suggested. If you exercise frequently, you will need to drink more water since your muscles need more water to maintain their bulk and function.

Coffee pairs nicely with water, as anybody who regularly consumes the black, hot beverage knows. To avoid dehydration, you need always drink water after coffee.

Drink water before coffee and at least two glasses of water with each cup to keep your body balanced.

Reasons to drink water with your coffee


When you wake up, your body is dehydrated because you have just finished an eight- or longer-hour fast. Coffee is a diuretic that causes your body to become dehydrated; skipping your morning glass of water before indulging in the dark, rich deliciousness will only worsen the situation.

It tastes better

If you’ve been to many cafes and coffee shops, you’ve probably noticed that some coffees come with water already. To clear your palate is the only valid justification. When no other flavors are present in your mouth, espresso tastes considerably better.

Stomach irritation

Taking coffee as your first meal of the day may aggravate your stomach because of its acidity. Although we can’t make you eat breakfast, your stomach will appreciate you for having a glass of water before your cup of coffee in the morning.

Eliminates caffeine crash

Taking water with your coffee can help prevent the “caffeine crash.” Theobromine, a compound in caffeine, kicks in 25 minutes after you take your coffee and is what often causes you to feel tired and ‘crash.’ After or while drinking your coffee, drinking water will assist in lessening this impact, allowing you to carry on with the rest of your day.

Water protects teeth

Teeth stains can be caused by the chemical tannin, which is found in coffee. The tannin in coffee (or tea) coats your pearly whites as you consume it. Water, however, provides your body and teeth with yet another helping hand. Water consumption creates a barrier that lessens the likelihood of tooth stains.

Minimizes acidity

Because coffee and tea are acidic beverages, they can induce a burning sensation. Coffee and tea have pH values of 5 and 6, respectively, while water has a neutral pH of 7. Before consuming tea or coffee, downing a glass of water reduces acid production, further reducing stomach lining deterioration.

How many glasses of water should I drink each day?

There is no standard daily intake. A person needs between 8 to 12 glasses of water daily.

Examining your urine might give you a fair idea of your state of hydration. You are very dehydrated if your urine is dark yellow. You are well hydrated if the fluid is clear and smell-free.


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