Top 5 Fastest Coffee Makers

Top 5 Fastest Coffee Makers

A bad morning can be summarized by not taking a cup of coffee. There are so many morning activities that you can comfortably skip, but not a cup of coffee. Having a fast coffee maker is a deal-breaker in saving your time even when you earlier hit that snooze button on your bed alarm clock. Here, I am going to summarize the top coffee makers you will find in the market.

Factors to consider when you need coffee fast

Everyone wants to save time in the morning by pressing a button to get the coffee ready. There are vital factors you need to consider before buying a fast coffee brewer: 


Consider convenience after speed. If you are the last-minute rush type, kindly do not buy a brewer that you have to nanny. Those minutes could be useful in dressing up or brushing teeth. In most instances, speed and convenience usually go hand in hand. Consider selecting the best from the many we are about to discuss.


Many speedy brewers compromise quality. If you are after quality, consider a brewer that will extract all the flavors and oils from your beans. The quality depends on the method of preparation, and some fast brewers will give you excellent quality coffee.


The speed of the brewer does not necessarily affect quality.  The majority are one-cup brewers, while some will fill an entire carafe very fast. Large capacity brewers face similar challenges to single-cup brewers. They all prepare steamy colorful coffee. The quantity of the brewer you choose is more of personal preference. 


Most coffee brewers are expensive. Choose an affordable coffee brewing machine that observes the quality, speed, and convenience. The convenience of the machine is the greatest determiner of the pricing of a brewer, not quality anymore.

These are the best ranked fast coffee brewers in this article:

The AeroPress

The AeroPress

Popular with coffee enthusiasts worldwide, the patented AeroPress is a new kind of coffee press that uses a rapid, total immersion brewing process to make smooth, delicious, full flavored coffee without bitterness and with low acidity.

It is swift, though not the fastest. It is affordable. This manual coffee maker uses a hydraulic coffee pump and hydraulic pressure to quicken the brew. It is manually operated. Check the price here. Read about the laid out method to brew one cup or the inverted way for 2 cups in a few minutes. It is perfect in extracting flavors and oils embedded in your grounds. Watch this video and learn how you can spend 1-2 minutes to prepare your coffee. The AeroPress has become very popular because of its high-quality and resistance to tweaking.  


  • Small and portable
  • Makes a high-quality cup of Joe
  • You have control of the entire brewing process as it is a manual brewer


  • Brews 1 cup of coffee only
  • It requires total attention throughout the brewing process.
Bunn BXB Velocity Brew

Bunn BXB Velocity Brew

Pour anywhere from 4 to 10 cups (20 to 50 ounces) of water into the brewer and close the lid. Three minutes later you’ll have great coffee that is never bitter.

This superfast brewer can make up to 10 cups of coffee in 3 minutes. It is the right choice for a household with many people or guests. The BXB Velocity uses a spray head to maximize the extraction of your beans and a ceramic plate to keep your coffee warm. Sacrifices must be made when brewing using this coffee. A regular coffee brewing process operates at 195-205 F, but BXB Velocity works at 170-180 F. click here to check the price.


  • The sprayhead ensures maximal extraction
  • the ceramic plate keeps your coffee warm for long
  • brewing a large amount is very fast


  • plastic smell stains the coffee
  • associated with under-brewing your grounds
  • not very  durable

This pod coffee maker is very fast, unlike what you might perceive. Fill your reservoir and enjoy your cup of coffee in under 2 minutes. It brews a single cup of coffee, hence not fast for several people. Each cup of coffee requires a non-reusable pod, which costs about $0.7, which is costly. It, however, gives an incredible cup of coffee. Use a re-usable K-Cup to fill in your grounds and lighten your trash bag.


  • makes coffee in less than 2 minutes
  • when using re-usable K-Cup, there is less wastage
  • the least expensive automatic machine in the list (about $100)


  • failure to use K-Cup leads to a lot of wastage
  • inconsistent qualities in the market
  • unsuitable for large groups
Bodum Brazil French Press

Bodum Brazil French Press

Add Coarsely Grounded Coffee. Add Hot Water. Wait 4 Minutes. Plunge.
Environmentally friendly: No paper filters or plastic capsules required..

This manual brewer is very similar to the AeroPress, only that it does not require much nannying. Pour in your grounds and hot water, steep for 2 minutes, and serve your coffee. The entire brewing process can take up to 7 minutes as you must heat your water, grind the beans, and the steeping time. It is fast and straightforward, though not convenient like other one-push brewers. Check the price here


  • very affordable
  • simple to use and fast, manual brewer,
  • makes a premium coffee of coffee


  • requires more attention compared to other manual brewers
  • takes a lot of time – 7 minutes
The Moccamaster KBT

The Moccamaster KBT

Manual-adjust drip-stop brew-basket with stainless steel thermal carafe. Simple to operate and quiet brewing process that brews a full carafe in just 4 to 6 minutes.

This Technivorm product is competent, quick, and attractive. You cannot fill the carafe, unlike the others on the list. You can, however, fill half a carafe (3-6 cups of coffee). It does not disappoint. It is, however, durable and brews at temperatures between 196-205 F. it uses an immersion drip method to ensure the maximal extraction of the beans. You will get your coffee in less than 6 minutes. It is the list approved by the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA). It has excellent convenience, hence worth every penny.  Click to check the price.


  • approved by SCAA
  • has a stainless steel thermal carafe
  • brews at 196-205 F, better than other automatic coffee makers


  • the most expensive on this list (about $300)
  • the slowest automatic brewer on the list (6 minutes)

The Verdict 

The all-winner of the fastest coffee maker is the AeroPress. Though not the fastest, this manual brewer is open to modification, and you control every process. You achieve the coffee quality similar to when using Moccamaster KBT. It has a perfect balance between speed, costs, and quality.


Which is the best fastest coffee maker?

This is a matter of personal preference. Choose the one that perfectly suits your brewing habits and drinking needs. Some prefer to manually make their cup of coffee, while others prefer an automatic brewer at the press of a button. The AeroPress is perfect is time is your main issue. Choose the French Press if you are the conventional type. View the list of the best coffee makers here.

Does an expensive coffee maker brew better coffee?

Advanced materials used to design the expensive coffee maker can yield better quality coffee. Also, higher technology used could give better coffee. Many, however, consistency and quality in your cup. However, read the specifications of the expensive coffee maker before buying.

Do some coffee makers brew better coffee?

Yes, some will make better coffee. The material used to design the machine and its features will influence the quality of the coffee produced. The method of extracting oils and flavors from the beans will result in differences in taste and quality among different coffee makers.


Self-proclaimed coffee drinker. I would, on a typical day, start my day by grinding my coffee with a manual grinder and use a French Press as a starter (2 cups), then a pour-over in the afternoon (4 cups). I had my fair share as a barista but I prefer to drink it, not serve it.