How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee

How Many Calories in a Cup of Coffee

Coffee is unique, we regard coffee as a common language of cultures, just like a smile on someone’s face is also universal, I know it’s cheesy. Millions and millions enjoy a cup of coffee with some of the most important conversations. For thousands of years, this tradition has been around. There’s one thing of coffee today, many times, that coffee lovers don’t take into account or think about.

While they may consider the various types of creamers, grinding the type of beans, buying different types of coffee machines–it’s rare for a coffee lover to take care of counting the calories per cup of coffee. So, since coffee is so universal, we figured moving through the coffee world would be an exciting adventure and weighing the various calorie counts of different coffee people drink.

How many calories in coffee, based on the coffee type

One cup of black coffee

The coffee’s classical form is a black brewed cup. A black cup of coffee has only 2 calories for an 8-ounce cup before someone taints it with creams and sugars (or other sweeteners such as maple syrup or honey).

One cup of coffee

You’re looking at 50-125 calories for an 8-ounce cup when you add the creamers, milk and/or sugar.

Calories in one cup of iced coffee

Sometimes an iced cup of rich coffee is one of the most wonderful beverages on a chilly day. While that may seem harmful, an iced coffee on a chilly day has something to do with that.

Ice coffee  one of the lowest calorie counts of many coffee types, before you add all your sugar and creamer.

For average, there are about 25 calories in 1 cup of sugarless/creamer-less ice coffee. The larger the cup, the higher the calories.

Calories in Espresso Macchiato


The espresso macchiato is another great type of coffee. Like many other variants, this is a treat that can be fully personalized. It can be done if you’re looking for a caramel macchiato or even a hazelnut macchiato. It can also be combined with sweeteners, creamers and even flavored beans.

All this will be at the calorie count’s sacrifice.

That said, if you were to order an espresso macchiato, this beverage includes 15 calories, before all the personalization.

Calories in a Latte


A classic latte is one of the most famous variations of coffee in the world. This drink consists of an espresso shot and is combined with two parts of frothed milk. Now, there are many coffee shops around the world that offer various types of milk that you get steamed that will affect your calorie count.

A latte has 120 calories with regular milk.

In addition, this drink can be made healthier by making it with skim milk with only 7 grams of fat.

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Shot of espresso


The coffee cream de la crème is Espresso. Many of your favorite drinks would cease to exist without espresso.

You be surprised by how many calories are in an espresso shot with that being said. The espresso shot is 5-10 calories!

Calories in a Cappuccino


The cappuccino is another delicious coffee variation. Ready to go to Italy for one?

Today, a cappuccino is an espresso shot with a fifth of coffee and a quarter of sugar., this is a small sample–please note that if you consume a larger size, the calorie count may be higher.

That said, this delicacy is 110 calories with 6 grams of fat.

Calories from Frappuccino


A Frappuccino is one of the best drinks on a summer day when the heat is bright and all you want is a refreshing drink. Whether you prefer Frappuccino Vanilla Bean or perhaps a Frappuccino Java Chip, at Starbucks, look at the calories before you take your first sip.

There are over 170 calories for a regular Frappuccino espresso.

If you’d find a large one, you’re staring at over 340 calories for only the Frappuccino-based espresso.

When you add the chocolate, this number rises.

Calories in a Mocha

Mocha (ccino)

Can you ever picture a beverage that tastes better than a latte with an extra chocolate syrup shot? We know this as Mocha, this culpable pleasure of millions around the world is also guilty of over 160 calories and 6 grams of fat.

If you can’t live without chocolate, you can replace the milk with skim milk, and the drink will only have 100 calories.

Which seems important, right?

Calories in a Flat White

The Flat White

Try a Flat White if you want to drink a luxurious drink and sound elegant saying it. These drinks are a shot of espresso mixed with steamed milk in two parts.

The calories may change, resulting in an increase in the ratio and calories based on the size of the cup, this drink is only 120 calories if you order a regular sized cup.

You can also swap the milk you use and get this drink with skim milk as low as 70 calories.

The calorie coffee list

  • Black coffee 2 cal, 8oz
  • Black coffee with milk and sugar 50-125 calories, 8oz
  • Iced coffee, 25 calories 1 cup
  • Espresso macchiato 15 calories
  • Latte 120 with regular milk
  • Latte with skim milk 7grams of fat
  • Espresso shot 5-10 calories
  • Cappuccino 110 calories, 6g of fat
  • Regular Frappuccino espresso 170 calories
  • Mocha 160 calories 6g of fat
  • Flat white 120 calories
  • Flat white with skim milk 70 calories

Calories in Coffee

Often, people that drink their coffee don’t think about the health benefits they are getting or the calories they are consuming. It is kind of important to consider both.

Coffee and espresso can provide a wealth of benefits to the human body; however, many of these benefits can be tainted or ruined by adding different sources of artificial sweeteners and creamers.

I always advise it to look at the different ingredients that creamers have and how organic they are. If you can get organic and healthier creamers, that is always the best choice.

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Keep in mind, the coffee, by itself, does not have hundreds upon hundreds of calories, it is when you pile on all the unhealthy stuff that it can get costly for your wallet and your body.

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