Need to Keep Your Iced Coffee from Watering Down? Here’s How

Need to Keep Your Iced Coffee from Watering Down? Here's How

How to stop your iced coffee from watering down

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What is your favorite coffee drink? If you are like me, then you cannot end your day without gulping a glass of iced coffee. A glass of iced coffee, along with a generous amount of sugar and milk, makes my days brighter. Why do you prefer this particular drink?

Whichever the reason why you drink iced coffee, there is one thing that must not change for you to enjoy your brew. You must prevent it from watering down. But how can you prevent that? It is simple! You just need to have some coffee ice cubes, and you can prepare them at home. To make coffee ice cubes, you only need a freezer and freshly brewed coffee. See the recipe below for more information.

Coffee ice cubes (2 trays)

ice coffee


  • A coffee maker 
  • A freezer
  • Coffee beans of your choosing
  • Two silicone ice cube trays
  • Coffee syrups, milk or cream (optional)

Time needed

  • 25 minutes 


  • Easy

Step by step

Prepare at least 2-3 cups of fresh coffee. Cold-brew for the smoothest flavor and maximum potency.

  • Chill the coffee

Allow your coffee to chill before pouring it into the trays.

  • Fill trays

Now fill your ice cube trays with the chilled coffee. You can add milk or any flavoring that you prefer and place the trays in the freezer for at least 5 hours or overnight. 

  • Enjoy your brew!

Once frozen, use them in place of iced cubes and enjoy. 

It is that simple to make coffee ice cubes and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee at home.

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