Best Home Coffee Roasters: Roast Your Own Coffee

Roast Your Own Coffee Beans

If you are a coffee lover, it is useful to have a home coffee roaster. Some people use popcorn roasters to make their coffee beans roast. It is, however, not very efficient in producing the best roast.

coffee roasting

Why roast coffee at home?

Roasting your coffee helps you get your preferred flavor and taste from the beans. You will create your blends and have the freshest coffee every day. While it is a daunting task, it is highly recommended.

For starters, you can use the popcorn maker though it does not give the best roasts.

How to choose the right coffee roaster

While searching for a coffee roaster, avoid the popcorn maker even though some people use it. It gives inconsistent roasts. Limited air is pushed through the beans while roasting. Roasters rotate the beans evenly for uniform roasting and flavor. Get the right gear, and this will keep your coffee taste better.

coffee roasting

Different types of coffee roasters

 Coffee roasters are classified as Air roasters or drum roasters.

Air roasters: they function similarly with popcorn machines. Beans are heated directly. Hot air is pushed into the roasting chamber, where it touches the beans directly.

Drum roasters: indirect heating is used (conduction) on coffee beans. Coffee beans are put inside a rotating chamber, which is heated. Coffee beans will attain the roast that you like. Different roast profiles are generated in the process.

Size matters

Air roasters have a smaller capacity for coffee beans, while drum roasters have larger roasting chambers. Depending on the batch you intend to roast every week, get the right roaster.

How much control do you need?

How easy is it to roast coffee? More advanced and expensive roasters offer greater control.

High-end roasters are programmable. You can create and save several roast profiles for increased consistency. You will set the roasting conditions and keep them. In the next roast, you will flip a button and get your roast within a few minutes.

coffee roasting

Cooling is almost as necessary as heating

With home rotating, when the beans reach the desired roast profile, they are cooled down immediately. Slow cooling allows them to roast beyond the recommended roast. Some high profile roasters have a tray where the beans are dumped for faster cooling.

Keeping it clean

Some coffee roasters have a chaff collection system or a built-in smoke suspension system. Getting rid of chaff or smoke keeps your roast clean and in the right color.

The best 5 home coffee roasters of 2019

Fresh Roast SR 540 – best for beginners

Fresh Roast SR 540 - best for beginners



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The sr500 roast model is the most affordable on this list. It is perfect for beginners because it is easy to use in roasting exotic green beans to perfection.

It has 9 temperature settings, adjustable fan, and buttons to set roast time. You can increase the speed of beans in the roast chamber by adjusting the fan speed, and you will get the preferred roast profile. The air roaster utilizes conventional heating in producing the preferred roast profiles.

Roasting chambers are small. Each can handle 4 oz. or 120 grams. It takes 6-9 minutes to have the roast ready. 


  • Very affordable
  • Quite
  • Easy to use
  • Takes minimal space


  • Smaller roast capacity, 4 oz.
  • No smoke reduction systems hence, can be used near a window.


Behmor 1600 Plus Drum Roaster 



Best for intermediate and advanced home roasters. It is one of the most popular drum roasters in the market. It gives a full city roast and not dark roasts.

Roasting chambers have a capacity of 16 oz. and it takes 20 mins to have the beans ready. The fully customizable drum coffee roaster helps you save different profiles for easy use the next time. You will get the roast preferences you like and save up to 5 profiles. 


  • Smoke reduction system keeps your roast clean
  • Can save up to 5 roast profiles
  • Has a security press button to safeguard you when rotating
  • Larger roast capacity
  • Very quiet


  • Does not produce very dark roasts
  • You cannot see the beans while roasting


Gene Cafe Roaster – best overall pick

Gene Cafe Roaster - best overall pick



It combines drum roasting and air roasting systems. It is designed with an off-axis rotating chamber, which is separate from the counterparts. The chamber gives uniform roasts. Temperature and time are automated, making it a great choice.

You can achieve any roast with this roaster. It has a capacity of 8 ounces and an average of 15 minutes per roast.


  • Gives uniform roast
  • Simple to use and automated
  • Roasts up to 8 ounces at a time


  • No smoke reduction system
  • Limited features


Nesco CR1010 Professional

Nesco CR1010 Professional



The air roaster has a built-in catalytic converter that eliminates smoke from the roast. The auger screw keeps the beans rotating in the roast chamber, which produces a uniform roast.

Roasting takes 25 minutes and 5 minutes cooling cycle. The cool-down feature is ideal for lighter roasts. It has a capacity of 5 oz. at a time.


  • Has a smoke reduction system
  • Gives uniform roasts


  • Take long to roast a small batch of beans


Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster – budget option

Nuvo Eco Ceramic Handy Coffee Bean Roaster



It is a ceramic designed vessel that is used on a stove for roasting. It has no timers, smoke systems, or coolers. You add up to 70 grams of green beans and shake them as they roast.

Works best when you use an oven in heating the beans. Roast time will vary depending on the amount of beans you have added. You stop heating when you achieve the roast color you prefer.


  • Simper to use
  • Works on stove, oven or electric heaters
  • The waffle-shaped chamber gives uniform roasting


  • Needed full attention while roasting
  • Small roast capacity


The Fresh Roast sr540 is the best pick for the home roaster. It is affordable, easy to use, and produces quality small batches for your freshest coffee.

coffee roasting


What are the different roasts of coffee?

Coffee roasts can be broken into 4 categories; light roasts, medium roasts, medium-dark roasts, and dark roasts. The differences are notable in color, residue and flavor. Darker roasts have dark beans, oily and have high-acidity flavors.

How long coffee do beans need to Degas?

Coffee beans degas for at least 12 hours. Darker roasts degas faster than lighter roasts.

When can I drink coffee after roasting?

A fresh roast needs up to 24 hours to develop its flavor. Espresso may take up to 5 days to mature fully and gain their flavors.

How long do roasted coffee beans last?

Well-stored roasted coffee beans can be used up to days. After 7 days, the beans begin losing their flavors. Do not put the roast in the fridge or near sunlight.

Are shiny coffee beans better?

No, shiny beans are not better. The shiny the beans, the darker the roast. The roast is less fruity and acidity and bitter.